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  1. There was one just a month or two back I also recall. . I will probably only ever do one Hunter, and am tempted awards one of the two tone brown Middle East Countries, or maybe Chile. Who knows?
  2. It sure looks good, I will have to get a few. Also to replace my Silver Wings kit.
  3. There are plenty of big changes between the P-51A and P-51B, moreso than between the B and D. . The fuselage in the cockpit area is lower on the earlier machine, so all the rear fuselage is different, and the radiator housing is also unique. Not an easy conversion by any means.
  4. We are well served in that two are coming in 1/32, from Copper State Models and also WNW. I assume both will be excellent, and I recall CSMs were due in the first half of this year.
  5. Pity we don't have a whole wing of those here at the moment. Our country is aflame, burning from one end to the other. Came close to my old house in Corryong in the high country, and just over the hill from my brother 300km away as the bird flies. Estimates are 500 million native animals dead. Poor fellow my country. It sort of makes me not care too much for the shape of the HB Invader.
  6. I am hoping CSM continues with 1/32 for sure.
  7. I will put in my claim for Jill, Judy, and Grace (and a rex)
  8. That could be the next group build, models started but put on hold due to proposed release of IM model.
  9. Both nice, but I am hoping for the Starstrutter before these two.
  10. More than eight years now. Riga Mortis may have set in.
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