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  1. Another one hit right out o’ the ballpark Chuck! BEAUTIFUL!!! Cheers, Wolf
  2. Wow Peter, I don’t know where I’ve been but I had no idea you’ve progressed as far as you have with this build. Absolutely top notch stuff! The figures and your paintwork on them are as good as it gets. Very impressive Peter. Cheers, Wolf
  3. Here we go again......... Already pulled up my chair, wearing my comfy slippers, and made a fresh batch o’ popcorn! Cheers, Wolf
  4. Whoa, Bill, I lost track of these builds........ They both look fantastic my friend! But of course only the best comes out of the Lawlor Works Department. Great stuff Bill. Stay safe and all the best to you and Donna! Cheers, Wolf
  5. Wow, what a great piece of work Jeff! Rigged by spider no doubt............that takes tremendous patience. Cheers, Wolf
  6. Good grief Oliver! Let me rephrase that: HOLY CRAP! Cheers, Wolf
  7. Hi Gary, Welcome to the forums! Try this link. It may be of help to you. https://www.haraldjoergens.com/panoramas/spitfire-td314/ The thing to keep in mind is that cockpit details could differ from one aircraft to another even within the same Mk. Have fun with your build as you have a fantastic kit to start with! Cheers, Wolf
  8. Thank-you Brian, It is indeed a changing world. We surely need to pray it’s temporary but I suspect it’s going to be like rolling thunder and it’ll last longer than we expect. If the Covid-19 infection rate is brought under control hopefully the Nats won’t get cancelled. It’s good to be back on the Corsair. Cheers, Wolf
  9. Hey Chris, great to hear from you. Thanks for the kind words although I’m not so sure about the rare talent, LOL! I do like detail though and that’s one of the reasons why my builds take so long. I was trying to figure out how I could replicate the brackets that secured the forward cowling to the engine. I just happened to stumble on the Part photo etch fret in my box of stashed treasure and it had exactly what I needed. Sometimes I buy stuff thinking I might be able to use it in the future. This was, luckily, one of those times. Cheers, Wolf
  10. Thank-you Oliver, Much appreciated. After being away from the bench for over a year it’s good to be back at it. Still trying to find my groove though......... Cheers, Wolf
  11. Thanks Mike, Given the current circumstances I’m not so sure how “soon” things ‘Il be back to normal. Washington State is having a real rough time of it with Covid-19 right now. You best stay south and I’ll stay north. I have to anyways as our border is now closed. Stay safe Mike! Cheers, Wolf
  12. Gazzas, Mark, Thanks for your comments regarding my engine. They’re always appreciated! Regarding my lay off, not really unexpected and considering my line of work, a bit of a blessing considering my age and health. Nonetheless I sincerely hope it’s short term! Cheers, Wolf
  13. Thanks Kev, It’s nice being back at the bench again and having the time to do so. And yes, hopefully the lay off is a temporary thing, I’m not financially ready to retire yet. Regarding Photobucket, you’re definitely not the first person to suggest that........... Cheers, Wolf
  14. Thank-you Chuck, Lay offs being all too common these days is an understatement. Applying for Employment Insurance is an absolute gong show. So many people are trying right now that the government website is buried and I haven’t been able to submit an application yet! I do indeed hope to be back in the saddle soon! Cheers, Wolf
  15. Thanks Brett. It was lucky indeed that those photo etched parts fit the bill perfectly for what I wanted to do. I bought the Part fret years ago and used a couple of bits on a number of builds already. Some pieces were used to secure the upper ignition conduit on my Spitfire build! The lay off was welcomed in a way. I sell cars for a living and it’s not very conducive to staying away from people. Business was slowing down dramatically and at my age and being a type II diabetic I’m far more susceptible to contracting this stupid virus. Staying home was the better bet. At least for now! Cheers, Wolf
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