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  1. Interesting. If I saw that join on somebody's model, I'd think they just didn't do a very good job of glueing it on or fairing it in. This photo is a good reminder that on real aircraft all the join lines weren't always perfect. Regards, Jason
  2. I'll my put my tuppence in for what it's worth (oh, right, two pennies). I'm hardly a rivet-counter, but those cowlings do look a bit narrow. Will that prevent from buying the kit (if I have the money when it comes out) - certainly not. And if I have the money, I'll spend it on some better cowlings, if I can't correct the cowlings myself, and if they really are 'too bad' to leave as is. Regards, Jason
  3. It would be nice if you could do either the glass-nose or gunship version. Either way, this is a kit I may have to buy. It's one of my favourite aeroplanes also. Regards, Jason
  4. Actually, what I want is a B-36 in 1/32nd scale! Best Regards, Jason
  5. Brilliant work on the Wurger! You take better photographs with your phone than I do with my expensive DSLR (nothing wrong with my camera, my problems are due to user error). Regards, Jason
  6. Nice work on that cockpit! Regards, Jason
  7. Great schemes - I especially like that British one! She should look brilliant in either one. Regards, Jason
  8. Despite the size (and expense!), a 1/32nd scale A/B-26 Invader is one of my 'dream' kits. I will eventually buy one, if Trumpeter do indeed come out with one. The amount of markings and camouflages potentially available would be huge. Regards, Jason
  9. Brilliant job! I love that paint scheme! Regards, Jason
  10. Once again, amazing work on this Marauder! Regards, Jason
  11. I look forward to more work on this great project! Best Regards, Jason
  12. Brilliant job on that Yak-3! I've always liked that flying sword insignia. Regards, Jason
  13. I've taken a look at these printers - they are at reasonable prices. I've seen one for $465USD, which is less than what I paid for my current printer. Would this printer be practical for larger pieces (could I print whole fuselages or wings for 1/72nd scale WWII fighters or items of that size)? The resolution looks to be quite good. Regards, Jason
  14. Great job on those ammo belts! Regards, Jason
  15. A Wyvern?! Now that has my attention. Regards, Jason
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