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  1. I couldn't resist and preordered the kit (expected 25.07.2019) For 125 € it seems to be a steal https://www.rlc-modellbau.de/Hobby-Boss-83212-1-32-B-24D-Liberator
  2. Thanks guys, very encouraging. While I really like creating larger parts like a fuselage, and to see how the shape starts to resemble more and more the one of the real aircarft from step to step, creating all those tiny interior details is pretty laborious, especially when there are no plans/blueprints, so that I have to rely on photos, with my interpreations and good (or bad ) guesses about size, dimentions and overall shape of the various things. Talking about interior details, I plan to purchase the Hobby Boss B-24D, once it is out, and wonder if the upper fuselage turret of this kit is good? (I whish there would be an after market turret I could use for this project)
  3. I also printed the instrument panel. I plan to use instrument dial decals, which Peter (Airscale) kindly sent me:
  4. Small update: I printed some stuff for the radio operator section. For the seats, I tested two ways to print them in different angels. Both versions turned out OK. All based on from what I see on photos, so no guarranty for accuracy Here's a quick arrangement to give you an idea (blame on the mechanic for not screwing tight the radios): Maybe the seat is a little bit too high in relation to the radio-shelf Cheers Alex
  5. I just came across this. Really amazing scratch-building. Unbelivable
  6. It was about time I've started to concentrate on the foward fuselage section, and made some basic interior details. After studying some documents on www.avialogs.com I realized, that I apparently miscalculated the number of frames at the very forward area. At first, I thought there were 4 (including the one where the nose glazing starts), but apparently there are only 3. The printed fuselage halves already had recessed lines were the frames should be glued later on (as I did with the rest of the fuselage). To fix that error, I printed thin inner fuselage walls with the (hopefully) correct number of frames. Talking about the front interior color, I think I'll choose some kind of brownish olive drab, like on Flak Bait. Seems like a fabric cover. But I'm not sure yet about the bulkheads. I think the one behind the cockpit was metal/unpainted. But what about the bulkhead between the cockpit and the very forward bombardier section? On this site, there are a number of pictures: https://airandspace.si.edu/collection-objects/martin-b-26b-25-ma-marauder-flak-bait On the very first photo, it seems to be metal, while on photo Nr. 23, it could also be green/olive drab or whatever I have to investigate further. Cheers Alex
  7. Great work on the interior details! That kind of chaotic workplace seems familiar to me Cheers Alex
  8. Indeed, very interesting and colorful bird
  9. Seems like I have a light fondness for italian planes in general. Maybe because they are rather underrepresented in this scale. Some are ugly, some are beautifull. The lines of the RS.14 are just perfect in my eyes. Looks like a fast racer (though it wasn't ).
  10. Indeed, they look just perfect. Makes me feel ashamed when I look at my own amateurishly finished P-47 Cheers Alex
  11. The rudder got some "fabric stripes" by spraying primer (using masking tape): And I printed new stabilizers with elevators (each as one single part), and attached them:
  12. Thank's all for your kind words Hi Craig, now I'm happy with the result, but there was much filling, sanding, and clean-up neccesary at the joint of the different prited segments, especially to keep the rather sharp edges at the sides and buttom of the float.
  13. Sooo, here we are again Here is the trolley (or however this is called). It is higly speculative, as it's based just on a few crude black/white photos. I was inspired by this awsome model: http://archiwum.plastikowe.pl/relacje/cant-z506b-airone-72-supermodel I'm afraid the weird wheels are a bit too big, so they probably will be redone. I made new floats with the Anycubic Photon printer. I could print some surface details. The forward parts are filled with some lead bullets to prevent the notorious tail sitting. So, here we are at the moment Cheers Alex
  14. With the nice background, this one looks really real
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