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  1. Hi so will the after market be a He-277 conversion ? https://www.vehibase.com/heinkel-he-277/photo-1.htm cheers jerry
  2. Hi the AJ Bentley plans show the extra width was only around the turret area the plans show the engine nacelles are similar in shape and length below the wing to a III I reckon conversion is possible to an boston III/ IIIa etc or Havoc II, with a bit of work maybe some aftermarket will save me some work but the small tail early boston/havoc would definitely be a challenge cheers jerry
  3. Hi i got mine here but they are currently out of stock cheers jerry https://www.bnamodelworld.com/model-planes-canopies-tasman-model-tas-ta257
  4. Hi hopefully the typhoon expert chris thomas had some input cheers jerry
  5. Hi I wouldnt worry much, to many errors in it for me best reference is the whirlwind fighter project website they are building a 1:1 scale replica cheers jerry
  6. Hi Not that far of being real, can't recall the exact number but the first few on the production line ( 25 ? ) were going to be PR a/c but were converted back to fighter config before they left westlands maybe even before they left the production line cheers jerry
  7. Hi might be also worth checking the shipping rates SH only charged me $8 cad for shipping to western canada cheers jerry
  8. Hi just got an email from SH that my package is ready for dispatch One whirlwind soon on its way Cheers Jerry ,
  9. Hi seems in the sprue drawings of parts not used are parts for the prototype version as well as the fighter bomber stuff cheers . jerry
  10. Hi Or even an op starkey version, or the modified one R-R had with modified intakes and all sky undersides cheers jerry
  11. Hi I see the photos on the hannants website of the sprues show both sizes of bombs are provided And the way the canopy is molded gives me the impression that the prototype screen is easy to do, in the future Cheers Jerry
  12. Hi. Wouldn't surprise me if someone did a complete gun bay nose replacement for it Showing all the full cannons and mountings etc Cheers Jerry
  13. Hi. Just to throw a random in, A photographer many years ago told me it might be a photo taken in Ortho film, due to the lighter colour blue of the roundel, which would make the aircraft possibly still in a yellow primer colour However I still personally still like the gloss grey idea Cheers Jerry
  14. Hi. If my memory is correct the film was at warmwell and the typhoon is from another squadron based at warmwell Maybe 257 Squadron ? Cheers. Jerry
  15. Hi Hopefully they are produced in house And not coming via the Suez canal Cheers. Jerry
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