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  1. Nice Ben, Did you see Anycubic has updated the software with anti aliasing, you can get up to X8, your files will be bigger but the prints are nice!
  2. The whole project looks great!, your a posting maniac now
  3. Welcome Sepp, I'm losing my grip on the other side of 58! Welcome to the forums, i will follow this
  4. Weathering look great, not to much and not to little.
  5. You guys that have not built in a while should not underestimate your skills, I have seen a couple good projects so far from folks that have been away for a while and they look great and this is no exception!
  6. Welcome! I'm on board for this one......
  7. This is turning out really nice!
  8. I will offer to print a few of these files for you if you like at no charge as prototypes, I also have the 004 on the drawing board in 1/24 that i am doing for a Yak-15 but we can scale that down.
  9. Very nice! Thanks for the build.
  10. Happy Easter all! Stay safe!
  11. Welcome! Hope your also building another room to put it in!
  12. Yes you are old hand at these's Nice builds.
  13. OMG, that kit was like $1.50 when it first came out, Good Luck with it!
  14. Nice work, Yes explain what do we have here?
  15. Nice!, One question, how do you determine your gray scale color for each color-color.
  16. Is there an official link, I'm interested. Never mind, found it
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