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  1. I just dared to cut off the forward fuselage-section from the kit part, using a printed template to guide the scriber. I hope I don't regret this act of slaugther The printed fuselage section will need some sanding to get a nice transition to the kit part, but basically it works. Now, I'll try to make a new nose, based on better plans. Cheers Alex
  2. Hi Mike, thanks for the hint about the drawings. Great stuff! Email sent Alex
  3. Thanks guys. It's indeed a nice technology that enables such modifikations which otherwise would be impssible, at last for me. While I'm on it, i guess the interior of the front section could benefit a bit from some frame details, since on the kit, those details are rather completly missing. There are 360 degree views of a museeum machine. https://www.nationalmuseum.af.mil/Visit/Virtual-Tour/Cockpit360/ Taking this as reference, it seems that there are two main frames within this fuselage section. Does anybody has a plan showing the exact possition of those frames? otherwise I would just divide the part into three pieces Once the 3d-model is ready, maybe I'll upload it to the Sketchup Warehouse, so everybody can download it for printing or further modification. I don't know that much about the B-24. What are the main visible difference to the D kit? Cheers Alex
  4. Spent a bit time on the nose, and printed a new basic forward fuselage section and a mould for vacuforming. The mold required some sanding after printing to get rid of some ugly edges. Of course, no guaranty for accuracy, but I like the overall look compared to the shape of the kit's parts. Cheers Alex
  5. I just received my kit some days ago and I'm still torn back and forth wheather to build it just as it is. Even when built out of the box, it can't be mistaken to anything else than a B-24. But then, there are some shape issues, and once I'm aware of them, they bother me I noticed that at the fuselage-area, where the nosewheel-well starts, the fuselage cross-section is widest at about middle hight, which looks OK to me (what does not mean that it has to be accurate). But at the area where the glass-nose begins, the kit cross-section is widest at about the lower third, while on the real thing, it should be widest at about the upper third of its hight (taking the photo 32scalelover posted on page 1 of this thread as reference). I'm just thinking out loud but it might be possible to draw a 3d-model of a new front section, from the nose-tip to the forward end of the wheel-well, which adresses the shape issues. Since almost all internal structure of the kit just starts at the forward end of the wheel-well, not too much surgery would be necessary other than removing the forward section from the kit's fuselage. But what about the clear nose? Vacuforming comes to mind. Again, just thinking out loud, but maybe I'll give it a try. Here, the area where the wheelwell starts, is marked with thin tape. I tried to get the spape of this area using a profile-gauge. On the right you can see the cross-section where the glass-nose starts, showing the problem that it is widest at about the lower third of its hight. Cheers Alex
  6. For whatever reason, I see the photos with Mozilla Firefox (though loading very slowly), but not at all with Google Chrome Stunning project, by the way! Alex
  7. Great, I have always liked the look of this plane. Quite a few new kits in the pipeline these days. My poor wallet... Cheers Alex
  8. Really looking forward to this one. And that turret could be very usefull for my little marauder project
  9. Here are my purchases of the last few months. I fear things are getting out of hand...
  10. Sooo, again after a little while, I have a few days holiday and I hope to make a bit progress. Unfortunately, instead of actually finishing anything, yet another aircraft got my attention, but I hope I won't get too much distracted and can concentrate on my already ongoing projects That's the current state of the cockpit. I used the very nice instrument decals from Airscale. I also tried to use the photo etch instrument brezels, but they proved to be a challenge for my sausage fingers. So I just used my printed panel as a base. Originally I planed to use bombs from the spare box. But since they come from various kits and were all slighty different, I decied to print my own. They got a slot which will make positioning and gluing to the bomb carrier easier. It's cool to create as much ordonance as desired with - more or less - a mouse-klick Cheers Alex
  11. The way the color on the chart appears in the book is actually more greenish than bluish. Not like the blue parts you posted (at least as they appear on my screen). Then, on the color photos of the 109s in the book you mentioned, as well as one of a Me 262, the darker color can hardly be described as greenish, just gray, maybe slightly bluish. The photos appear to be faded, so hard to tell. Generally spoken, how reliable are reprinted colors in a book? The topic remains interesting
  12. Interesting discussion, as allways when its about color shades The relatively new AK interaktive book Real Colors of WWII, contains the Farbtafel zur Behandlungs und Anwendungsvorschrift für Flugzeuglacke, Ausgabe 1938 (color chart), which - in contrast to its strange name - was according to the book issued in 1941, not 1938. On this color chart, the colors up to 73 have their own describing name (like green or yellow), while the last three colors (74, 75, 76) are just called by their number, with no further name. Cheers Alex
  13. Well done I once tried to build that kit, and if I remember right, fitting the cowling to the fuselage was a nightmare. Finally, it ended up in the bin
  14. Well done! It's indeed a nice kit for such a small price. There are decal sheets that cost more One major problem seem to be the wheels, which apparently are too small. On the 21st century kit, the diameter is about 15 mm, while in the Pacific Coast Models MC.205, they are about 19 mm. On the Special Hobby Fiat G.50 kit, they are also about 19 mm (slightly larger than on the PCM kit). I can only assume the wheels were similar or even the same on the MC.200/201/205 and Fiat G.50 series. There are after market wheels for the G.50 from CMK. Cheers Alex
  15. I couldn't resist and preordered the kit (expected 25.07.2019) For 125 € it seems to be a steal https://www.rlc-modellbau.de/Hobby-Boss-83212-1-32-B-24D-Liberator
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