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  1. AlexM


    Thanks for the info, learned something again More bombs are on the way, as well as the oil coolers. The coolers aren't fully accurate. According to my messurment, the cooling ribs should be about 0,25 mm apart, but I didn't receive good printing results, as this was too small. Now, the ribs are a bit wider apart (with consequently less ribs than the real thing), but I'm still happy with the result: Cheers Alex
  2. AlexM


    Thanks, Dennis! Nice, that's some inspiration. One question, since I'm not too familiar with Polish equipment: What were "German" bombs in this context? I made the bombs according to this upper drawing in my reference book: In the meantime, I printed some bomb bay doors. 3d printing makes things easier, since I need 32 seperate doors Cheers Alex
  3. AlexM


    Thanks Rick! I decided to paint the bomb bays aluminium, and I guess this will be the color for the wheel wells, too. The surrounding area still looks a bit messy. The currogated styrene in the bomb bays comes out well after the coat of aluminium: Cheers Alex
  4. AlexM

    Revell Bf 109 G-10 Erla

    Looking mighty good Alex
  5. AlexM

    'Grace' type two-seat Spitfire in 1:32

    Great, now we know the solution: Wine. You should post this unter the Tips category here Of course we need pictures Cheers Alex
  6. AlexM

    Revelamiyastang ...

    Indeed, looking good Alex
  7. I could understand this if he would do it BEFORE applying the decals. Maybe back then, they used Revell's sometimes rather flat decals, and the guy now tries to smooth them before continuing with the wash to pronounce the panel lines
  8. AlexM

    1/32 HS293?

    This model looks indeed very nice on the screen, and - in my eyes - would be totally sufficent for example in a computer game. Thanks to 3d computer gaphics, it looks nice smooth from nearly every angle. But I'm no sure if it is sufficent for our expectations as modellers. If you look at the 3d-model from the front, you'll see that the cross-section of the round fuselage is actually a polygon with just 24 segments. It's hardly visible on screen, but would propably look pretty angular when printed. The higher the number of segments, the rounder it will look. That yould be my approach. Cheers Alex
  9. AlexM

    1/32 Marauder

    With all the weight in the engine cowlings/nacelles to prevent tail sitting, this tourns out pretty heavy. The first printed main landing gear parts are definitely not strong enough, especially since those were mounted in a scary angle on the real plane. I'll try another approach, this time, the straight part of the leg is hollow with a 2 mm strong hardened stell rod inside, which sits deep (but not accurate) inside the wheel well. But the bent part (wheel fork or however this is called) is still critical Here is the experimental construction (the green one on the left is the original but too weak leg):
  10. AlexM

    1/32 Marauder

    Thanks for your kind word. I'm not sure yet about best method. The rear section was printed inclined, and tourned out nice. From what I have seen on Youtube, I thinks its most important to print everything on support structures, as printing directly on the print plate can result in messy first layers, or the part gets damaged when removing from the build plate.
  11. AlexM


    Hey, thanks! Do you happen to know which color the Polish bombs had? Maybe the same green-brown camo color of the aircraft?
  12. AlexM

    Yak-3 Special Hobby

    Simply wonderful Alex
  13. AlexM

    F-117 Trumpeter 1:32

    My Polish language skills aren't the best (in fact I just know the word piwo ), but google helped me out. Well done with the black color(s) Alex
  14. AlexM


    Thanks, Kev! I haven't forgotten my older started but still unfinished projects. With my new printer (Anycubic Photon), I thought it was time to print some "raining iron", which was the motto of the group build. I made some "100 kg Z wz.31 destructive bombs" (according to my reference). The PZL.37 could carry 16 of those within the wing bomb bays (and aditional bombs in the center fuselage bomb bay, which is closed on my model) - pretty impressive for such a comparatively compact bomber of 1939. I also continued with the actual bomb bays (old school: cut and drilled styrene plates and profiles). Cheers Alex
  15. This is just amazing, excellent scratch building! Cheers Alex