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  1. Absolutely freakin’ awesome Pete! Cheers, Wolf
  2. Beautifully done Brian! Definitely WnWs quality. So many fine details in the mouldings which is so typical of their stuff. Not much left now eh? Cheers, Wolf
  3. What’s the old saying, “third time is the charm”? I’m not sure I would have had the fortitude to fix up the markings on the fuselage sides that many times myself, Mike, but it looks amazing! Cheers, Wolf
  4. That’s hilarious Damian! That’s exactly what I was thinkin’ when I saw the pics. You couldn’t have drilled a small hole in the bottom of a boot and mounted the toothpick there eh? Pete? Cheers, Wolf
  5. Beautifully built Matt! I love the intricate detail provided in this kit. You’ve really done a fantastic job of showing it all to advantage with your paint and assembly skills. I’m really looking forward to seeing your continued progress. Cheers, Wolf
  6. Absolutely freakin’ brilliant build from start to finish Pete! Cheers, Wolf
  7. Absolutely amazing work Tom! I have to admit, the last sentence in your post, that has to be the understatement of the year............ Cheers, Wolf
  8. Another awesome update Peter! Your work is truly a marvel to behold and your attention to detail second to none. Cheers, Wolf
  9. C'mon Brian,....... You're so close to being done. You can't let this slip back to page 6 my friend! Werner Voss is patiently waiting for his ride to be finished. Cheers, Wolf
  10. Well Chuck, That's about as close to perfection as one's going to get. Bravo Sir! Cheers, Wolf
  11. Ummmm Mike, It might be just me, but I don’t think so, some paint fell of your 109 by the look ‘o things. Damn that’s a cruel desire to achieve perfection. ...........and it was looking’ so good too. Cheers, Wolf
  12. Beautifully done Bill! But then again I wouldn’t expect anything less from The Lawlor Works. The pilot and ground crew figures give it another added dimension. Love it Bro! Cheers, Wolf
  13. Beautifully done Bill! The pilot figure with helmet and visor looks perfect. Let’s get the pics up in RFI. I need to see more. Cheers, Wolf
  14. Yeah, right.............. LOL! Cheers, Wolf
  15. Holy crap Bill, Did you even let the glue dry? Damn that was fast........ I honestly don’t even have the cockpit done on my Dr.1 in the time you’ve built and painted your Mustang! Sheeeeshhh.... Cheers, Wolf
  16. Hhhmmmm, Got to agree with Jeff as it doesn’t appear to be that bad at all in the photos. By the way, if you want replacement decals for the wheels, let me know. I’m pretty sure the wheels on my build are red so I won’t be using ‘em. Cheers, Wolf
  17. Wow Anthony! Magnificent work my friend. The whole thing is an amazing conversion but those vents..............that’s just mad! Absolutely love it Mate. Cheers, Wolf
  18. I’ve been following along on your build, Brian, using it as inspiration for my own build of this kit. It’s really unfortunate that you’ve had the problems with the Aviattic decals. I have a set myself and hopefully I’ll have better luck. Nonetheless I hope you push on and finish it up as it was looking so good already. Have you tried heat from a hair dryer to coax the decals to conform to the rib stitching? Cheers, Wolf
  19. What an amazing freakin’ build Chuck! Fantastic Sir! Cheers, Wolf
  20. Another beauty Bill. The cockpit looks fantastic! Very different from the usual interior green. You’re movin’ right along with this build too. Gotta luv it, Cheers, Wolf
  21. Freakin’ brilliant John! Cheers, Wolf
  22. That does indeed look fantastic! The Roland is one of WnWs kits that I didn’t manage to acquire so it’s a pleasure seeing your build. Cheers, Wolf
  23. Nicely done Brian! Out of curiosity, what reference did you use for the colour of the seat? I was under the impression that the seat back was made of aluminium covered with leather on the front and the seat bottom was wood with a leather cushion. I have very limited resources on the Dr. 1 so I’m intrigued. Cheers, Wolf
  24. Thank-you so much aircare84. I greatly appreciate you offering to hook me up with some of your WWII Luftwaffe belt sets but I managed to procure a few sets through ZM as suggested by Radu. Plus, if the RB belts don’t make it back on the market, you’ll want to treasure the ones you’ve got. Cheers, Wolf
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