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  1. Wow. I am definitely not a rivet-counter, but getting the engines four cylinders short each?! I wouldn't allow that from a one-man short-run manufacturer. No amount of putty or sanding is going to correct those engines. Yet, I realise that I'll still probably buy this kit at some point, warts and all. I have two (probably soon to be three 1/72nd scale Invaders, in addition to the one I built up years ago), two 1/48th scale Monogram Invaders (both built up, one finished), so I suppose this one is inevitable. Hopefully by the time I buy it, there will be some AM parts to fix the bigger 'warts'. And I'll have the quid to buy the lot. Regards, Jason
  2. Excellent figure! I can almost hear him launching into some incomprehensible pilot's banter* 'Cabbage crates coming over the Briney, Ten Pennies in the custard.', etc. Regards, Jason *With apologies to Monty Python.
  3. Very nice indeed! I have one of these in 1/72nd scale I've been working on for ages - it will be great to see it reproduced in 1/32nd scale! Regards, Jason
  4. As always, most impressive work, Alex! Nice to see her on her feet! Regards, Jason
  5. Great to see her on her feet! Good choice on the Bristol M1.C, but with the Chaika's gull wing and I-struts it may need less rigging than the M1.C! Regards, Jason
  6. That's a shame about your accident - she was looking beautiful! I'm sure you'll get it sorted out, though. This is a kit I'm tempted to get, but first I need to get ICM's I-153. Both the Gladiator and the Chaika are two of my favourite aircraft. Regards, Jason
  7. That's an excellent selection of subjects, especially the Wyvern! I look forward to these kits! Best Regards, Jason
  8. Well, I missed that one! A Havoc/Boston in 1/32nd scale - now that's one I might consider buying. Let's see - a 1/32nd scale He 111, Ju 88, He 219, B-17, B-24 (whatever its problems), Lancaster, A-20, A/B-26 Invader... I'll definitely need a bigger house, and bank account. Now how about a Pe-2 or Tu-2 for us Soviet aircraft modellers, like myself? Regards, Jason
  9. All I can say is that definitely looks like a Marauder! Excuse my ignorance, but someone is coming out with a 1/32nd scale A-20G? Regards, Jason
  10. Interesting. If I saw that join on somebody's model, I'd think they just didn't do a very good job of glueing it on or fairing it in. This photo is a good reminder that on real aircraft all the join lines weren't always perfect. Regards, Jason
  11. I'll my put my tuppence in for what it's worth (oh, right, two pennies). I'm hardly a rivet-counter, but those cowlings do look a bit narrow. Will that prevent from buying the kit (if I have the money when it comes out) - certainly not. And if I have the money, I'll spend it on some better cowlings, if I can't correct the cowlings myself, and if they really are 'too bad' to leave as is. Regards, Jason
  12. It would be nice if you could do either the glass-nose or gunship version. Either way, this is a kit I may have to buy. It's one of my favourite aeroplanes also. Regards, Jason
  13. Actually, what I want is a B-36 in 1/32nd scale! Best Regards, Jason
  14. Brilliant work on the Wurger! You take better photographs with your phone than I do with my expensive DSLR (nothing wrong with my camera, my problems are due to user error). Regards, Jason
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