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  1. Now we need an AC-47 or Li-2NB Soviet night bomber! Best Regards, Jason
  2. Someone named DN Models has a masking set for the markings and insignia - for two American WWII aircraft, and a post-war French aircraft. Regards, Jason
  3. That's right - you need to get back to work on your Marauder! Regarding the clear parts, I'm still hopeful that someone will come along with the proper Invader canopy. This kit so far has been attracting a fair amount of AM parts, most of which I now own, it seems. Regards, Jason
  4. I do have a 3-D printer, so I would interested in a downloadable and printable file. Thank you! Best Regards, Jason
  5. I too would be interested - could you also print a clear canopy to go with that? It believe that new forward fuselage dramatically improves the look and accuracy of the kit. I'll be honest - I can live with the fuselage as it is now, but I would be interested in an improved fuselage. Best Regards, Jason
  6. A 1/32nd scale Gigant?! A Me 321 or Me 323, or a selection of both? You now need to make a conversion kit to turn the Revell He 111s into Zwillings. Best Regards, Jason
  7. Gigant, isn't it? Regards, Jason
  8. I'm going to try and sort out what I can, using AM parts, and any scratchbuilding I can do (without too much trouble). I want my model to be detailed, and reasonably accurate (no 14-cylinder R-2800s, for example), but I'm not going to make this my life's work. This is just a hobby, after all. I'll have a better feel for what I'm up against once I get my kit. It looks like I'll have all my AM parts by the time my kit arrives. Regards, Jason
  9. That's fine with me, Thierry! I'm not planning on a B-26K, right now. I'll wait for someone to come out with some AM parts for that version (hopefully), then maybe order another kit. What I'm interested in now, is a WWII or Korean War Invader (I realise the canopy is off, being a mix of the early and late canopies, but hopefully some AM manufacturer will rectify that). I'm gratified to see the amount of AM parts being released, in both resin and PE, and it seems like I'm stocking up on most of it. Regards, Jason
  10. Well, I just received some of my AM gubbins for the A-26 kit. I'm very impressed with the Fast Fix engines - very detailed, down to the wiring, and all in one piece. No glueing separate cylinders onto the engine (which I hate doing). Remember that it's not an entire engine - just 1 and 1/2 cylinder banks. But it will look very nice in the A-26 cowlings, whenever I receive my A-26 kit. And it should fit nicely - the eBay listing even had them fitted in the A-26 cowlings, and they looked very nice indeed. Regards, Jason
  11. Okay, I've now well and truly stepped in it - I just bought the kit, and a Big Ed PE set to go with it. I have more AM 'goodies' I plan on buying, such as engines (I'm thinking about buying the Fast Fix engines), but there's no great hurry there as it will probably take a couple of months for this kit to arrive on its slow boat from China. This will NOT be an OOB build, but at least I'm prepared for that. I will post my thoughts about the kit whenever it arrives. Regards, Jason
  12. I was just looking at my new catalogue from Squadron, and they have it listed for 199.99USD. Regards, Jason
  13. Alex, I do look forward to your getting back on this one. Hey, at least we'll have at least one accurate B-26, even if it is a Marauder not an Invader! If the old modeller's tale holds true, there should be a kit of the Marauder coming out in 1/32nd scale just about the time you finish yours. Best Regards, Jason
  14. An example is the Il-2 - they made some (easily correctable) mistakes on it, including some common ones like the metal-paneled rear fuselage, but the shapes were good and accurate, and without too much work it builds into a very impressive model of the Il-2. This A/B-26 does seem like a very wasted effort. Since this has now been kitted, which other manufacturer will touch it? Tamiya? At what price and when? Regards, Jason
  15. If you do 3-D print a fuselage, put me down for one! Best Regards, Jason
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