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  1. Thanks everyone! Spent the weekend camping (my "other hobby").
  2. While racers aren't my cup of tea, I'd be on board for a Skyraider. Best of luck to you, Shane - Paul's stuff is too nice to be lost forever.
  3. Is that why I start so many kits? So I don't get accused of being a collector?
  4. Like it or not, 3D printing is here, and it's not going to go away. As the population of modelers ages, the eyes aren't what they once were, and the hands may not be as steady either. If a modeler chooses to go this route, it's his (or her) prerogative.
  5. Thanks for the answer, Dave. Exactly what I wanted to know. Mine has been shipped from Lucky Model...
  6. Do they tell you which to remove depending upon the variant?
  7. I tried to do a quick count of turnbuckles on that Caudron...
  8. I struck out at two minutes after opening. Luckily, I have enough kits to keep me busy for quite a while.
  9. The large part on the PE fret is a template for cutting the curves on the seat back. This set is not one of their laser cut items.
  10. I bought Pascal's Rufe conversion as well. The cockpit parts were simply copies of Tamiya's A6M5. I think Eduard had a pretty comprehensive PE set; it may have been for a Hasegawa Zero.
  11. Considering what is currently being asked (and often fetched) online for these kits, one could argue that they were priced low.
  12. The last line of WNW's news... "We wish to thank our incredibly talented team and all those that have supported Wingnut Wings over the years." Sure sounds like a goodbye to me.
  13. Why not have your dio recreate a photo. Display them side by side.
  14. You can still get Halberstadts at retail prices. Kitlinx lists the early version as "in stock". https://www.kitlinx.com/cgi/display.cgi?item_num=WNW32049&title=Halberstadt-CL.II-(Early)-(END-OF-INVENTORY)
  15. It snowed in western New York yesterday.
  16. Glad to see these, Damian. I thought perhaps you'd forgotten those Shinden legs I sent a while back!
  17. I'm not much of a jet guy, but a B-58, F-111, and SR-71 would be must haves for me. As far as those Monogram biggies, don't forget the B-1!
  18. That's some beautiful work there, Sophie! I especially like the rust on the exhausts.
  19. I have two of the wooden JH jigs. I use them all the time. I glued cork gasket material on the support surfaces instead of the supplied rubber. I've found that they come in very handy when transporting models, too.
  20. Their "About us" section lends me to believe they are to be 3D printed.
  21. Congrats, Brian. What a setting!
  22. Pricey, but highly detailed... https://www.neomega-resin.com/pw-r-2800ab-style-319-p.asp
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