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  1. Yes, but even the control stick needs tossing. We really, really need a current standard Spitfire 22/24/Seafire 47 kit.
  2. I believe they are basically one and the same, taken over by Freightdog but a few new bits added. I have the original floating around somewhere, but will probably never use is as time is too short to work with the Matchbox kit. if someone does a conversion for the Tamiya Spitfire then I will be in.
  3. The clear parts alone are enough to preclude the Trumpeter kit from consideration. I had one on pre-order but cancelled as soon as I saw the first kit images.
  4. I don't think the word great can be used in any sentence involving the Trumpeter P-40.
  5. I reckon the second bit of aftermarket is a set of dropped flaps, as this is a distinctive feature of the Whirlwind.
  6. A few will sit on the shelf in the cupboard alongside my two HPH La-7s and the just ordered Lemkits La-9
  7. A set up to the standard of the Tamiya kit would be very welcome.
  8. A long project for sure, it has been six years already. I hope were don't have to wait too much longer. Keep up the good work.
  9. Not too sure about the butt joints for wings and tailplanes, I think I would be more comfortable adding a decent spar to help keep things in place and aligned. But I love it anyway.
  10. A big model which will keep you occupied big time, while she is out buying shoes.
  11. I think I see the problem here...........
  12. it seems Lucky Model and Hobbylink Japan are not stocking, so eBay Japan might be the go-to Greg
  13. TBH Darren and Jennings, I am not overly fussed that windows might be in the wrong place, or turrets are frosted and unusable maybe due to a join line. I will happily cut new windows etc. But if I was doing Dragon and His Tail I would not just plonk them onto the kit if it is not correct in that area. Of course I could, and many will, but I think many of us here are trying to achieve a somewhat higher standard. I am somewhat bemused that many here fret about Me 109 spinners and blades being a tad off and spend $20 on replacements, but seem not concerned that the B-24 sort of has a B-17 wing on it. If that is not a serious mistake then I don't know what is. Maybe it is fixable, maybe not. But for many that issue seems to have become "nothing to see here, move along"
  14. I expect this will be a long thread.......
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