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  1. Nice work Bruce and kudos to Tim on the 3D parts.
  2. Very nice!, Really looks the part
  3. All brought to by the wonderful world of 3D printing! Very nice work Tim!
  4. Hi Javier, Someone here will know something so hang in there, And welcome!
  5. .............................................had to go get another bag
  6. Your right, I'm waiting for the big sale to start!
  7. Nice work, wondered what happen to this.....
  8. Sorry Sophie, I missed your welcome! So Welcome and enjoy.
  9. Got nuttin either, shading and weathering looks good! for your first tank
  10. Hey Dave, I will have to do some research on your printer because I'm not familiar with it, but here is a rule of thumb. the smaller the layer ht the less exposure, 15 is high for.03, your bottom layers look ok but the bottom exposure seems way high,your cooking it to the FEP and not the build plate, try more around 80, looks to me like you are over exposing. Here are setting i use on my AnyCubic and i use Phrozon ABS like resin Grey. Layer height-.05 (you don't see much difference between .025 and .05) Exposure - 12 or 13 ( rule is to start at .05 and add 25% exposure if you go to say .10 and minus 25% when you go down to .025, so if i went to .025 my exposure would be roughly 2.5 - 12 =9.5, you can work on fine tuning those for your printer) note: If you use a clear resin(any color) you can lower your exposure even more because the light pass's though the resin better. when you start printing things with little holes you will see what i mean,to much exposure and the resin in the holes will get cured also and the result is no hole. Bottom layer count 6-8 Bottom exposure 80 - 100 I don't have a heater installed but i live in Florida so no big deal, but 75 degrees +/- is ok, you can always let the bottle sit in some warm water also before you shake it to print...Remember to always shake!!!! Orientation- yes at an angle, you want to have the least amount of material trying to peel from the FEP, you don't have to go full vertical, 45 degrees is a good starting point and yes it may have to print all day. Another tip: after you have cleaned your tray after a print you can use a micro fiber towel to make it clear again because it does fog up from the resin and alcohol after each use. You may have to do some searching but there should be plenty of info on the web for your unit. If you need anything else let me know. Almost forgot, looking at your sliced file you could use some more supports on the corners, don't be afraid to add more then you need until you get more familiar with your printer.
  11. Well without knowing your settings its hard to help you, I have 2 Photons and a Photon S arrived today, I have had great success with my prints. Just from looking at your print in the slicer you need to angle it no less then 45 degrees, you want to try and have the least amount of surface area on the FEP as possible when you able to, i have also found the ball tip to be useless. The resin is toxic and can get you sick if left on you skin over long periods of time, ALWAYS WHERE GLOVES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TIP: Before you cure and after you clean I put my print in warm to hot water and the cut off the supports, the water makes the supports soft to cut instead of cutting them when they are brittle after curing. You may have to re dip in the water because it will cool, one caution you print will also be more flexible in water so make sure not to skew or twist it. If you need any help let me know.
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