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  1. I have had good results in the past by drawing these in a computer. As you are using simple shapes think anything would do. I use Illustrator draw a 3mm circle and a dot - centre H / centre V. Print it out and use it as a template. Bit of white glue to hold it whilst I mark up. Nice and simple - well to my simple mind Cheers - Taff
  2. Well that’s got my wallet rippling with anticipation toss-up between this and the Mossie for my favourite WW2 plane. When can I get my mitts on it!!!!! I need it now!!!!!! Taff
  3. Very smart looks supper cool Doesn’t show any of the fight you said you had. I have the D to build at some point when I feel brave enough to start!!! Is that the kit undercarriage or a replacement? Very nice job - Taff
  4. Pretty darn cool looking plane Kev - not to crappy to my eyes at all. Taff "D
  5. No electrician so will bow to these with a lot more knowledge than me - but what about one of the electric motors Airfix make for use in there 1/24 scale planes. Its an off the shelf solution that has been used in kits. Might be worth a look. Cheers - Taff
  6. Thanks Kev - as long As I get to take some pics today might actual have something to show soon! Trying not to let them break me again! Looking at the date stamp on the pics I started rubbing these back - 3 years ago now. Cheers - Taff
  7. Yes please Kev - at least that will give me the incentive to build - this is going to take a while. Still stuck in wings trying not to let them beat me! Happy Days - Taff
  8. Looks pretty darn good Kev - and something i’ve never seen before so makes it all twice as interesting. Go for it with the Silhouette mate - once done yer’ll never go back!!!! Happy Days - Taff
  9. Hi Brad Not for me mate I'm still fighting just the wings on the harriers - think if I get something resembling a plane by Christmas I'll count that as a victory. Think my ambition out weighed my ability and speed So if you can lift mine out of the Group Build and put in to the general WIP at least it will give me the incentive to keep bashing away Thanks - Taff
  10. Amazing work as usual Peter - metallurgist workings at its very best! You been to Ikea then - nice cabinet which one did you go for? Got say really sets of the models! Happy Days - Taff
  11. Yeah nice progress Peter and as always inspiring work Who did you go with for your photo host in the end Peter - toying with moving from PB myself Happy Days - Taff
  12. Wow - just amazing. Makes my efforts look like a fumble in the dark. Thanks for posting - Taff
  13. Yeah Max - mind numbing - that's why I thought Id stick the landing flaps together. At least look like I have done something other than sand and dig holes - but that just opened another can of worms!!!! Oh the joys of this hobby huh!!!!! Ceers - Taff
  14. Don’t knock it mate sometimes it really doesn’t pay to look to closely at your pictures - so half a pixel blurred can help!!!
  15. Hi Chek - Yep not million miles away from what I have done. Just cut some plastic tube in half. Bottom half has some thin strip stuck on to represent the opening. I cut them in half so that I can insert it into each wing - glue it! - forget it! - till I need to slap some paint on. Thanks for looking in - your harrier on LSP? Cheers - Taff
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