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  1. Thank-you all for the birthday wishes! I’m still around but I’ve recently immersed myself in working on a car model. There’s a whole new world in aftermarket stuff for vehicles! I had to have emergency surgery for a perforated ulcer the beginning of February. I spent two days in ICU after surgery and having gone septic, it was unclear whether I was going to remain on this side of the grass or not. I spent three weeks in hospital, I don’t remember anything of the first week. I was off work for a full two months. I’m still dealing with some residual effects of the surgery these days but overall doing much better. I sold off some of my stash and while going through it I discovered just how many car models I had so I figured it was time to have at ‘er on some of them. That’s why I’ve been a bit scarce here. It’s kind o’ like moving to a new neighborhood and finding there’s so much to explore. In my best Arnold Schwartzenegger voice, “I’ll be back.” Cheers, Wolf
  2. Craig, This has to be one of the most amazing freakin’ builds on the the web right now! WOW! Cheers, Wolf
  3. Fabulous Chuck! Fantastic build. I’m going to have to reference your build when I finally get to mine. So many projects……so little time. Cheers, Wolf
  4. Lookin’ good Bill! Love the detailing and paintwork my friend. Great to see you back at the bench. Some day I’ll find mine again. Cheers, Wolf
  5. Freakin' awesome! Very well done indeed Sir. The very last pic is amazing. Cheers, Wolf
  6. Beautifully done Gary! Great photos too and wonderful paintwork on both plane and figures especially when you consider they're 1/48th scale. Cheers, Wolf
  7. Beautiful Mustang! ……..and done in just the right markings. I love the spiral on the spinner! Cheers, Wolf
  8. Looks great Chuck! It’s all coming together brilliantly if not always easily. This, however, made me laugh: “This view confirms that any spark plugs attached to the rear of both cylinder heads is a waste of time.” Just think of the poor bastards that had to change those plugs for real! Cheers, Wolf
  9. Uber awesome on so many levels Jay! Are you going to bring up the outer surface details to the same level? Cheers, Wolf
  10. Awesome film! Hey, if they're just going to scrap 'em, can I have the Fiesler Storch? I'm pretty sure, with the wings folded and some air taken out o' the tires, I can get 'er into my garage! Did I say "PLEASE"? Cheers, Wolf
  11. Hi Chuck, This wheel and tire combo are post WW II items. Cheers, Wolf
  12. Hi Sophie, Check out Chris Wauchop’s build of the ZM kit. https://chriswauchop.com/2016/12/12/zoukei-mura-132-dornier-do-335-a-0-pfeil/ Cheers, Wolf
  13. Brilliant start Sophie! I have both the ZM and HK kits as well. IIRC the ZM kit has clear fuselage parts. I’ve read that the clear parts are quite brittle so if you’re intending to rivet them with the MDC tool then be very careful. You may wind up with a lot more puzzle pieces. Cheers, Wolf.
  14. Beautifully done Woody! Are you sure you want to permanently glue the canopy closed? Is there no provision to have it slide? It would be a shame to obscure all that beautiful detail. Cheers, Wolf
  15. Perfection Chuck! Beautiful job on the wing roots. Doesn’t get much better ‘n that Chuck. Cheers, Wolf
  16. Wonderful work so far Chuck! I’m following along with keen interest as I’d like to make the Hellcat my next build once my current project is done. I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the Aerocraft cast landing gear set. I have just about everything I need for my build now but haven’t decided whether the kit gear is good enough or if the Aerocraft gear warrants the extra cost. Cheers, Wolf
  17. Fantastic Pete! I can’t imagine a more well deserved award. Just freakin’ awesome! Cheers, Wolf
  18. Hey Chuck, Good to see you back on the Hellcat and wonderful work on fitting the forward windscreen. I’m taking mental notes on what to watch for when I start in on my own kit. Congratulations on the awards you earned at the RMMC show. Well deserved! Cheers, Wolf
  19. Oh my goodness, I almost missed this thread! Lots going on in the world of Wolf so I haven’t been checking in very much. Nonetheless I want to wish you a belated Happy Birthday Maru! Looks like you’ve been having a fantastic time and I hope you continue to do so for many years to come. I wish you all the best as you celebrate, what is it, 37 years old? You young ‘en you! Cheers, Wolf
  20. Beautiful! Love the colours and markings. Cheers, Wolf
  21. Fantastic news! Now to try and wait patiently……….. Cheers, Wolf
  22. Welcome here Will! Having built the Mk IXc kit, if I may offer an observation, don’t worry too much about the area behind the seat. It’s surprising, even though there’s a small clear canopy section above it, there isn’t a lot that can be seen back there once the fuselage is closed up. If you’re not convinced, dry fit together as much as you can, you’ll see what I mean. It’s a fantastic kit and you’re going to love building it. I look forward to seeing your progress. Cheers, Wolf
  23. Hhmmmmm, interesting, So the MG alignment issue may not have been entirely my own doing. Once I rebuilt the rear MG mount I found I had just enough clearance for the cabane struts to fuselage bracing wires to clear the MG tips as well. It appears as though the MG alignment issue may be the only thing to really watch out for with this kit. Cheers, Wolf
  24. Looks great so far Dave, I’m curious though regarding the interior colours of the Hellcat. I was under the impression that everything behind the rear cockpit bulkhead including the area behind the small rear windows was painted white as an anti-corrosion measure. There’s a frequently seen video of an F6F-3 crashing on a carrier deck, then splitting apart directly behind the cockpit, showing everything in white. Is this indicated at all in the Detail and Scale book? I’m not sure (if) this (was) continued with the GSB colour scheme. Cheers, Wolf
  25. To everyone that’s posted and “liked”……. I’m humbled by all your responses to my WIP and RFI threads. Sincerely, thank-you all so very much! Cheers, Wolf
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