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  1. Aye mate give it a go on a tester - I said the same at the time Mal told me. But then you would do it for a decal! I have definatly had less problems with paint lifting sinse I have started doing it this way. As said depends on what and how i'm applying the mask - on or over! Taff
  2. Hi Max love it mate - this is going to look super cool when it’s all finished. Answer your question about spraying a light clear under the masks - yes I do but a very thin coat it seems to help the mask to stick and less chance of paint liffting. I also get less bleed along any panel lines. I still warm it with may finger heat and run a toothpick gently along it to make sure. It was a Tip I got from Mal at Miraclemasks. Don’t use it every time Max depends what i’m doing but on a job over camo then yes I would. Happy Days - Taff "D
  3. Thanks Viper - a couple huh I wish you luck when you break into them! I see lots of filling and sanding in your future ask me how I know!!!!! Cheers - Taff
  4. Thanks Starfighter - sure will! But if I go much slower I'd be on full stop! never been a fast builder execpt when I was 10 then it would be built, painted and hanging from the celing in a day. Cheers - Dave
  5. Cheers Tom - not sure i’m even making Glacial Speed at the moment. I have given the wings and tails another squirt of silver - this has thrown up some more surface issues on the tail so more wet and dry and a scrape of filler…… just when I thought I might be able to chuck some paint about!!! But happy days - stay safe - Taff
  6. As I said before - it’s going to look way beyond cool when its all done. Smoke looks fab and thanks for sharing the technique. Cheers - Taff
  7. Hi Folks about time I did a bit of an update on these two beasts I am a bit on from this but still in wing hell or is it fun! These things are nearly beating me for the second time. I know they are old kits but the fit is just about there abouts if you are lucky. You need plenty of superglue, talk sandpaper, files, filler and Mr surface - only got 500 left in my stock now and with no shows allowed at the moment! Not sure when i’ll get a re-supply of the others. So onward - First remove the kits vortex generators - remember to draw the lines to line them back up
  8. Good luck Brian I know how much the airframe means to you but wow you have far more patience than me mate all this would have blown my brain’s fuze by now! Looks like it's going to be a bun fighter all the way but keep it going mate looking good so far. All the best Taff
  9. Nice base mate - so you use the foam tube. Interesting thought you might have squirted the expanding foam on to get some random organic shapes and them some cotton wool whilst it was still sticky for smoky texture. Looking forward to seeing it how it’s done. Sorry for the bum-steer on the motor looks like they might be stopping doing them - but still design their big 1/24 stuff to use them. Well good hunting and hope you find one will defiantly save you some bother You can really start to see how this is going to finish - nice!!!!! Taff
  10. Love this and the display is going to be way beyond cool looking at the others you have done. Just incase you didn’t know Airfix do a lecky motor kit to fit their 24th scale kits. If this kit is like the Mossie it is as close to a click fit as is posable especially compared to their older kits Mail order way better than fighting the masses at the mo! https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/airfix-electric-motor-1-24.html Really looking forward to seeing the end of this build - almost tempting me to break into the piggy bank Cheers - Taff
  11. I have had good results in the past by drawing these in a computer. As you are using simple shapes think anything would do. I use Illustrator draw a 3mm circle and a dot - centre H / centre V. Print it out and use it as a template. Bit of white glue to hold it whilst I mark up. Nice and simple - well to my simple mind Cheers - Taff
  12. Well that’s got my wallet rippling with anticipation toss-up between this and the Mossie for my favourite WW2 plane. When can I get my mitts on it!!!!! I need it now!!!!!! Taff
  13. Very smart looks supper cool Doesn’t show any of the fight you said you had. I have the D to build at some point when I feel brave enough to start!!! Is that the kit undercarriage or a replacement? Very nice job - Taff
  14. Pretty darn cool looking plane Kev - not to crappy to my eyes at all. Taff "D
  15. No electrician so will bow to these with a lot more knowledge than me - but what about one of the electric motors Airfix make for use in there 1/24 scale planes. Its an off the shelf solution that has been used in kits. Might be worth a look. Cheers - Taff
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