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  1. Thanks Thierry. Looking at that while tempting is beyond my current level of ambition. I will keep it in mind though if that changes. Thanks again. James
  2. I ordered this last weekend. Seeing these pics has got me all fired up. I can hardly wait for it to arrive James
  3. Have you ever considered doing some Avenger conversions? In particular I would be interested in the Canadian Avengers like the AS-3M Avenger and especially the AEW Avenger. I am also wondering if you have considered doing some Vampires? Thanks in advance for your consideration. James
  4. Hi again everyone. I have some good pics and info for the cockpit and landing gear. I am not able to find colour info for the ammo bay behind the seat. I think for the 2 pictures I found that it is black like the cockpit. I saw one build though where it was an interior green. Does anyone know for sure? Also would the ammo cans be black or aluminum or maybe OD? Second question is about weapons. I was going to do a Syrian bird but my wife has seen the markings that come with the conversion and she likes the zig zags of 615 Sqn RAF. Would it be reasonable to equip it with rockets? Thanks in advance for any help. James
  5. Hagar

    Meteor F.8

    Thank you. I will certainly do that. I cut out all the major pieces and the fit is pretty good, so I am pleased. Research though is a bit problematic. Thanks again for the suggestions. James
  6. Hagar

    Meteor F.8

    Excellent thank you. I have made the first cuts and have the nose and tail taped in place. Tail didn't come out quite as I expected but its okay. I dont suppose you were selling tail pipes and turbines were you? James
  7. Hagar

    Meteor F.8

    Thank you. I kept digging and read a thread that shows I have very little to worry about exept my own skills. Starting soon. James
  8. Hagar

    Meteor F.8

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone has built the HK Meteor with Fischers F.8 conversion? I did a search here and could not find anything and a search of the web has even less. I'm just curious about how others might have built it and any gotchas I should watch for. I am gathering all my refs and hope to start soon. I have Zotz decals coming and am looking at doing the Syrian bird. Thanks in advance for any help. James
  9. Will you be making kits for people to buy? The Maurader is one of my favs. James
  10. Thanks guys. Appreciate it. I am just a bit surprised at how few decal sets there are for this bird. James
  11. Does anyone know of any 1/32 decals for an AV-8B Harrier II Plus, preferably Marine? Also does anyone know a typical weapons load? Finally if it was loaded with GBU-12s would it carry a sniper pod or flir and on which station. I cant seem to find any decals on ebay, Sprue Brothers, Aviation Megastore or anywhere else in 1/32. I know Zotz made some but they are sold out. Caracal made some but I cant find them anywhere. I thought Dave Roof made some but there is nothing listed on his site. I have the Trumpeter kit and am wondering if I am stuck with the kit decals. Thanks in advance. James
  12. Awesome. Now t get 2 more kits and actually build them James
  13. Well very late or very early I got the control cables on. 2lb test .013mm fishing line. I used a silver sharpie to colour the lines. Added the rudder bars a step after which made things a bit of a pain. Also have the seat started. Just need to do the shellac and some mild weather on it. Didn't get back to the engine but maybe today. And again not a lot to see. Oh and still need to install the throttle cable and trigger cables to the stick and paint the throttles and grip wood. Also used some very nice Aviattic decals to make the cloth screen on the rear bulkhead. Some very very fine wire stripped from a small computer fan was inserted into a small hole drilled in the small pump on the right side framework. Need to drill out the larger fuel pump and install the wire from a larger fan and then mount ti. Lastly a shutter handle needs to be made and mounted on the left which was strangely left out of the kit even though very visible.
  14. What I am attempting at the moment. Unfortunately I havent been getting as much done as I would like although I have a perfect record for starts. Maybe 10% record for done. I dont agree with Ronny Bars interpretation though so it will be all around blue as the lighter colour underneath his is attributed to reflection off the snow. Also this interpretation has Hans' markings overpainted because he got a Fokker D.VII but I am going to do it as original. James
  15. Watching with interest. I just started this kit also although mine will have a bunch of after market and will be a VF-1-2 bird. James
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