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  1. Just wondering if anyone uses google photos to post images here? Thinking of giving it a go. Any tips? Dave/Ironman1945
  2. Just found this. Pretty cool, especially for a retired RCN guy like me... even though I served well after she was decommissioned. Dave/Ironman1945
  3. Jersey Chris I have all of their kits, if you need a scan of instructions PM me. Dave/Ironman1945
  4. Gee guys, its obvious that it will be a 1/32 Bf - 109....
  5. Gents, anyone hear any updates on a release date for this one? Dave/Ironman1945
  6. Spacewolf I converted one to a Mk I back in 09. You can see it here. https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/23080-conversion-hobbycraft-mustang-mk-1a-to-a-mustang-1/&page=1 Really enjoyed it. It is very simplified, built a new cockpit with cannibalized photoetch. The Aires wheel well set is marketed as being for a 51B but it actually looks like a 51A wheel well. Vacuformed new canopy as well; as I recall kit canopy is decently shaped but really thick. Also added new resin wheels and flaps. Personally I like the early Hobbycraft Mustang kids ; I've got the 51A and Apache kits waiting in the wings, also have the Vector 1/32 51A and Apache cockpit sets for them. You may be able to use the Vector cockpit sets to assist with detailing the kit cockpit. While not exact for a Mustang Ia, I think it would be a good starting point. Cheers and enjoy! Dave/Ironman1945
  7. $250 for a Bills ticket. Yowsa! Must be Pats fans travelling to see them on the road. I feel your pain though about the Bills. Oh for the days of Jim Kelly and Bruce Smith .....
  8. Hey Suresh, as I PMd you no, have not finished. Turret is a hang up. But thanks for your advice! Dave/Ironman1945
  9. All very cool, really enjoy watching the wheel dollys drop after takeoff. Looks great!
  10. Wheels and Wings, yes indeed without a doubt. No RC, no quadcopters, no balsa, no rockets. Just end to end plastic kits, detail sets, building supplies, and reference material. And its a rather large shop, sooo be prepared to spend a lot of time there. Every time I visit Toronto I go there, and I always spend at least 3-4 hours looking at the vast... and I do mean vast...array of items. And then I usually go back another day for another 3-4 hour session. Also, make sure you go to the basement, where they have a large selection of second hand items from kit collections. A great great great store.
  11. I've used Windex on Val Acrylic and its worked well. But I would recommend testing it on a piece of acrylic painted plastic first, your results may vary.
  12. I'm finished the riveting on the Hasegawa Spit Mk I over Christmas, its my 3rd completely riveted 1/32 build. Before starting the riveting process, I use calipers, various straight edges, and a sharp pencil to draw the lines on the aircraft of where I want the rivets to go (you need a good set of plans for this). Typically I do the fuselage and wing halves separately. After drawing the lines, I use DYMO tape to ensure a straight line for the riveting tool. Rivet wheel is used for flush rivets, Rosie the Riveter for domed rivets, in the case of the Spitfire Rosie (along with the metal template guide that comes with it) was used on aft (more or less) portion of the fuselage. The template is placed over the line being riveted and taped down at the ends with Tamiya Tape. When using the rivet wheel, recommend you mark one cog/tooth with a Sharpie and always use that tooth as the starting point. It allows you to go over a section if you feel you didn't use enough pressure the first time. When laying the DYMO tape down, try to work it so the tape is always on the inside/covering an area that has just been riveted, so the tape does not lift off pencil likes from an unriveted area. Even then you'll likely have to re-draw some lines because of wear/handling. After the riveting is complete, take a normal pencil eraser and erase the remaining pencil lines. Then step back and admire the miracle of your work. As careful as you may be when gluing the halves together, you'll likely need to do some touch up riveting. Oh, and when drawing the lines, join the wing/fuselage halve together to be sure the rivets line up where required. Its a long long process and it may drive you nuts. I do it in bits and pieces, one section at a time, building ... dare I say it... tanks.... in between. Over Xmas my son, who was home from University, walked by me while I was finishing the wings. He thought I was totally nuts. He may have a point. Oh well it seems to make me happy..... I think.... Cheers and have fun! Dave/Ironman1945
  13. Reading the description, seller is offering the kit built and painted. Taking a chance that its worth the price, I guess.
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