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  1. small update cleand up more body parts dry fit front wing thats it for now Mark
  2. thank you all for following no update yet i hope that i have somtihng next week its a lot off clean up to do so be patient im working on it Mark
  3. Thanks its a lot to clean up but the fit is good you still have to drill a few holes,just the instructions are a bit off a troubbel just dry fit and adjust a few pieces I hope that i can show you more in a few days Mark
  4. Helloto you all here my current project i have lost the compleet mojo off building planes so time to do sommthing compleet difrent Im going to build a F-1 Mclaren MP 4-23 1/12 i hope when done it going to look like this I have alraedy made a start on the front spoiler its a lot off clean up but iff you do it good it will save you some trouble at the end then it whas time to place a few PE parts still needs more work and clean up before i can paint the parts After that its time to start working on the rear suspinsion this are the parts before the start its going to be a slow build so have time before the next update regards Mark
  5. just recievd from the mailman not a plane but a large scale F1 model kit Mark
  6. going good let the grey paint come Mark
  7. nope i havent recievd any answer also Mark
  8. Oooo boy I love that i think i have a problem when i start mine Whas thinking off a swiss bird fore mine now i have to rethink about it Keep up the great work Mark
  9. the drawings are for a future project that i have in my mind but still in planning fase because the drawings i have are not compleet accurate so going by that and pics i have at this moment with my calculations its 3mm to short but for in total 70cm it will not be visibelle its a part of a ship i rescaled it to 1/32 on paper not yet everything on paper but getting closly to the finish line its for me a nice change off work than the sanding and filling Mark
  10. very nice work i love it cant wait to see more Mark
  11. still needs some more work with the white on you see everything thats wrong so more filling and sanding to go Mark
  12. thank you and yes still a bit off sanding to go before im happy next step is to put on the white and clear coat the beast after that it will be rivet time Mark
  13. great paint work love it i whant to see more Mark
  14. I dondt have a shop nearby to go shopping mostly my kits are found at conventions and most off the paint also i still love to look at the boxes and talk to the people im missing the days going to the shop to look whats new but those days are gone im afraid its almost all online now Mark
  15. primer is on still needs some filler and sanding on some places so i know what to do Mark
  16. looking forward to see more im intrested on how the lerx will fit i have raed somwhere that that fit isnt great Mark
  17. oo boy almost paint time Mark
  18. nice going here i will fold the wings just for the space my 2 cents looking forward to see more Mark
  19. found yesterday at the club meeting from another modeller for a fair price my first bi plane Mark
  20. nice start i have one in the stash looking forward to see more Mark
  21. nice one Mark
  22. here is the next update still needs some sanding and polishing before primer to check everything is good back to the bench for some more sanding and polishing Mark
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