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  1. Never tried it - in fact never seen it... I think that if it ever made it to Scandinavia, the pickled herrings ate it...
  2. Some years ago I built the Azur Hawk 75 (SH plastic), and I remember it as not bad... maybe it's time that heals all wounds... Doing the Tempest right now and I hate the nose and the leading edge inserts... apart from that it's an ok kit. Also doing the P-39 now and it's ok - I didnt extend the tail (yet...) One thing that I find is a very good thing for short run kits is ALWAYS to give mating surfaces a swipe with the sanding stick. It seems to me that it helps a lot with bad fit... Have fun
  3. Turning into a whislist, eh? Ok, I'll chip in with something less likely: Bristol Blenheim, preferably a Mk IV
  4. Naahhh they'd sell more than that... but only 2 maybe 3 would be built...
  5. He he yeah - this is the day after he actually succeded in snatching one... I'm watching him closely...
  6. Ok before this goes too much into the cat direction, we need some counterweight I work in my man cave that also has a spare bed for when the daughter comes home. That is one of the favorite places for Osvald to reside when I'm working. This shot shows him supervising my sandwiches... Laptop is 90 degrees to the right from this shot, so you can see a model is always close by for a little tinkering when all the yapping becomes too boring. BTW 8 hours was a very special day, but very often I have 4-5 meetings of 1 hour each. PITA if not for the models
  7. Hey - perhaps I wasn't clear... the point was: Do you build during Teams meetings ?? I do as much as I can, and in that respect an 8 hour "mostly listen" meeting/event is a god-given thing
  8. Meetings: yeah, but this one was a big project start up, lots of presenting of the parties and work packages. Glasses: just veeeery old optivisor type. Have thought about getting some modern ones...
  9. Saw one at an Airshow a couple of years ago - think it was Mr Mikael Carlson as seen above - and I was VERY impressed how agile that little thing was... as it can be seen in the video
  10. Oh yes - quite a lot - quite a lot of good models to be had for that
  11. The Heller 1/100 HMS Victory... not that expensive, but once done it will take up an excessive amount of space, not to mention time. Apart from that I dont think I'll get any (more) of the 4 engined 1/32 planes. I think I've found a way to display the Lancaster I had to have, but I dont think I can think up space for one or more B-17's og B-24 even though I'd really love to do them Apart from that I'm solidly in SABLE territory
  12. Respectfully I ask: Why ? Did you have enough with the Catalina ?
  13. In Scalemates this is the development of the Trump Wildcat So without being 100% sure, it seems you have the flawed kit :-)
  14. Hi Ray, yes it's a -3 I managed to find some documentation in Squadron Signals Walk-around. In there you can see the BuNo ranges that had the different cowls. It seems that the early is VERY early, so for instance O'Hare and Thach's planes were Late -3's. Anything before BuNo 3970 were early
  15. Hi Guys I've gotten hold of a Trumpeter Wildcat (late)... does anyone know if it has the parts to do an Early version (and what is the difference anyway??) Scalemates says that the Early and Late kit has new parts compared to the original, but exactly what I couldn't find TIA
  16. Oh I thought the 'image' icon on the left of the list meant that there were a box photo of it. The Lancaster and Mustand does not have that icon, but do have a box photo when you go in
  17. I hope the pictures are good enough Eduard Bf109E-3 weekend edition, kit no 3402. Revell Hurricane Mk IIC, kit no 4776 Tamiya P-51D kit no 60322 (cannot believe you dont have this) HK models Lancaster Dambuster, kit no 01E011
  18. Is there a list of what you are missing ? I'd like to look over my collection to see if I have anything you need...
  19. While I do get a little reaction to the CA, it is over very rapidly However, the quick setting Tamiya extra thin glue (light green cap) gives me a smashing headache as soon as the lid goes off... doesn't bother my friends so I guess we are all different
  20. Let's get the definition in place: Shelf of doom is where models that are given up reside. I don't have that. Given up, they go out. I do have a Shelf of missing mojo, and right now it's maybe 2 years for the oldest. In the past I've had one 5 years in the making BTW - if it still fits inside the box, it's not started for real
  21. Hi guys Looking at this backdate set, it says D/E/F/G but the one I want to build is a H... all i can/could find was the H is externally identical to F/G... so am I missing something or can I just go ahead ? TIA Thomas
  22. Ohhh that looks lovely. I am doing the same kit right now, albeit with a huge PE set... kinda regret that, it looks good but really kills my mojo
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