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On 8/17/2018 at 3:33 PM, Wouter said:


Hi Alex,


very nice work you're doing here. Could you point out which plugins you're using with sketchup? I've tried my hand at Blender software but I just can't find my way with it while Sketchup is pretty straightforward.


Thanks, Wouter


Hi Wouter,


the most important plugin is Curviloft. To install this, you first need the Sketchucation Plugin Store, which can be found here:



With this plugin, you can create surfaces from just a few curves








Another usefull plugin is Weld. With this, you can make one single curve from several connected lines/curves. A simple function which isn't possible with the basic functions of Sketchup (as far as I know). This makes working with Sketchup much easier. For example, when you divide a circle into it's single segments, you can later "weld" it together to one objects with this function.





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On 8/18/2018 at 3:29 PM, ssculptor said:

Consider printing additional kirts to sell to us neophytes???:hmmm:


For the moment, I'm just happy if I manage to finish this. There are rumours about a resin kit of the Marauder from Resin2detail



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The last few days, I've been busy with non-modeling-related things, but I received some usefull stuff:




In the meantime, the wings got some panel lines, and the nacelles got mounts for the engines (please ignore the strange color of the printing filament :D). Into the mounts, I put some washers as wight. The mounts are highly inaccurate, but will be pretty invisible once the cowlings are put on.









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