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1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"


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Hi Peter - amazing work mate...... looks good enough to sit on!!!!


As for ball shapes what about the lanyard chains - the ball style ones or the same style used on modern plug chains.


Never tried it myself but apparently you can make ball shapes by dripping hot solder into cold water  :shrug:  - remember reading something on the web about this method somewhere!!!


But great work mate can't wait to see it in the flesh.   :yahoo:


Happy days - Taff :D

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Hi Peter, amazing work as always.


Longshot here, and it's difficult to tell what size you need but what about lead or steel shot from a shot shell? #9 is .080†in diameter and I have seen even smaller pellets in batches of reclaimed lead.


Keep it up!


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Hi Peter - totally convincing detail on that seat.


As for the mini balls, you could try something like a Britax water filter. These contain a selection of thousands of variously sized spheres.

I'm not sure what material they're made of, but with a film of superglue applied when fixing in place they'll certainly work decoratively.


Thin stretched sprue held end-on to the base of a candle flame will melt back into a sphere, but be careful to catch it before it bursts into flame!

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Wonderful, Peter! Just incredible work! As for a ball, maybe a metal or plastic bead? There are many sizes and materials available, and a spot of CA and some paint fills one hole. I've also used straight pins with round heads of varying sizes. Some times you can even bend the pin itself into the shape you need, or just pop it off and use on something else.



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thanks guys - some great suggestions on getting those tiny little ball shapes -will have to check on shotgun pellets as here in the Uk they are not corner store items!


Denzil from Aircorps sent me a bunch of fantastic reference pics for the seat as it was removed from the airframe so I have some corrections to do...




..mainly this little widget - my interpretation of the parts catalogus is way off so this needs to be re-fabricated :)




..it's one of the things I love about this hobby - the people you meet and the things you learn, and if anything sharing what you learn with those around you



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Plus one on the solder balls. I've been trying the tiny ones out on a Revell Spitfire, and they just drop into the recesses like the ball bearings dropping into Mickey Mouses eyes in those little kids puzzles. Get them on eBay,




Just don't spill them on the floor. You will never stand upright ever again......



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