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  1. Thanks, It's has a steam powered western theme
  2. Hi Ryan, Don't know which software your using but here are a couple link to fix the stringing, not sure if that's the issue you are having by looking at the picture, but the print looks good.
  3. Thanks!, now off to find something else strange and off the wall
  4. Ok, we are going to call this Done!
  5. Little update, Will start working on the front controls soon.
  6. Thanks Jim, Small update, I went ahead and bumped the size up by 25%, should make it easier for me to do some brass work if need to.
  7. My biggest issue is going to be the front controls since they are twice as small as what I have completed so far, If I have issues with this I may have to scale this up about 50%. I learned a lot with this when it comes to printing with this project, Have a feeling this going to be a lesson in skills more then a completed project.
  8. After a long hiatus I'm back at the bench, I found this work at "The Art Station" and wanted to try to 3D print it, the following is where i am at so far. I have about half designed and printed so far.
  9. Great Give me something else to think about
  10. I will get that worked out, i have an idea which i think will look cool, remember this is just for fun!, Besides it only took me a day to design it all up and after printing i may have to re-think a few things, plus i think i will scale this down 50% (wife says where the hell are going to put that)
  11. Yes, coming soon, Had another project for someone i needed to finish
  12. A bit of an update, I have about 95% of the items printed, just some small bits to do, at the moment my brain is fighting with my attention span on weather or not to do a cockpit, for now i am set on printing my bucks and pulling some clear plastic for the windows. Almost forgot, I know i should have a 4 prop blade but i had an old 1/48 B24 sitting around so I'm using that.
  13. Guess i need to watch StarsWars again
  14. It's space, the last frontier, it will fly
  15. Thought i would add the image i am working from.
  16. So i have person over at the Art Station web site and they do some pretty cool drawings and he had one of a B29 Tie Fighter and thought it would be cool to do this in 3D. So here is the 3D work and now I am of to the printers!, I do have the engines for a B24 kit i hope to use.
  17. The New Printers are 4K so we can squeak a little more detail out of them, did some flaps 1/72 for a guy with rivets. those are in the background.
  18. So picked up a couple new printers and thought i would do a quick 1/12 scale 50 cal, printed pretty much as expected.
  19. A little closer then we might think
  20. Man you made me get my X300 glass's out just to read it, it's LT Chip Taylor
  21. 3D printing is the new scratch building tool, projects become limitless, Nice work!
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