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  1. I was just looking at my new catalogue from Squadron, and they have it listed for 199.99USD. Regards, Jason
  2. Alex, I do look forward to your getting back on this one. Hey, at least we'll have at least one accurate B-26, even if it is a Marauder not an Invader! If the old modeller's tale holds true, there should be a kit of the Marauder coming out in 1/32nd scale just about the time you finish yours. Best Regards, Jason
  3. An example is the Il-2 - they made some (easily correctable) mistakes on it, including some common ones like the metal-paneled rear fuselage, but the shapes were good and accurate, and without too much work it builds into a very impressive model of the Il-2. This A/B-26 does seem like a very wasted effort. Since this has now been kitted, which other manufacturer will touch it? Tamiya? At what price and when? Regards, Jason
  4. If you do 3-D print a fuselage, put me down for one! Best Regards, Jason
  5. Well thanks for that cheerful news, Alex!* So basically the kit is an irredeemable piece of crap! Great, so we can wait another 5-10 years for someone to come out with one... Best Regards, Jason *Yes, yes, I know I'm shooting the messenger...
  6. Count me in for some of these correction sets! Best Regards, Jason
  7. Me, also, although I don't think I'll need that much persuading to buy this kit. Regards, Jason
  8. No problem, mate! I've been known to make a mistake or two, or three... Best Regards, Jason
  9. Interesting comment, but the Invader was built by Douglas, not North American. Regards, Jason
  10. Very well-written post! You may be pushing me more in the direction of buying this kit (not that I probably need all that much pushing). Welcome to the site! Regards, Jason
  11. That cowling does look better than in previous photographs. Maybe having the (proper) engine in it helps with the looks. This kit is still definitely on my radar, but I'll wait and see what other people can do with it before I put down some not inconsiderable quid on it, even before spending on AM parts. Regards, Jason
  12. Wow. I am definitely not a rivet-counter, but getting the engines four cylinders short each?! I wouldn't allow that from a one-man short-run manufacturer. No amount of putty or sanding is going to correct those engines. Yet, I realise that I'll still probably buy this kit at some point, warts and all. I have two (probably soon to be three 1/72nd scale Invaders, in addition to the one I built up years ago), two 1/48th scale Monogram Invaders (both built up, one finished), so I suppose this one is inevitable. Hopefully by the time I buy it, there will be some AM parts to fix the bigger 'warts'. And I'll have the quid to buy the lot. Regards, Jason
  13. Excellent figure! I can almost hear him launching into some incomprehensible pilot's banter* 'Cabbage crates coming over the Briney, Ten Pennies in the custard.', etc. Regards, Jason *With apologies to Monty Python.
  14. Very nice indeed! I have one of these in 1/72nd scale I've been working on for ages - it will be great to see it reproduced in 1/32nd scale! Regards, Jason
  15. As always, most impressive work, Alex! Nice to see her on her feet! Regards, Jason
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