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  1. Just freakin brilliant Guy! I’m hoping mine will be in the post box when I arrive home from holidays. You’ve certainly inspired with your build. Cheers, Wolf
  2. Ok Gazzas, We’re gonna need a lot more info on the beauty of a build! What all did you use to build this DVII? We’re did the markings come from? C’mon, inquiring minds (me in particular) need to know these things! Cheers, Wolf
  3. Kurt, 2 part 5 minute epoxy works really well for me. It gives you lots of time to orient or align parts such as instrument bezels. Excess glue is easy to clean up as well before the glue sets. Cheers, Wolf
  4. Nice work John, A word of caution though. Make sure you test fit the exhaust heat shields and exhaust manifolds before going too much further. You may find that your spark plugs may extend out too far and not allow the heat shields and manifolds to mount properly. That was very much the case with my Spitfire's Merlin. Cheers, Wolf
  5. Wow John, You’re a machine! How many kits do you have on the go? Nonetheless each one you build is amazing! Keep ‘em comin’ Cheers, Wolf
  6. What a beautiful result Chris! You’re going to have to take a photo with this one and your other flight demo Hornet together. What a colourful display that would be. I also have to go on record to say you can’t complete a model in only two pages of a WIP thread. I’m afraid you’re going to have to partially disassemble your model to take more “in progress” photos and spread it over at least two more pages! Cheers, Wolf
  7. Well Peter, When it comes to model building, it really doesn’t get better ‘n this, and that’s the truth! Cheers, Wolf
  8. Wow, Without a doubt the nicest T-Bird I’ve seen to date! Congratulations on a beautiful build. Cheers, Wolf
  9. Very nice Hartmann! I particularly like the colour scheme. I also prefer the look of the Razorback. Well done. Cheers, Wolf
  10. Beautifully done Bill! Always liked the look of the Hellcat and you’ve definitely done it justice. Cheers, Wolf
  11. Absolutely brilliant Sir! Meticulously done. Cheers, Wolf
  12. Hey Martin! Carefully, Martin, carefully, that’s how they’ll be painted now.......... Cheers, Wolf
  13. Wow, what an absolutely gorgeous build! Cheers, Wolf
  14. Hey Bill, Ya know you had to fix it. Martin would have bugged you until you did! Almost done eh? Cheers, Wolf
  15. Thanks Alfonso! The zippers will be painted. Thanks for the input. Cheers, Wolf
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