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  1. Hi Peter, amazing work as always. Longshot here, and it's difficult to tell what size you need but what about lead or steel shot from a shot shell? #9 is .080†in diameter and I have seen even smaller pellets in batches of reclaimed lead. Keep it up! Kyle
  2. Hi Peter, Amazing work on the seat! I have a question pertaining to the dorsal fin. The main fin is offset to account for engine torque, but is the dorsal fin off center as well? It would seem that would put the dorsal fin pretty far over towards the nose, but then again having a “kink†where the two meet might look off too. Thanks Kyle
  3. Great choice Peter! A personal favorite of mine, the C variant with the dorsal fin. Kind of an oddball between the B and D. I'm building a Jerry Bates P-51B as the C, the one ill be doing has a completely yellow tail. If I recall correctly I saw you post over at Rcscalebuilder, all I could think was I can only imagine what you would do with a larger build. Looking forward to this one! Kyle
  4. Thanks for the input guys, I'm leaning towards the avionix pit but I'll wait until squadron has them in stock then decide. Unless Hannants ships to the U.S. This will be my first resin modification so if things don't fit well I'll just assume that's how they are. There is much to consider for other aftermarket goodies, it's all so tempting but I'd still like be reasonable about how much I put into it. Thanks again, Kyle
  5. Hahaha, she's a keeper alright. I will be, our date is set for September 22, trust me she's been putting my modeling skills to good use for wedding decorations and lawn games. She smiled when she read that though. So I'll be ordering the Aires resin pit soon, then I'm thinking I'm due for my first work in progress here. Thanks everyone Kyle
  6. Thanks guys, I kind of like the swept open wing position even if it takes up more shelf space. Yeah the panel lines aren't really a make or break, just the second time a Tamiya kit fooled me, first being their 1/48 A10. Do you recall if the kit requires nose weight? I didn't see any mention of it in the instructions. Bob, I dragged my fiancé to 3 different hobby stores looking for this kit. I saw it and said gee it's still a lot of money, she pulled it off the shelf and said she couldn't handle another month of me talking about it and just to get it already. I'm glad to hear it's an enjoyable build. Thanks everyone Kyle
  7. Hi everyone, Just entered the world of 1/32 with this F-14 kit and pretty excited to jump into it. I am hoping someone could shed some light on the swing wing mechanism and the parts directly behind the trailing edge. It would appear that there is a set for either forward or swept wings. If you pick one, does that mean the wings are locked in that position? If so, what's the point of having the gear mechanism to move both wings? I also found out there's quite a few raised panel lines after I bought the kit, it's like they knew nobody enjoys rescribing panel lines. Thanks, Kyle
  8. Hey Durango, killer work for sure. As far as black basing and chipping check out Doogsmodels blog. He does a 1/32 corsair where the black is applied after the chipping fluid and before the blue. When it's chipped back the black and blue stick together as one one and you can't see the edge of the black. Check it out it's very well written. Keep it up! Kyle
  9. Not sure if I'm off base but as far as the counter aileron controls that happens when I fly rc planes. Ailerons are used to get the turn started, rudder is fed in to keep the turn going and a small amount of counter aileron is added to maintain the bank angle. The P38 has some dihedral in the wings so it probably gets some coupling from the rudders. Seriously cool video thank you for sharing. Kyle
  10. Thank you Harvey, I'll send an email to him tomorrow to inquire. Thanks for the welcome Tim, well I just cut the parts off the spruces and it is certainly bigger than I anticipated. I built a 1/48 about 8 years ago and it's definitely a whopper by comparison. Kyle
  11. Wow thank you guys for the warm welcome. I don't have an aversion to spending money, which is why I don't have any to spend! Harvey I followed your entire P38 build thread, It was fantastic. I will contact Grey Matter and see how much it would cost to get to the states. I'm working on photo uploads now, I just signed up for photo bucket. Here is a picture I took at the Thomas Mcguire Jr. AFB. I have about 200 hi res photos that I'll be using heavily for documentation. My apologies if it is too big. Thanks everyone!
  12. Great, thank you Kev. I'm not seeing the set listed on Grey Matter's website but I just sent off a message to Jerry. Sounds like I need to get my post count up, although the classified could be a dangerous thing for me. Thanks again! Kyle
  13. Hello everyone, I'm about to begin a revell 1/32 P38 and saw that Jerry Rutman offers an upgrade set for this kit. I've tried calling the number listed here as well as the email but the address is down. Does anyone have alternate contacts or know if he is still offering these? Thank you Kyle
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