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  1. Yes you are old hand at these's Nice builds.
  2. OMG, that kit was like $1.50 when it first came out, Good Luck with it!
  3. Nice work, Yes explain what do we have here?
  4. Nice!, One question, how do you determine your gray scale color for each color-color.
  5. Is there an official link, I'm interested. Never mind, found it
  6. Well its completed. I can't say it was a pleasure to build, but it was a nice kit. Would i recommend it,sure. My eyes were just to old for something this small, would have been nice to have the CP details molded in the side panels. The decals are very thin and unfortunately i rip a few. But all in all the detail was good and the fit was that of any resin kit. I would do another 1/72 kit but of a larger plane. This find a cozy spot in my collection,
  7. Hey Bigs, Good you tube vid on a abandon ww2 luft hangar Abandon Hangar
  8. Your right Tnarg, this kit is excellent, will have to get out my Nuclear Microscope to see some of the PE parts....
  9. Hi Gents, First i would like to give a big shout out to Bob with Victory Models for letting me browse his warehouse over the last weekend, it was a 2 hour drive but well worth it. I don't do a lot in small scale but i could not resist. I picked up some resin kits and other odds and ends and i am going to start with this, this kit is from SBS Models and at first glance i am impressed for the scale of 1/72. I found some post from a few years back on this aircraft and will take any advice i can from those builds.
  10. I had a dream one time, I woke up and my dog was on the computer looking at cat porn!
  11. Love it when people think out of the box like this.......
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