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1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope the 3rd"


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Fabulous reading, even without modeling...

Can't wait for the seat to take shape in your hands.

And the book!

I'm after it as soon as higher powers allow it...




Well, it's only around 14 euro Juraj, so I reckon you don't need permission for that!



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evening folks :)




 ..by the way, today is a proud day - KLP Publishing published my book :)

I clicked, I saw, I bought.


Looking forward to reading it.



Yey :) thanks Don, I really hope you enjoy it - I am very proud of it and what Kev has done - please let me know what you think?



Well, it's only around 14 euro Juraj, so I reckon you don't need permission for that!




...plus you feature in the Epilogue Juraj along with others who were around on 'that' day at the Nats, so what more reason do you need :)








we have a part... an actual, totally real, not made up on a computer, bit of this model...


this is the target for today, the seat back - this picture is actually Lopes Hope's seat being painted so lets see what needs to be featured...there is a big pipe based 'U' frame giving it structure (the holes are at the back and not seen so we don't need to worry about them..), and to this is rivetted a pressing for the seat back..


..there are also two slots with little pressing covers near the top of the back..




..the front with some more details is not from my aircraft, but the details are the same... here the holes at the front can be seen to be bigger and that pressing itself actually wraps the 'U' frame right up to the edge and is fixed with the rivets taht can be seen. Also there are two slots with strengthening plate borders to capture too..




..after scaling the drawings I have I noted a few differences between them and the seat in Lope's Hope, so I went with what I could see - first thing to do was to also scale and produce a drawing from that photo to use as a template to make a 'buck' onto which I will try and make the seat back pressing..


..I got a bit of perspex as it is hard and takes shaping with a dremel well..




..soon I had made the seat back in reverse, and had bent some rod to make the 'U'..




..I drew the 'U' onto a bit of litho so I could anneal the edges that need to take the curves, but leave the seat back rigid so it doesn't deform or easily get dents & dinks in it..


..then the sheet was taped to the buck and the edges worked into the curves - this is actually the third one I made and by then had learned it is easier to make the holes in the back of the seat while it is still a flat, stiff sheet so you might just be able to see them at the top of the pressing...




..then after marking out, I used my hold'n'fold to hold the part right where I needed to cut it and just ran a blade along it's length so I can bend, flex & snap away the waste easily and neatly without bending the curves just made..




..the pressing was then taped to the 'U' frame and the edges centralised to the 'U'pipe all the way around by trimming with a sharp blade & then taking it off and finishing by filing & sanding...


..I also need to clean up everywhere as there is dust from dremelling out that perspex buck...





..once the seatback had been cut to shape it was taped down onto perspex to have a go at adding the rivets with a pin in a pin vise..




..the strengthening plates / doublers that go around the slots in the side of the pressing were made by first cutting out the inside by scoring a rounded rectange using a template and then breaking away the inside...




..then they are trimmed & shaped & the seat back finished off..




..and the finished (and very first!) part...








..and with some of the 'this is how I got here' parts - I never look at these as failures (though it can be frustrating sometimes), I always look at them as little lessons in themselves that teach me how to make the part properly...




..so that is it - we actually have a part - now there are only 12,324 to go...





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Well, it's only around 14 euro Juraj, so I reckon you don't need permission for that!




That's really no problem.

The problem was I had no time for sitting in front of my comp yesterday.

I had to tidy-up things around our flat first, then bring and assemble our new, kind of king-size, bed in our bedroom...

Succesfully acomplished, so the book is on its way to my computer now.


Peter, great progress on the seat. I've expected nothing less than that...

What do you use to bend the rod so neatly?

I had some problems to bend some tubes lately, but that's something different, of course.


Keep it coming, please!



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You know when you read a thriller &you can't put the book down until you've turned another page to see what the instalment holds; well this thread and your build is exactly like that..


Your PHENOMENAL ,INCREDIBLY detailed work is enthralling and OMG! Those radios etc is simply sublime.


Gorgeous masterful work Peter.


Thank you.



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Bravo Peter!


The fans have been waiting patiently to see some more litho magic and you have not disappointed! The seat looks smashing already; can't wait to see the rest of it come to life :)


Of course I have a question or two though......


On your doublers, how do you score and snap the inside lines without deforming the rest of the piece through the corner? Apologies for disfiguring your photo, but this is what I'm talking about....




Surely if you score and snap in one direction, it would deform across the other, or do you go very gently and then re-flatten the piece after? This is something I actively avoid and if there's a method to it I'd be very keen to hear!


The other one is the little holes in the seat back. Clearly they aren't round, so how do you make them and keep them so clean? Do you start with a proper circle and then slowly expand?


I'm massively impressed at how clean your perspex shaping is too. Is that all free-hand on the dremel? You put any of my milling work to shame!


Always in awe :)




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You know Peter, if I don't comment too much in this thread, it's because someone else has already said it or I don't have anything intelligent to add but trust me I'm hangin' on your every word! Now excuse me while I go back to my plastic while you create magic in metal!




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