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  1. Nice work on that cockpit! Regards, Jason
  2. Great schemes - I especially like that British one! She should look brilliant in either one. Regards, Jason
  3. Despite the size (and expense!), a 1/32nd scale A/B-26 Invader is one of my 'dream' kits. I will eventually buy one, if Trumpeter do indeed come out with one. The amount of markings and camouflages potentially available would be huge. Regards, Jason
  4. Brilliant job! I love that paint scheme! Regards, Jason
  5. Once again, amazing work on this Marauder! Regards, Jason
  6. I look forward to more work on this great project! Best Regards, Jason
  7. Brilliant job on that Yak-3! I've always liked that flying sword insignia. Regards, Jason
  8. I've taken a look at these printers - they are at reasonable prices. I've seen one for $465USD, which is less than what I paid for my current printer. Would this printer be practical for larger pieces (could I print whole fuselages or wings for 1/72nd scale WWII fighters or items of that size)? The resolution looks to be quite good. Regards, Jason
  9. Great job on those ammo belts! Regards, Jason
  10. A Wyvern?! Now that has my attention. Regards, Jason
  11. This is indeed cutting edge work. With the PC, and a good 3-D printer (and a lot of modelling skill), just about anything is possible. What this will do to the traditional model companies in the long-term is hard to tell - perhaps they'll take to charging people to download super-detailed files to print out their own kits. Regards, Jason
  12. Great work on the bomb bay! That corrugated roof is pre-corrugated sheet plastic isn't it? I can't imagine you could 3-D print that out - I know my little printer couldn't. Still inspiring work, as in inspiring me to try something similar, albeit on a much smaller scale (maybe a 1/72nd scale racer, such as the Verville-Sperry R-3). Regards, Jason
  13. To state the obvious - amazing work! Regards, Jason
  14. I'd forgotten about those - amazing story! But first I need to continue figuring out how to 3-D print an entire 1:1 scale Il-2 Shturmovik. With my small printer, this should take about, oh, twenty years to print. Regards, Jason
  15. Yes, good point. But we modellers are a strange lot (no surprise there). It's amazing the amount of quid we're willing to part with if it's something we really want. 600 or 700USD would be a bit outside of my range, but a detailed 1/32nd scale kit of the B-26 (the Marauder or Invader)? I might be willing to part with 300 or 400USD. Regards, Jason
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