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  1. Mig - 3 is very good as well. And in my mind bonus marks for subject matter!
  2. Mike You are correct in a sense. The cut out is for the variable flap that regulates exit airflow for the radiators.
  3. Indeed Ian, extremely essential. At one such party in San Diego I spend a few hours chatting with a young lady who happened to have connections to the local USO, the charitable organization that serves active duty US service personnel. She was pleased to hear so many of us were NFL fans, and she managed to arrange for 40 of our ship's company to get free tickets and bus transport to a San Diego Chargers/San Francisco 49rs football game. 40 Canadian sailors, drinking beer, watching football, sitting in the 70+ degree sunshine. A great time had by all! Dave/Ironman1945
  4. Enjoyed having USN officers in our wardrooms when alongside in port. Nothing but respect for their abilities and professionalism. Always had a great time, especially a few drinks in.
  5. Ron Too bad you missed it. I served 20 years as a Combat Systems Engineering Officer in the RCN, and we usually had cocktail parties in every port, in conjunction with External Affairs Canada and the Ambassador's Office. Lots of fun, met a lot of very interesting people in very sociable settings. I still work with the RCN as a civil servant/engineer, and got to watch the daily progress of REGINA as they applied the dazzle scheme. There were a number of interesting ideas considered before finally settling on the final version. Dave/Ironman1945
  6. Great finish. What did you use for it? Dave/Ironman1945
  7. Hey JC It was Georgian Bay Secondary School, located in Meaford Ontario. Recently renamed, I think.
  8. Back in the early 70s.... I think 74, when Neil first joined the band.... and before they became famous.... RUSH made their living playing covers of hits while doing the high school dance circuit in Southern Ontario. They were at our high school that year and I remember thinking " great sound, lead singers voice is unusual". Followed RUSH throughout my lifetime... Neil will be sorely missed. RIP Neil.
  9. Hey Two Hands. Rub n Buff has held up very well, likely in part because of the coats of Future I placed over top of it. The Future allows for a fair bit of handling without anything rubbing off. Cheers! Dave/Ironman1945
  10. I asked about release date for Whirlwind on their Facebook page. SH replied the Whirlwind is pushed back now to sometime in 2020. Dave/Ironman1945
  11. Just wondering if anyone uses google photos to post images here? Thinking of giving it a go. Any tips? Dave/Ironman1945
  12. Just found this. Pretty cool, especially for a retired RCN guy like me... even though I served well after she was decommissioned. Dave/Ironman1945
  13. Jersey Chris I have all of their kits, if you need a scan of instructions PM me. Dave/Ironman1945
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