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    WW1, exotic between the wars, WW2 fighters, early jets in exotic liveries, ie small air forces, and props in Latin America etc.
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  1. Alburymodeler

    1/32 P-51B, P-40B instead of P-51H?

    I have an extra Special Hobby P-36 set aside to convert into a Tomahawk.
  2. Alburymodeler

    How about a F-82 follow on to the Spad? :-)

    I suppose it it just like a kit and a half, two similar fuselages, a left and right wing, and a joining wing and tailplane. But still a fair bit of resin.
  3. Alburymodeler

    HPH Models 1/32 P-51H Mustang (group buy possible)

    GrahamF, I would hope that HPH would just totally ignore Boeing if they go ahead. It is the right thing to do. Must admit I would not spend too much on a resin P-51H, maybe a cheap injection moulded kit I would, but that is not going to happen.
  4. Alburymodeler

    Model kit trading platform...

    I have been thinking about this as well as I have a departed friend's built up collection to contemplate selling. I could make a Facebook Group/page but it would take forever to get traffic. eBay sort of sucks these days with fees and then paypal fees, although they are obviously feeling the pinch as they have been offering deal and even free no cost listings. I am interested to see this may lead. Greg
  5. Being from Queensland and all, cannot you just display them in zip lock bags? Would work yes? Hey.
  6. Alburymodeler

    Mosquito model info.

    If a person leaves can they take their bits with them? I am sure it was here, but will look at other sites as well, like Britmodeller. Thanks anyway.
  7. Alburymodeler

    Mosquito model info.

    Hi there, maybe a year or more ago there was a rather nice Tamiya Mosquito presented here in the post war Black and grey scheme. The modeller used custom Maketar masks and he did send me the numbers, but, of course, I can fined neither the model topic or the email or message. Can anyone give me a link to the model (I tried to find it myself) so I can check dates and maybe find the email based on that info. Thanks, Greg
  8. Alburymodeler

    We're BACK! with 35% off sale

    48 hours, I should get onto it tonight. Want some assorted bits to do a post war Mosquito.
  9. Alburymodeler

    Wingnut’s Roland D.VIb has sold out

    Now, don't you go starting any of that sort of stuff.
  10. Alburymodeler

    B26 Marauder - LSP

    The most advance one, CAD at least, is coming "shortly" from Resin2detail. The Cad looks nice and it can be seen on Facebook.
  11. Alburymodeler

    1/32 Cavalier Mustang Conversion

    Cavalier updated many Mustangs for the civil market, as well as for the military of Bolivia, Salvador, and Indonesia, amongst others. The Turbo conversion was one-of.
  12. Alburymodeler

    Yak 9 M/T Silver wings 1/32

    There were some pics posted a while ago, maybe earlier in this thread, or was it on Facebook?
  13. That will be at least three well executed versions of this somewhat insignificant flying bomb.
  14. Alburymodeler

    Fisher Sea Fury: 7/7/18: The Centaurus/ Change of Plans

    I seem to have three of these, must try and get at least one finished. Such a nice aeroplane.
  15. Alburymodeler

    Is Fly Model retooling the Ar 234?

    I hope they are new tools. I have one of Radu's resin kits waiting, but could never be bothered wasting my good money on the original Fly kits. If it is a good retool I will be in for a few.