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  1. Hey Paul, Just found this, the TallBoy looks great in the bay!
  2. One question, where the hell you going to display this beast
  3. I agree, and you could play by those rules, but if the FTC see's it different then your screwed.
  4. I read the FTC outline and it looks like it comes down to the collection of those under the age of 13's data Which is an issue for COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act) and your correct fine would only be enforceable in the US. I think that's the issue, you only have two choice's at the moment "For Children" and "For Adults, no middle ground for those that have content that appeals to both so they could lose the monetary value, and come Jan 1 2020 FTC will take over the or have the ability to scan content and they will make the decision, so if you have content marked ADULT but the FTC feels it could attract the 13 and younger you could have an issue. Basically UTube says they are not paying fines anymore and are passing that on to content providers I agree with this statement, but net neutrality is one thing, the FTC and COPPA is a whole another can of worms.
  5. Basically it says that if the FTC feels your channel it geared towards children 13 years and young Youtube can close you channel and you could get fined $42,000.00 per video, YouTube suggest if you not sure your channel is for adults only to get a Lawyer. You Tube was fined 180 million for ads focused at children, so know they are passing those fines on to you the Tuber, you are now responsible for who views your content. This all starts Jan 1st 2020, the FTC will scan the channels from that point forward for videos that they deem have content that children will watch. In a nut shell, bad news for those that make a living on You Tube
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