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1/32 Marauder


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Hello there. Maybe you know this phenomenon. I have several more or less unfinished models lying around. And then, something completely new comes to mind. Some months ago, I was thrilled by the idea of a 1/32 Marauder, and despite my other builds, I started to work on a 3d-model. I already printed some major parts. I now have some days of leave of absence, and hope to make some progress (as well with my other unfinished projects). But who knows when I get distracted with something completely new again :mental:




Propellers and engines are lent from a free 3d-model for visual demonstration only. Here is a picture of an early stage, where you can see how the wings are made of several segments:


The main fuselage is divided into three sections due to the maximum build-volume of my 3d-printer (about 20 cm). The left and right halves are 0,5 mm apart, with a recessed line in the middle. The three sections are first glued together. This approach helps to keep alignment. Otherwise, gluing six separately printed fuselage parts together while keeping alignment would be a nightmare.







On the fuselage, I already scribed the panel-lines, with the drawing in the Warpaint book as a reference. The fuselage is now more or less ready to be sawed apart into left and right halves to get access into the interior.

The most important "tool" when doing this kind of modelling:





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WOW, NICE WORK!  Love the subject matter too.  I have the old Monogram 1/48 which I built years ago but someone gave me the kit again.  Tempting.


Keep up the good work and thanks for the many detailed photos too.  Great stuff!!


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I think I’ve looked at these pictures a dozen times in the last 24 hours.  Ha ha. 

This is so impressive.   The schemes are so plentiful.   I see the the separate flaps even.   The engine cowlings look so cool.  What a lovely beast of a project to undertake.   Looking forward to this Alex.  Thanks for sharing this with us!   



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@ AlexM, I am already following you on your 1/32 Marauder and your 1/32 PZL.37 3D printed projects too. The result of your 3D design & scale modeling skills are remarkable considering you are using not-professional software and low cost plastic. I am impressed and looking forward to see more. Congratulations.

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