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  1. Yeah nice progress Peter and as always inspiring work Who did you go with for your photo host in the end Peter - toying with moving from PB myself Happy Days - Taff
  2. Wow - just amazing. Makes my efforts look like a fumble in the dark. Thanks for posting - Taff
  3. Yeah Max - mind numbing - that's why I thought Id stick the landing flaps together. At least look like I have done something other than sand and dig holes - but that just opened another can of worms!!!! Oh the joys of this hobby huh!!!!! Ceers - Taff
  4. Don’t knock it mate sometimes it really doesn’t pay to look to closely at your pictures - so half a pixel blurred can help!!!
  5. Hi Chek - Yep not million miles away from what I have done. Just cut some plastic tube in half. Bottom half has some thin strip stuck on to represent the opening. I cut them in half so that I can insert it into each wing - glue it! - forget it! - till I need to slap some paint on. Thanks for looking in - your harrier on LSP? Cheers - Taff
  6. Hi All - well between work and sunshine (so must do outside jobs! according to SWMBO) I have been doing some work on these two beasties. Think might have mentioned how much I don’t love scribing lines in to plastic!!! So seeing that you have to sand the living daylights out of this to get a smooth surface you ain't got much choice. So I have started with the wings - you can kind of module the work into lumps on these - so decided to get the wings done. Chose the wings as they are flat so give me a chance to get into it before any of those pesky curves. Started with the undersides first. Pretty much all straight lines and not many of them. The observant will notice that the landing flaps have been removed - and I am currently (b -XXXXXXick en them up) trying to beat them into submission - no pics yet! My weapons and my first two victims I made some templates up out of plastic sheet. I drew them up in AI and used the Silhouette to cut a line for me to follow. reasonable success so will do this again. On to the tops. A bit more work here. I traced the placement then just flipped it for left and right. You can also see I have cut out and then filled in the missing directional nozzle on the tops. The top will be closed and the undersides are open on both set of wings. Ok didn’t push it but couple quick sessions over the last evenings after work got them done. Next got some Brass out - using the Flighpath one as a guide and with some carefully applied fettling managed to make a set for the other wings. Ok just a quicken just to prove I have made some progress. I have done some other bits like cut the nose of one of them for the new snout replacment. But mostly I have been working on the landing flaps and how to re-attach them. Shame, Airfix made everything else movable but these - very strange and would have made my life a lot easier. So till next time keep safe everyone - Happy Days - Taff
  7. Nice one Max - Its good to see this one ticking along and the re-scribe looks really nice close up. If only my Harries come out as well as this I'll be a happy chap - So next please! Cheers - Taff
  8. Max The Airfix is a nice kit and I have seen a few of these made up and they look really nice on the show tables. Could always do it as a flying display - go on do it in the Non - LSP section you know you want too - it would be nice to see it come together and sit next to its bigger brother! Happy Days - Taff
  9. Wow looks pretty darn good from here too - can’t believe how quick you knocked it all together. I’m only just got over the starting line and you’ve finished Good Job mate - you’ve got time to knock another one together! Happy Days - Taff
  10. Oh Max very nice scribe work there mate. And can’t beat a bit of colour work to keep you going. Still scribing cutting and hacking the Harriers wings. Making some progress - but slow - so hope to get some pics up later. Enjoy your lockdown and abuse the time Max - me oh well still got to work, but from home. At least it keeps the bills being paid so soooooo much more fortunate than those that can’t. I really do feel for them but as on old mate said to me once ‘Make the most of it mate. As your a long time dead!’ Keep safe everyone! Looking forward to the progrees Max - Happy Modelling Taff
  11. Nice and holly Mike - feel the re-scribe pain. Like the pilot idea - perhaps one foot on the bottom rung. give a nice sense of scale but not hiding too much detail. I’m going to do 15 mins on the Harrier wings after a long day working!!!! Cheers - Taff
  12. Ohhh there she is Max. Just need to slap some paint on and she’s done Like the wing lets hope my re-scribe goes as well as yours has! Cheers - Taff
  13. Cheers for the backing Thor and Alain - Yep two must be mental. Thor a SHAR I thought I was going to chop these two about - do it you know yur want too!!! Think it was the massive task I saw before me that made me put them aside 2 years ago After a week of filling and sanding I was broken. But at least I can start them now and most of that horrible task is done I have seen several built straight from the box and they look really nice. So trying to find time to sort the wings first. at least they are flat-ish. When I get some decent progress I’ll post some pics. Till then happy modelling Stay Safe - Taff
  14. Yep Max totally agree - practice makes perfect…… or is it just less !ock-ups!!!! Just finished making some guides for the wings and trying my luck at the moment. Like you not looking forward to trying to sort the Fuselage out. Oh yeah still don’t like it - and seeing as its easter it’s forcing me to eat more chocolate. Cheers - Taff
  15. Max nice re-scribe - I’m with you something I hate having to do + not very good at it - and there loads on those two Harriers I’m doing. Looking forward to more Lightning magic Max Cheers - Taff
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