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  1. Any of them would be nice...I'm more inclined to see a D or an E. I'm usually wrong about what's coming, though! Tim W.
  2. Going the ladder route, like with the old 1/48th kit. Cheers, Tim W
  3. It's the kit part, extensively polished. You can still see the seam, unfortunately, but I just couldn't get the vacuform turrets to work. Might say more about me than the product, which is the right shape and everything, but very bare bones. Be prepared to scratchbuild a lot if you go that rout. More pics to come, eventually. Tim W.
  4. Some more pics. Almost ready to try and seal it up. Note fancy-schmanzy bombsight.
  5. Yep. That's another reason I'm taking my time. I'll have quite an album of the interior before I'm done. It'll be proof! Cheers, Tim W.
  6. Beginning to add the interior structure into the fuselage. I found it easier to do this in sections, though I had to do some bending with the aft floor section. Yeah, I thought about moving he navigator's station aft, and then recreating the radio room, but I decided this would be a B-24 where they hadn't done that yet (it was a field expedient thing anyway, IIRC).
  7. Didn't seen anything on the Trumpter&HobbyBoss FB page. At least not yet.
  8. Alrighty then! Sprues arrived via Trumpeter--there was a delay, but they arrived. I can start finishing up the fuselage and prepping to "put it together." Still trying to figure out how the ammo belts that run to the tail turret are supposed to fit into that track--one goes on top? One goes on inside? Except you can't really fit it inside. I may just attack the bottom belt to the point where it's blocked. Run the other one in its entirety. There are a few things the plans are weak on! Stay tuned for updated pics... Tim W.
  9. You done yet? (Ducking...)
  10. Wow. An IM would be AWESOME! There were so many variations with the engines, gun mounts, etc. That'd rock... TW
  11. TimW

    Apollo collection

    Very nice! I did an Apollo 16 Trans-Earth EVA dio (just finished a few months back). Detailing the CM/CSM was a chore, but worth it! Cheers, Tim W.
  12. Some more. When the weather clears, I'll do some outdoor ones.
  13. This was one of those odd projects I've had in mind for ages. Last year I decided, screw it, it's time for a "What if?" In this case, a war that was thankfully never fought. Elements of 8th Guards Army are getting directions from a detachment of East German Motor Rifle troops, somewhere near Fulda, West Germany.
  14. Wood grain looks great! Tim W.
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