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  1. Will do Max, off for a couple of weeks to The Pyrenees shortly, but will hook up when I get back!
  2. Well, 2XL suits me just fine too nowadays !!! Thanks for the comments, much appreciated !
  3. I have some catching up to do, life has been interesting, shall we say, so sorry Max, I have only just seen this!! Cracking build, cracking subject!
  4. Hi Guys. I gave up on facebook, utterly useless! PM me from here!! I might revamp the website some day, but to be honest, not interested in making' products' anymore, done that several times, got several Tee shirts, and looking forwards to doing my own thing nowadays! Happy to let folks have stuff 'off my work bench' of course, but just send me a PM or e mail me on timothyjamesperry9(a)gmail.com
  5. You dramatically drop the price by SELLING tens of thousands. Important distinction.....
  6. From the retailers point of view, 12 kits that size will be a nightmare to stock.......
  7. That'll be the three they don't do.... Well, maybe the F-4J(UK)........
  8. Still no proper Brit ordnance, though, I bet......
  9. If you have a go at this process, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bin that dreadful PLA rubbish and get some HIPS! You will need to put an enclosure of somesort around the machine as, like most plastics, it is not too happy with draughts and too much cooling, and a PEI bed is the best surface to build on, but from then on you are essentially making one-off plastic kit parts, so same glues, same fillers, same paints, same abrasives, same scoring, same expansion rates.... You instantly dispose of 95% of the problems folks have using 3d printed parts for this hobby. Please. No PLA. HIPS is what you need!
  10. No you don't. You can build this stuff all yourself. Or build the entire aircraft yourself. Or build the kit as is. Or any combination between. No one is forcing you to buy anything!!
  11. You can. You are already a modeller, so you already understand 3d. It just takes a bit of practise..... Go play with TinkerCAD for a day or so, then ask about the next step. Honestly, your modelling world will expand to infinity!!
  12. Yes, that is the intention, I have a big box of bits already made, just a few more items to sort out. Bear in mind, it won't be a 'product', just a bag of bits, and some pointers to this thread! Iain and I have been working on it for ages now, so I hope to get these last few items done shortly.
  13. Hi folks, just a quick note to say I am doing the adapters specifically for either the Italeri GR4 kit, or the Revell series, as the current locations are different enough to not work well on the Revell parts. If you could let me know which set you would prefer, I will send the appropriate sets. Price is the same! Remember, I'll need a postal address and an e-mail as well, for the Paypal invoice. Just packing up the first sets now... Thanks for looking, Tim
  14. Mystified why Eduard didn't include the angled adapters in their otherwise beautiful 1:32 Brimstone missile set? Me too... Anyway, 'tis an ill wind. I've printed off a few sets of exactly these important little mountings, so you can arm your Tonka with some proper GR4 ordnance. The Eduard set is 632168, available from your favourite source, but if you want a set of adapters PM me. £5 a set, plus postage. And my set has a whole Tornados-worth, two fronts, two backs, and a spare of each in case you break one! Extra holes included so you can drill and pin these assemblies into place. Oh, should say, designed to fit exactly into the Italeri belly bomb rails, but will fit the Revell ones with a tiny bit of trimming!
  15. Note there are several versions of the TIALD pod, the original Gulf ones, both of them, were shorter than the later ones as shown in the pic with the Brimstones....
  16. T I A L D....... and L I T E N I N G.... Sorry, my OCD kicking in!!
  17. Guy Martin..... Some excellent Tiger Moth stuff, and I am only 10 minutes into the program!
  18. A pint!? That's very nearly an armful!
  19. Wow, very impressive work here!
  20. I'll drink to that.. mine's a pint...
  21. Very nice, completely Tornadoesque!
  22. It would be easier building this full size, you know.... Wonderful. Just wonderful.
  23. Yes... I'm no engineer, but I know who Marc Brunel was too....
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