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  1. Always thought Terminator - the Sarah Conner Chronicles - with Lenah Headey and Summer Glau was a great show. Like "Life" with Damian Lewis, it only lasted 2 seasons and was cancelled because of the writers strike.
  2. Life actually lasted 2 seasons, I managed to find both box set DVDs and still watch them every year. It was, unfortunately, cancelled because of the writer's strike that happened after season 2. Great show.
  3. I have a number of hardwood pre-sized platens to hold styrene sheets for this, but in this case with such small parts I made a smaller platen and used thumbtacks to hold the clear sheet in place. So, I heat up an element on the stove, only takes a few minutes until the plastic is pliable. Then its placed over the vac box, vacumm is turned on, and in this case a good draw was the result. And finally, a shot of the parts with removed off the platen. You'll note there are 4 parts here vice 2.... I ended up fil
  4. This is my small vac box I made some years ago. Its built to take our vacuum hose. And a top view with the parts in place
  5. So I dont know about you guys, but for me it never fails... with every build there is always some sort of disaster that causes a detour. In this case, I was working on the aft fuselage windows, and ran to answer a phone call. Then I made dinner. After I got back to my desk and when I went to sit down I heard "crack". Didn't realize the windows had fallen on the floor. After a steady stream of words suitable for my previous life as a Naval Officer, I got down to business. The solution was to put the pieces back together, sand and polish smooth, and vacuform replacem
  6. Hi There! I've been conducting a similar conversion build as well combining Revell's newish P-51D, combined with parts from both the Revell and Trumpeter P-51Bs. With respect to the panel lines, as far as I was able to deduce, the drawings with the extra panel lines are actually P-51B - 10 NAs. The last line drawing is, I think, actually a P-51B - 5 NA. According to the Osprey book " P-51B Mustang - North American's ******* Stepchild that Saved the Eighth Air Force" published just this year/2020, the -5NA was an early production run without the fuselage fu
  7. Hey Brian, this is what I have, purchased (along with the blades) from Mirco Mark, Wood Handle for Ultra Fine Saw Blades (micromark.com) But of course, the ones mentioned by Kev would work just as well. Cheers! Dave/Ironman1945
  8. Managed to finish work on the rear fuselage as well. Again filler was mainly superglue and talc powder, with small touch ups using Tamiya filler. Re-scribing was as mentioned earlier, mainly with a razor saw. Close to joining up with the wings! Cheers, hope everyone is well, and stay safe out there! Dave/Ironman1945
  9. Been busy with cleaning things up at work before the holidays. Managed to progress the conversion a bit more. Worked on modifying the gun ports. Sliced off the 3 .50 cal ports and filled in the holes in preparation for drilling out the twin .50 gun ports. By the way, my favorite filler for this kind of work is a mix of approx 30% super glue and 70 % talcum or baby powder. Dries fast, sands smooth and hardness is similar to plastic. Can be cleanly scribed by cutting into it with a fine razor saw... but not a scribing needle.
  10. My wife is very amiable to my crazy model building habit. Always very encouraging. Just had a birthday and she bought me these 2 bad boys. I'm very very lucky! Going to be very busy over the holidays! Gotta finish the P-51B conversion first though! Dave/Ironman1945
  11. Nice build! What was the hardest part about completing this kit? Dave/Ironman1945
  12. Ahh yess. Welcome to the Dark side. Join your fellow Imperial Large Scale troops as we decimate the weak willed, oh so tiny scales, and grind them to dust! Cheers! Dave/Ironman1945
  13. Kevin More pics would be much appreciated. At $120, it makes me think an RC Mid Tiger kit bashed with the Tamiya kit may be possible, depending on how this kit looks. Cheers! Dave/Ironman1945
  14. Hey Kevin Thanks for posting. Didn't realize it was such a rudimentary kit, meant for R/C Hmm. I have the Tamiya 1/16 RC Tiger I early waiting in the stash..... but I've been thinking about making it a Tiger I late. Perhaps the Hobby Boss kit would be a good source to kit bash such a project. Cheers Dave/Ironman1945
  15. Hi Nick Answers to questions: After application I handle as little as possible before giving it a clear coat. I've clear coated in the past on a P-38 with Future (see link below around page 5), in this instance I sprayed with Tamiya semi - gloss coat. Either way, it doesn't affect the finish at all. Then decals are applied, and another clear coat. Important if you have clear coated with Future before decaling ensure you wait at least 5 days (a week if you can... longer the better), decal solvents (Solvaset, Mircoset) can cause future to frost if it isn't totally set.
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