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  1. A little closer then we might think
  2. Man you made me get my X300 glass's out just to read it, it's LT Chip Taylor
  3. 3D printing is the new scratch building tool, projects become limitless, Nice work!
  4. Ok, This little bit of fun is done, had a few snfu's along the the way but for the little effort i put in it came out ok, so with your blessings he it is.
  5. Hi Jack, Yes i did for now The rest of the decals have to go on and i didn't want the break the off while i was doing that, still have minor items to attach.
  6. Ok, Progress at last, started the decals today, only have them on the one side today, will work on more tomorrow, canopy's are done but still need to be fixed in place which leaves me with a few more items to be done (pitot tube, gear doors and some other minor items) It could with interest, I would have to re work a few thing to be kit-able, it started as just a Covid-19 project and if i had to re-do wing fit would be a starting point. Please enjoy!
  7. Thanks Maru, At last the decals have arrived and the correct clear plastic for the canopy so off to see if i can get this done, this fun project has been a bit of a chore!
  8. Sorry for the delay Gent's, still waiting on the decals to get here!
  9. Paint is on, need to clear coat, add the decals, little weathering here and there, add some panel lines and we will be close to done!
  10. Not much today, was not planing on doing an IP panel but what the hell! basic seat, gear are done, Bucks for the canopy is done. Now on to paint
  11. Ok, Small update, things are mostly primed and test fitted, I did have an area or two that required a bit of filler but over all the fit is not bad and turning out as expected.
  12. I have a buck which i vac canopy over and cut to fit the frame
  13. Hey Neo, No not right now, I'll just put in a box for now, it may become my mule at some point
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