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  1. Strange that they are still doing it the old steam driven way, and not using CAD. But there is more than one way to skin a cat. Looking forward to it for sure.
  2. I have my first kit half way together. You need to be careful of the cockpit, assemble bits into each side and mate them up to the wing with the internals installed there. Some trimming will be needed to get it to fit, mainly on the diagonal panels which go down to the rear spar. Do it before gluing the halves together so you can see where cuts need to be made. The fuselage around the trailing edge of the wing needs some serious filler to correct the sections, there being no concave sections there (on the sides). I do like the way the expanded fuel tanks are done underneath, even the very subtle fillets from outer wing to centre section. The top fuel tank is nice but I think it might be a little exaggerated, but if so they have gone to an awful lot of trouble to get it wrong. Overall, highly recommended so far.
  3. I ordered the 1/48 version to make a few kits, and will build some of my 1/32 tamiya kits in different South American markings, such as late Dominican Airforce machines. but cobble together the markings. Both sets look very good.
  4. A bit like the P-43 Lancer and P-47 Thunderbolt are the same really. Easy mistake to make. (tongue in cheek0
  5. I have this sitting and waiting, and will get a few of the 110G-4 when it comes out again in the new year. What I like is that it is about the only 110 with a correct trailing edge (apart from Matchbox) but they goofed up the rear upper fuselage so a shim is required there. Apparently it is also a cow to get the cowlings to fit.
  6. I mentioned elsewhere a whole batch of new decals shown on Hannant's, then went to check, and they were gone. Just assumed I am going looney.
  7. Looks like we might get a few boxings, the clean "Cannon Fighter" and then a bomber version. All is good.
  8. How did we get from Kate to wanting an Me 410 in just five comments? Is this a new record?
  9. We saw the canopies moulded what seems like more than a year ago now.
  10. That looks pretty damned good tbh. Having just worked on the rather soft Roden kit, I will look forward to building some of these eventually. Even one of the decal options is tempting. And the instruction sheet, while not WNW standard maybe, is more than sufficient. Bring it on and hopefully great sales will lead to a few more WW 1 kits from Meng/Mung/Ming.
  11. Mentioned at the end of this video. Well worth watching also just to see that 3D printer in operation and the results.
  12. Not mentioned previously that I have seen, Resin2detail and Flying S Models have mentioned a 1/32 CA-15 and Gannet AEW 3 for future release. It was shown on a video I watched the other day, but I cannot find it just at the moment.. The Gannet will be interesting for sure. Greg
  13. I think we might need to contemplate doing that conversion ourselves as well Mike. A pity as SW could get a new stock item for little extra work, but it is what it is.
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