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Special Hobby Westland Whirlwind Mk 1


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18 hours ago, scvrobeson said:


I think those were Mk.2s, while the Whirlwind used Mk.1s.  Might be some slight differences between them, at least on length.




I will not show the cannon bay open so only the spring recoil type on the front end will matter to me. 

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aeroscale.net - Whirlwind Ready For Release


Special Hobby have announced that their eagerly awaited 1:32 Westland Whirlwind is all set for release.


Our model of the Whirlwind portrays the fighter variety of the type, and comes on ten styrene sprues and one with the clear parts. The decals cater for four machines which sport the earlier green and earth as well as the later grey and green schemes.

· a model of this type has never been kitted in 1/32 before

· highly detailed model

· accurate and well researched decals with a set of servicing stencils

SH32047 is due for imminent release by Special Hobby - Price: 69.80 Euros





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On 4/13/2021 at 12:17 AM, brewerjerry said:


  And the way the canopy is molded gives me the impression that the prototype screen is easy to do, in the future 






Possibly. Modifying the exhausts, cowls, empennage and other things unique to the prototypes will take additional work but I’m okay with doing that.




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Mr. Riedel answers some questions regarding the Whirlwind here:


Verze Whirlwind FB Mk.I, kterou chceme uvést po odprodání základní verze, bude verze Hi-tech. V této stíhací-bitevní verzi bude i česká stopa. Samostatně pŕipravujeme doplňkové sady kol, hlavní kanonů, kompletní kanonové výzbroje, figurky nastupujíiho pilota a možná další....


They are preparing "Hi-tech" version for the release later on. 
And also some add-ons for wheels, cannons, full cannon armament, boarding pilot's figure and more...



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25 minutes ago, npb748r said:

looks really good, looking forward to getting this on the bench. My biggest issue is what colour scheme to do. Earth and green, no wait, grey and green, no wait, earth and green, no grey and green........and so on.  Grey and green I think has the edge, but maybe earth and green...oh b$@&*+ !

very simple solution to your conundrum....



buy 2.





go on, you know you want it ....:evil_laugh:

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