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  1. Looks like we might get a few boxings, the clean "Cannon Fighter" and then a bomber version. All is good.
  2. How did we get from Kate to wanting an Me 410 in just five comments? Is this a new record?
  3. I think it is totally acceptable if you want a model that might look like the real thing, to use colours very close to what are shown in the OP. It is also why I am going to eventually complete Lou IV with section in blue. Prove me wrong.
  4. We saw the canopies moulded what seems like more than a year ago now.
  5. That looks pretty damned good tbh. Having just worked on the rather soft Roden kit, I will look forward to building some of these eventually. Even one of the decal options is tempting. And the instruction sheet, while not WNW standard maybe, is more than sufficient. Bring it on and hopefully great sales will lead to a few more WW 1 kits from Meng/Mung/Ming.
  6. Mentioned at the end of this video. Well worth watching also just to see that 3D printer in operation and the results.
  7. Not mentioned previously that I have seen, Resin2detail and Flying S Models have mentioned a 1/32 CA-15 and Gannet AEW 3 for future release. It was shown on a video I watched the other day, but I cannot find it just at the moment.. The Gannet will be interesting for sure. Greg
  8. I think we might need to contemplate doing that conversion ourselves as well Mike. A pity as SW could get a new stock item for little extra work, but it is what it is.
  9. The SPAD I will surely buy a few of, but the others..... Roden should be capable of lifting their game a tad to get closer to WNW tolerances, sort of like CSM and ICM etc. Great news all around.
  10. I'd try again, mine went through a few days ago.
  11. You may be interested in my reference photos of Vulgarian Air Force Ju 52s converter to turbo prop power.
  12. There is not much point in having a half finished kit that does not get released, especially if you are paying someone a lot of money to do work. I don't recall any that I ever started for HPM not getting finished and released, apart from the 1/32 Mustang which was usurped by Tamiya when still at the 2D computer stage. Promises and good intentions don't keep the wolf from the door, whereas the F-4K, Halifax, P-51B, and Beaufighter (all of which have been mentioned and maybe part finished) would do so.
  13. It is almost like they took a little plan out of "Aircraft of the Fighting Powers, 1944" and blew it up to 1/32. So much wasted effort as they can do good kits if they choose.
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