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  1. Wow mate very generous yes would be very interested - don’t look like Hannants are getting in any soon. So yes please I’ll give you a shout on message Cheers - Taff
  2. Hi Brian - knew this one would be popular with folks - got mine on back order with Hannants and don’t know when they are getting their next batch but fingers crossed not to long. What scheme are you going with - me I was thinking a British desert ….. but the more I see the pre-war silver schemes the more I am wavering. Oh what one to choose!
  3. Cool I’ll be watching If you are intending to use the Trump engine be warned its more Massey Ferguson than Merlin!!! Thats one of the reasons I built mine all closed up. If you got an Airfix 1/24 engine spare it would be a better start. But if thats to much work then it don’t matter, I’m looking forward to seeing it any way. Can never - ever - get enough Can Openers in your life Cheers - Taff
  4. More to the point what did he use to push the button! Excellent build mate on a very unusual subject - looking forward to more. Happy Days - Taff
  5. Yep Brian nicely done should look very cool with all the markings on her! Amazing how just putting them on suddenly everything comes alive. Can relate to the desk mess - that how mine looks permanently. Happy Days - Taff
  6. Amazing job looks stunning! The pilot really makes it. Where did you get the goggles from because the clear looks amazing. Cheers - Taff
  7. My First build was the 1/72 AirFix Walrus - bought from Woolies in East Dereham. I was 5 and my Dad gave me a choice of the Series ones shelf. Think he wanted me to buy a Spitfire or Hurricane but I just loved the box art with the rescue of the downed pilot whilst his plane sank next to him, Just stuck together and painted with my Dads help. Played with for years with ever fewer bits left of it year after year and still in (whats left of it) my parents attic. The next week cause I think my Dad had a blast my choice was the Cessna 0-2. This is forever known as the ‘Push Me Pull You Plane’ in my family. Same fate as the Walrus and is in the attic with it. Think these are the only two left of this buy on Saturday finish by Sunday era! Latest is reliving my youth with just finished the excellent AirFix 1/48 Walrus (still need to do the pictures and post them) and as part of my Christmas treat to myself bought the Roden 1/32 0-2A - which I will start to tackle at some point this year. Great thread and a great reminisce on great times spent with my Dad. Cheers Taff
  8. Cheers Iain - so am I ..... weekend is getting closer Taff
  9. Cheers Tim - Yeah finished the wings wires tonight Will get the pics sorted over the next few days - just need to repair the paint work from my efforts to get these wings on and wired up. Till next time - Happy Days - Taff
  10. Cool looking engines mate - shame most of it is going to be hid!!!! But when has that ever stopped us over doing the details. Also those props look absolutely massive! Looking forward to big fit on to the wings Happy Days - Taff
  11. Cheers guy’s and thanks for looking in! I currently doing my first wing wiring I take my hat of to all you WingNutters out there. I’ll post some pictures of my efforts after the wire fight is finished. And Brian YES you do need dig her out ……. you know you want to!!!! I would have loved to do a 1/32 version. But if the kit is trying you exceptional skills then, as it would be my first ever resin kit, it would be a non start - literally for me. Till next Happy modelling - Taff :D
  12. Hi been awhile but I have been fighting her with one step forward followed by one back. So started with finishing off the weathering of the main bits, starting with the boat bottom. This got the usual oil treatment. this is a base and I will add some more details later Bit of wear and tear and some oil paint on the sides. after a couple of days to let the paint dry it got a coat of semi then a very light coat of matt misted over the top to dull these areas. The wings got the same gloss and matt treatment. Then the scary bit - to see how much damage I had done fixing and blending in the canopy bottom edge. Well not as bad as feared not the best but I can live with it. If I was to do another think I would have put this together before the painting. Next up it was at last time to start put some of the bits on. Starting with the tail.. There is no post for the aerials so this was added - a bit of thin brass tube. I will finisht the weathering of these bits later Then some of my home made ropes. these will need some weathering in as they are a bit bright at the mo. Followed with the legs and wheels. Yeah! She stands - look I have made a boat with the wheels! So the boat now need some wings. The fit on this kit is very tight. You can’t afford to have any paint layers on the glue surfaces at all. I had a slight overspray on the inside joint of the wings. even this small amount stopped the wings sting on to the mounts correctly. So after carefully removing the very tin paint smear managed to get the wings to sit properly. Well there you go after many hours I have now started to make a flying boat - cool need to let the bottom wings dry up then move on to the upper wings and the trying to string them up. Till next time - happy modelling - Taff
  13. How cool is that!!!! Great result and love the seatbelts! How did you do them? They really make the finishing touch to the bang seat. Taff
  14. Cheers Tom - Getting there and now the Boat has dried off time to rough her up a bit. I'll take some pics and try and get them up in a bit Cheers -taff
  15. Hi everyone thanks for looking in and leaving your comments - all helps with the motivation. So on that front I have managed to find some time over the past nights to look at how to get the Canopy to sit down properly. As I already said the fit on this kit has been pretty spot on so far. Almost click together on some of the bits! So all I can think is I have not fitted something properly somewhere and the knock on effect is that I was left with a Gap along the bottom edge. So out with some supper glue filler and some Mr Surface to repair and cover it. I would recommend - unlike me - fitting and blending in the canopy before painting. Even if you to choose the open version That is the route I would take if I was to do another one. So fingers crossed that I don’t make a !?”**** up of the Canopy I started to rub back the edges - Gulp!! Repair of the paint work begins! First light coat of Interior Green on. After the Green dried - bit of paper protection and on went the sand. Paper masks reprinted and applied. Then Dark Brown sprayed on. Retouched and put to one side to dry. Ok that went a bit better than I thought it would …….. still a bit worried if I have managed to damage it and I won’t know until I remove the masks, So now the boat part is back on track it was time to start the finishing of its flying bits, It’s time to break out some oils too start weathering the top of the wings. All ready did the bottoms so now need to make the tops catch-up. Dot work light colours first. Smeared and start to thin ready to wipe off. Repeat with the dark colours and finish with some Pains Grey. So these will need to dry and I’ll do some final detail weathering after its all fitted together. Next weathering the Boat so I can get the wings on and make here into a Flying Boat. Till next time Happy Modelling - Cheers Taff :D
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