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  1. Hey JC It was Georgian Bay Secondary School, located in Meaford Ontario. Recently renamed, I think.
  2. Back in the early 70s.... I think 74, when Neil first joined the band.... and before they became famous.... RUSH made their living playing covers of hits while doing the high school dance circuit in Southern Ontario. They were at our high school that year and I remember thinking " great sound, lead singers voice is unusual". Followed RUSH throughout my lifetime... Neil will be sorely missed. RIP Neil.
  3. Hey Two Hands. Rub n Buff has held up very well, likely in part because of the coats of Future I placed over top of it. The Future allows for a fair bit of handling without anything rubbing off. Cheers! Dave/Ironman1945
  4. I asked about release date for Whirlwind on their Facebook page. SH replied the Whirlwind is pushed back now to sometime in 2020. Dave/Ironman1945
  5. Just wondering if anyone uses google photos to post images here? Thinking of giving it a go. Any tips? Dave/Ironman1945
  6. Just found this. Pretty cool, especially for a retired RCN guy like me... even though I served well after she was decommissioned. Dave/Ironman1945
  7. Jersey Chris I have all of their kits, if you need a scan of instructions PM me. Dave/Ironman1945
  8. Gee guys, its obvious that it will be a 1/32 Bf - 109....
  9. Gents, anyone hear any updates on a release date for this one? Dave/Ironman1945
  10. Spacewolf I converted one to a Mk I back in 09. You can see it here. https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/23080-conversion-hobbycraft-mustang-mk-1a-to-a-mustang-1/&page=1 Really enjoyed it. It is very simplified, built a new cockpit with cannibalized photoetch. The Aires wheel well set is marketed as being for a 51B but it actually looks like a 51A wheel well. Vacuformed new canopy as well; as I recall kit canopy is decently shaped but really thick. Also added new resin wheels and flaps. Personally I like the early Hobbycraft Mustang kids ; I've got the 51A and Apache kits waiting in the wings, also have the Vector 1/32 51A and Apache cockpit sets for them. You may be able to use the Vector cockpit sets to assist with detailing the kit cockpit. While not exact for a Mustang Ia, I think it would be a good starting point. Cheers and enjoy! Dave/Ironman1945
  11. Hey Suresh, as I PMd you no, have not finished. Turret is a hang up. But thanks for your advice! Dave/Ironman1945
  12. All very cool, really enjoy watching the wheel dollys drop after takeoff. Looks great!
  13. I've used Windex on Val Acrylic and its worked well. But I would recommend testing it on a piece of acrylic painted plastic first, your results may vary.
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