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Special Hobby Westland Whirlwind Mk 1


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4 hours ago, KFS-miniatures said:

so, maybe could you post some good example of picture? link or smth. Especially for close up on details. I will be grateful for your help, since I would like to understand what do you mean when you are talking about low (or high) res pictures. Thanks in advance

I think your picture size is big enough. I would suggest a slightly darker background as the white kind of makes the parts wash out a bit. Also, maybe they are slightly over-exposed as well a little better depth of field? Seems like a narrow range is in focus? Could also be slightly out of focus, or a slight movement of the camera? Having done several similar reviews; I know the pain! It's a lot of work to get good shots of multiple parts of different shapes. Here is one of my reviews: LEM Flitzer.

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sorry for turning this into a photography thread!


i was almost certainly not using the correct terminology, but what i meant was that when clicking on the photos they were as if they were viewed through dirty glasses - just not clear or sharp enough


I let Ray make my excuses now :doh:

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On 5/13/2021 at 2:23 PM, Rick Griewski said:

Picked up my kit today at my LHS.  It will be on the bench for a quick look see tomorrow.   I will not let the new get too close to my almost completed vac it I was pawing the other day.  Could result in an almost matter-anti-matter reaction.  

oK I locked the vac kit in the closet and...

what a nice kit!   So much so I had to dive in and assemble it.  The wing looked like over engineering trouble within the radiator area. But The top and bottom went together flawlessly after assembly of all the many internal parts.  I did apply caution as the parts are handed. The front bulkheads inside the nacelles only fit one sort of cryptic way that fell into place only after I taped the two haves together. I then glued one side.   I will take some pictures of all the sub-assemblies ready to paint and post them later next week (circles and arrows may be included).

Oh yes seat harness is not included but some nice 500 lb bombs with nice racks that are not used are include.  IIRC the fighter and the bomber only differ by the bombs and racks.  Maybe just different decals gets you the bomber. 

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4 hours ago, Rick Griewski said:

 with nice racks that are not used are include.  


You know what they say about a bird with a nice rack!!




Yes yes  ill get my coat and show myself out

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