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  1. Last update for this year still needs fine tuning but thats next up in the new year. Mark
  2. slow going and yes another paint update. One side almost done then touch up time Mark
  3. small progress still needs fine tuning
  4. i know the feeling about the wings You are doing a great job keep it up Mark
  5. and still going The color difrence between the wings and feuselage comes because the wings are already clear coat to protect it from the tape and handeling Mark
  6. I have a hardend shelter 1/32 at home its made off cardboard Dondt know the brand Will take a look tommorow and take some pics Mark
  7. found a bit off time to play with some paints. Not much but i hope to find some time this week Mark
  8. Notting happend to bussy with work and privat life. its a bit hectic at the moment but will go for it. Mark
  9. you are doing a great job on the viggen keep it going. Mark
  10. Thank you all camo on the 2 wings still needs touch ups but will handel this with the post shading that i will start soon. My goal is to finnish the wings first before i go further. So this is how she looks right now and damn i love it so far
  11. A bit more fun with camo
  12. yes thats a idee will see how it will turns out Mark
  13. thanks but a very long road to go thanks i know what you mean and i hope i can do it right Thanks i do my best still a lot ff work to go Thanks
  14. wonderfull a bench full off vipers Starting your own air force? Looking forward to see more Mark
  15. thats whats happening right now Mark
  16. my plan whas to mask everythig but like you said on the wings no problem its the feuselage it all depends on the modeller how you aproch this for painting Iff you mask all in one time or in difrent steps it takes a lot off time. The mask is a good idee but like scotsman said enlarge the placement gide to help you out. Mark
  17. thanks yes everything in primer imgoing toto that area later on again and better indeed looks great in grey take your time when removing from casting blok i have used a small saw and then sanding The front windscreen no problem to fit. But the canopy needs more work Take your time and you will get it right That is what im going to do put them later on and easyer for painting for me thanks i hope to get the first paint on this week yes it is very complex espacialy on the feuselage i had problems +1 Mark
  18. the plan whas to use the mask set so the masks will not compleet set over the raisd details but now im going to mask my self i will add them also thanks for pointing that out or i forget it. Mark
  19. thank you all More progress a bit off masking Primer on Now the fun part masking the beast i will mask it myself and not use the dn mask set because i have screwd up. But it will be fun. Mark
  20. whooooohoooo bring it on happy times
  21. Thank you oi do my best yes everything you add now makes it beter and im going to get there. Just need more time So far i can see it will not be a problem to add them later in the build or after painting Mark
  22. Next up canopy and some small stuff then its primer time. Mark
  23. more stuff done on the beauty. Time for flaps and other stuff More to come Mark
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