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  1. Two Tiger Moths, two PT-17s, but nary a decent Griffon Spitfire or Hellcat to shake a stick at........
  2. Seeing the movie prop makes it all so clear now. Trumpeter did work off photos.
  3. A conversion for the 22/24 wing would be a possibility, and preferable to a complete resin replacement.
  4. Waste of good time I reckon when the Hasegawa one is available. A bit like the Bobbyboo A-26 thingy.
  5. Will there be other parts added to the propellor and spinner set? Such as cowlings, fuselage, canopy, wings, tail unit etc. Asking for a friend and hundreds of others.
  6. That would be the Korean War version I suppose?
  7. Your comment is still totally relevant though. I think the round fuselage is almost unfixable, and I wonder if a replacement canopy should be made correct or made to fit the Hobby boss thing or should be accurate.
  8. I also forgot to mention the Defiant.
  9. He 112 and Wasp D-21 as well for me.
  10. He 112 for me, from your original list.
  11. Don't ever rely on squadron signal drawings as being anywhere close to accurate.
  12. Different strokes for different folks. I have bought a number of 1/48 ICM kits and will wait for a 1/32 A-26 scale kit.
  13. I expect everything has a life span, at least in a useable form. I know that many of my 40 year old plastic kits have become a bit brittle (undercarriage legs etc) and I suppose resin is even more prone to entropy. I sure hope not though, as I also have plenty of bits and pieces and complete kits waiting around. I also recall reading the white metal railway kits could also fade away over time.
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