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  1. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.shropshirestar.com%2Fentertainment%2Fattractions%2F2019%2F11%2F15%2Fgerman-bomber-on-display-for-first-time-at-raf-cosford-after-70-years-underwater-in-pictures%2F%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR2bPf1oyFi0ufmGw3-b2T6k47f096pF880nyTBS91UEyZLcw9eukKc6Ntk&h=AT085axHgPVTL1GbGW6_OxIMRjBwxnxkTfR9tyk1os-uSAsjXnvARMz90Xf_tHITm0__aW6MK6-1VGoH4q5Ofd1RuxChqBxGmw3SRbKFTme4X2haWAb7_SYFrBaa9NXKfWBhz5BXXjMXu2hUPdiB9i7M0ubJMtVWfA Do 17 now on display at Cosford.
  2. Maybe you are thinking of Silver Wings, which mentioned one German and one Japanese still on the workbench and part of the schedule. I assumed the He 112 and either Kate or Val. I also reckon that an enterprising manufacturer could get together almost a complete documentation on the Dornier if they wanted. Looking at my FAOW on the Do 217, there are plenty of factory manual interior photos, and details from service or erection manuals. I am sure that wing sections and fuselage station information would also be available, maybe not enough to make a full sized flier, but enough for an accurate kit.
  3. I would like one, to go with the Firefly. :-(
  4. The ICM one looks so good that I expect I will get a few of them and give the HB one a miss. Life is way too short to muck around and try to fix so many things just to have it in 1/32.
  5. Notice that it also has the earlier flat canopy, not applicable for most of the aeroplanes we want to do. I suppose we can expect something half way between so it will need replacement either way. Indeed it does look like it is trying to be both, a flat top canopy but the forward bar on the windscreen should be horizontal on these. When the canopy was raised the bar went to the angled poison as seen,
  6. Well, that sure is telling him. But it would be a lot of work. Maybe the rear not so hard as cut out the turret fairing and sheet up like the real thing, and just bend some clear over. Internals would be a total new build. But the nose would be everything from the fuselage break point forward, clear bits and all. Hard yakka.
  7. I dont do modern jets, but this one is very cool indeed.
  8. Looking at the photo and where it stands, I would say the christmas period is a bit optimistic. That is only about 90 days away.
  9. Love the ICM stuff so far, would also like to see Yak 9s, La 5 and La 7s, maybe twins like the Pe 2 and Tu 2. Their first Gladiator is due anytime soon, so the CR 42 pairs this nicely.
  10. Probably great for the Japanese market, but I have an noodle of Tamiya and Hasegawa A6M5s. If it was a short wing Hamp I would be in for a few no doubt. But always good to see a new producer.
  11. If the Mustang is 1/72 then I am 50/50 that the Invader could be 1/32. The earlier shot in the factory surely looked to be 1/32.
  12. Was looking at that earlier, dragged out an IL-2 box for size comparison, and of the opinion that it might be 1/48. Seems just a bit too small for 1/32. Prove me wrong please. Unless the Mustang is 1/72.
  13. A Firefly would be great now that it is unlikely we will get one from FMP. Vampire/Venom as well should be good sellers. Also the later Spitfires/ Seafires (yes?) . Sea Vixen, Buccaneer, TSR 2, all not so much. It is a hard gig out there so kits that are smaller with multiple users should sell better.
  14. Are you trying to tell me the gunner didn't have a seat? :-)
  15. It must be over a year since we saw test shots of the canopy (and fuselage?), so it is great to see progress.
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