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  1. Thank-you so very much Ray for hooking me up with the Leading Edge 1/32 scale decals for the very colourful 2002 CF-118 Demo bird! I didn't think I was ever going to get my hands on them as they've been discontinued for a while now. Also many thanks for the additional resin seat, seamless intakes, and wheels! Definitely much appreciated. I took pictures of this plane on the tarmac at the Abbotsford Airshow back in '02. I still find it hard to believe that 17 years have passed since then. Damn I'm gettin' old fast! Cheers, Wolf
  2. Wolf Buddee

    CF-18 color bird

    Lookin' real good so far Chris. The extra work in the wheel bays looks brilliant. Stay inside and keep 'er comin'! Cheers, Wolf
  3. Looks great Brian, .........with one small exception. If you still can, now that the windshield is glued in place, you need to turn the gun sight assembly around. You have it mounted backwards my friend! Cheers, Wolf
  4. Wolf Buddee

    1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"

    Are you kidding?! This isn't magic Kevin, it's freakin' sorcery, that's what this is! I think we should create a whole new thread category: Peter's works in progress. Cheers, Wolf
  5. Wolf Buddee

    Hasegawa Ju87G Kanonenvogel - a bit of progress!

    Yeah, me too, LOL! ..............Thanks Bigg Tim and Martin Cheers, Wolf
  6. Wow Craig! This is such an amazing build and impressive scratch building of the highest order. Best of all, when she's done, you'll have something that no one else will have with a "C" model. Damn that is unbelievable cool. Cheers, Wolf
  7. Wolf Buddee

    Calling on Tiger 1 experten!

    Thank-you eoyguy and Bill. Lots of great information gentlemen and it's much appreciated! And a wonderful Happy Birthday to you Bill! Cheers, Wolf
  8. Wolf Buddee

    Calling on Tiger 1 experten!

    Thanks Tim, LOL! I wouldn't even have this kit if I hadn't spotted it in a vendors room for $25,00 taxes in! I can tell you that I've exceeded that figure by a long shot in aftermarket parts but don't feel too bad as I was in a hobby shop a week ago and the kit was on the shelf selling for $71.00 retail! I started it as I hadn't touched anything in over 4 months and I needed a "mojo" kick start. I'm expecting to see a Tiger 1 WIP from you now too. Cheers, Wolf
  9. Wolf Buddee

    Calling on Tiger 1 experten!

    I I would bet any money that the top of the periscope sit's jut below it's guard rather than touching the underside of the guard. I'll adjust the AFV periscopes to sit that way. Again, thanks for the photo Kevin, as it's the best indicator I've seen yet as to how the periscope was positioned. Cheers, Wolf
  10. Wolf Buddee

    Calling on Tiger 1 experten!

    Thanks Ringleheim, I actually had watched this video in my search for answers. Unfortunately the periscopes are missing from the driver's and radio operator/gunner's hatches. Only the brackets that secure the periscopes still remain so it's impossible to tell how far the periscopes extended up in to their guards. K2's photo showed exactly what I needed to know. .........now if only I can get the wash and weathering applied to all the wheels I'll be able to move past where I'm at now. Cheers, Wolf
  11. Wolf Buddee

    Calling on Tiger 1 experten!

    Thank-you very much Kevin! I think this photo is about as good as you could ask for. Perfect! Cheers, Wolf
  12. Wolf Buddee

    RCAF SPITFIRES.. Mk XIVe..duel build.

    Fantastic work Bill! Is that a Yahu IP? I'm assuming you're still going to add the fittings and cables for the rudder to the ends of the actuator rods...... You know you want to......... Cheers, Wolf
  13. Wolf Buddee

    My 1/48 armour builds

    Thanks Dan, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't hi-jacking your thread. The Zimmerit from Cavalier is indeed resin and very easy to use. Overall Cavalier's stuff fit better than ATAK's Zimmerit on AFV's Tiger 1 but I'd recommend both products as they make quick work of what could be a very tedious job. Cheers, Wolf
  14. Wolf Buddee

    My 1/48 armour builds

    Couldn't agree with you more Dan. Here's my 1/48 Tamiya King Tiger that I built the last time I went through a real dry spell. I think the only addition to the kit was the Cavalier Zimmerit. I hope you don't mind me posting pics on your thread? If so, let me know, I'll remove them. Cheers, Wolf
  15. Wolf Buddee

    Calling on Tiger 1 experten!

    His site can be a little tricky in that it's hard to find things, at times. I thought it was me...lol Gaz´╗┐ I also found that I couldn't open the pics any larger than the thumbnails so I imagine You have to be a member of his site to see any of 'em in a larger format. Cheers, Wolf