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  1. The last time I flew with British Airways it was on the Concorde. Given the chance again I'd do that in a heart beat! Cheers, Wolf
  2. Fantastic work John! Got t' say though, this all looks hauntingly familiar........ I'm going to have to get back to my Corsair once I get my Tiger 1 finished. Cheers, Wolf
  3. Gorgeous work Miloslav! Could you slide back the canopy and let the cockpit breathe? I need to look inside Sir! Cheers, Wolf
  4. What a phenomenal build and well deserving of each and every award! Cheers, Wolf
  5. Absolutely beautiful Bill! Of course one wouldn't expect anything less from the Lawlor Works Department. I'm going to look forward to seeing these beauties get some colour. Cheers, Wolf
  6. I'm in a very similar place Kevin. I too tend to be a lot more selective nowadays. I have more than a lifetime of kits in the stash, especially in 1/48th scale, but I went with the late Felixstowe as it's a kit I've wanted for a long time. I'd probably have bought one or two more but for me the real killer is the 30% exchange rate between the CDN and US dollar. Maybe that's a blessing in disguise! Cheers, Wolf
  7. Oh, that's the easy part my friend. It starts going south when the words "what's a Felixstowe" are uttered! Cheers, Wolg
  8. Just go to the regular WNWs website and look up kit sets. The prices are still the original figures. It shows a late version Felixstowe was normally $269.00 US. On sale now for $139.00 US. So with exchange and shipping it works out to roughly $244.00 Cdn. Still cheaper than $269.00 US before shipping! Cheers, Wolf
  9. Yup, got the e-mail as well. I finally broke down and bought the late version of the Felixstowe! Oh my goodness what have I done? Not to mention what the Mrs. is going to say? Two words come to mind. Justifiable Homicide. Anyone have a spare room I can sleep in? Cheers, Wolf
  10. There certainly is Kent! It's a Gotha UWD (the one on floats), sorry couldn't resist, LOL! Cheers, Wolf
  11. Nice! Those ol' Monogram kits still build up really nice. Nice to see the raised rivet detail too. Those SBDs were anything but smooth so the model looks as it should. Well done Tom. Cheers, Wolf
  12. Wow Tom, what a beast! Beautifully done. Better than Tamiya's new F-14? That's impressive. Great job Sir! Cheers, Wolf
  13. The Tiger has 'er camo on! There's a bunch of stuff do do yet but the vast majority of the painting is done. A few more bits to add and then a good dragging through the weathering booth. I think she looks pretty good in 'er stripes and squiggles. Cheers, Wolf
  14. t's looking great, except you need to paint the interior surface of that loader's hatch dunkelgelb. All hatch surfaces that were externally visible when open were painted the exterior base color. Bill Interesting note on the interior color of the hatches. I always believed that the hatch interiors and upper portion of the turret interior was a cream white color. I'll likely leave it as is as the interior of the driver's and radio operator/gunners hatch are painted the same color and it's too late to change it now. Thanks for the info though Bill! Cheers, Wolf
  15. Did the kit decals shatter or some AM ones you are using? I've been frustrated with the old WWI planes decals shattering but had not heard of a Tiger's decals doing the same thing. I figured you'd go freehand instead. :-) Chris Hi Chris, The decals I was using were the kit decals. 4 of the six decals I needed for the turret number were fine. For some reason the two number ones broke up badly as soon as they left the backing paper. Maybe it was the Zimmerit's rough surface they didn't like? Cheers, Wolf
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