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  1. The search for the holy grail is never finished. Y'all know as soon as you get your hands on the SS D.IV, Spad, or Fokker D VIII, etc, you will be holding out for the next fix. There is no cure and no use kidding yourselves otherwise.
  2. That would at least beat the JU 52. Neil also expressed interest in the Beaufighter when he was in Melbourne a few years back, but, as with the Halifax, he was just being polite..
  3. They had the word faffle, and this was, sadly, changed to raffle.
  4. No, this one is about HKM's new announcement, not WNW. No one knows what HPM, HPH, or MPM are doing as yet
  5. the round sided canopy kills it for me.
  6. I am hoping it is the P-51B, and not the Ju-52. The announcement does not state 1/32 so we can only hope.
  7. Silver Wings has been very quiet of late.
  8. The Havoc was announced as IM about a year ago, but if they do the Helldiver, Me 410, and many others, I would be rapt. Anyone want to buy some resin kits......?
  9. We may never know, but I am far more interested in doing a Ju 88 in maritime Blue. No doubt that is another one we can never be certain of although it seems likely. More problematical are the blue Me 109s though, as featured recently in SAM.
  10. Well yes, but it is still good to get some news on other items planned and due in the short term. These three kits will be most welcome, particularly the P-51B..... and the Me 109G............. and the Arado.
  11. You missed a bargain for sure.
  12. A twin boomer used by the RAAF and RNZAF?
  13. Yes, but even the control stick needs tossing. We really, really need a current standard Spitfire 22/24/Seafire 47 kit.
  14. I believe they are basically one and the same, taken over by Freightdog but a few new bits added. I have the original floating around somewhere, but will probably never use is as time is too short to work with the Matchbox kit. if someone does a conversion for the Tamiya Spitfire then I will be in.
  15. The clear parts alone are enough to preclude the Trumpeter kit from consideration. I had one on pre-order but cancelled as soon as I saw the first kit images.
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