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  1. Congrats with such a spektacular result of this project !! Every vac project of yours is a 'must see', 'must follow' and a 'must admire' thing for me. And this is just as fantastic as the others - I know cause I've been on a ID (tigger) quest some years ago with a result less stellar than yours (but never the less very rewarding). Remarkable ! Thomas
  2. Oh yeah - that would be good - and should be a big time seller !! The 109F was merely a suggestion to what is (slightly) missing in the market of a plane that usually sells well. If it was my company I'd establish a solid base before going into the more exotic - and uncertain - kits
  3. Seems bold to me... I mean a Spit is bread and butter for a new company, but the Hornet is certainly not so... Dare I say it... they should have done a Bf109F
  4. Hi guys I've heard conflicting opinions on this... do resin printers smell ? The thing is that in my current house setup, my man cave build room is the only place suitable for a printer, and it's right next to my (and the wife's) bedroom. I just know the amount of noise it will generate if I get one and it stinks up the place... I know about the IPA for cleaning, and that doesn't bother me too much. Use a lot of IPA with no complaints... So what's your experience ? Thomas
  5. Very very beautiful work - and interesting subject Stay safe down there
  6. Thanks mate - limited time leads me to build rather than surf the web :-) I am somewhat behind in showing off what I've actually done lately... promise I will get to that
  7. Ok, it's been a while... Main issues have been to sand the surface nice and smooth. That is done. However my initial plan to make rivets etc in the plastick skin will not hold up. In many places the plastic is too thin to do that so now I am planning to skin it with thin metal plates. I did a little test on a piece of plate to see how it looks But the main part of work has been 3D modelling first the intakes and then some plugs that I'll be using to vac form the canopy. For the intakes I was assuming that it would be impossible to scratchbuild two completely indentical but mirrored intakes, so I went with 3D modelling. Some very complex shapes so in the end I left of some to be shaped with sandpaper after printing, such as the intake lip rounding... I have a little concave thing I missed on the bottom, but I'll sort that out with filler. Looks nice on Finally the plugs for vacuforming of the canopy arrived. I skipped out of doing the windscreen in 3D as it was too complex for me. I was planning to scratchbuild the windscreen up against these plugs, but not I've decided to do the windscreen plug too with an incorrect shape and then scratchbuild on top of that for vacuforming... that part has been ordered but yet to come So I guess it's getting close to metal plate skinning - looking forward to that...
  8. Seeing that initial chunk of plastic right before showing your end result nearly knocked me off my chair. Following your project is watching just a few stunning progresses at a time but seeing everything in one step is stunning... I am so totally in awe
  9. Fantastic build - love the finish and quality... and the flags. IIRC some Bf110's did the same - flags from whereever they had operated. Is'nt it rather unusual for an E-4 to have the closed spinner ?
  10. I've been told that every time a new company starts up in China they get a boat-load of money. So that explains the many Trumpeter off-springs..: a new boatload every time, and I suppose Trumpeter ownership balance neatly on the edge of 'new-company' and 'sister-company' Fine with me - we are getting loads of great kits
  11. Arrrghhh I did - typical this shows up JUST after you finish... Will post in a few days, didn't want to steal your (his) thunder
  12. Super result !! Looks very very nice Strangely I just completed the very same bird on Thursday, but havent gotten around to posting it :-)
  13. Is the selection as poor as my searches seem to show? I'd like a cockpit, either photoetch upgrade or resin replacement. Also a super nice BMW801 would be good... well basically anything
  14. That is gorgeous !!! And I 2nd those markings for that scratchprinted masterpiece
  15. Absolutely jawdropping work - another gem from you !! I wonder - and you possibly mentioned it earlier - why does ONE exhaust go through the wing ? Did they use it for heating purposes or what ?
  16. Aww that looks good, seems you got that 3D modelling down nicely ! I didn't know the R36 either, but what a nice looking little aircraft
  17. Looks great so far - glad it didn't hit the bin ! I have done two alleycat 109 conversions - a B and a D - and I gotta say they are the best conversions I've ever tried. Jokingly I say that it's easier to mount the alleycat nose than doing Eduards own. Doing a P-38 J to EFG right now - yuk !!
  18. Agree with easixpedro... that view is breathtaking... I am in awe of your skills here...
  19. Looks great - I wonder why Eduard don't do more 1/32nd kits, I like them... The paint work looks great. I recently started using AK Real Colors as well, and man... do they lay down nice !!! However doing a RLM74/75 scheme I found the match to the real RLM to be not good - way too much contrast between the two... But your colors look great to my eye. My color-nazi friend says the AKRC are hit and miss with regards to color accuracy. Not something that matters a lot to me - it has to be bad if I can see it, but with the RLM74/75 I could...
  20. Stunning work !! I never noticed how huge the elevator was on that bird... and the ailerons pretty big, but the rudder is tiny - kinda fun
  21. That looks great. You really got me fired up with this. I had a thing I needed to do in Inventor, but now that it's done, I will proceed in 360 with my new project. What you do here really looks like it's much better than inventor... but it will require me to learn a new program, so let's see
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