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  1. TimW

    ICM I-153

    I'll be doing some more work filling that gap. Very annoying, but not a huge fix. TW
  2. TimW

    ICM I-153

    Ok, not a lot to see, but the this is not an overly complex kit. I also have the Silver Wings resin kit--but haven't generated the gumption to build that one, at least not yet. But I have decided to use the "White 75" decals from it (keeping the ICM ones in the decal bank). This'll be an olive green and black camo pattern over light blue. Pretty basic. This is early war, so I removed the rocket/bomb attachment points. Probably should have just left them alone, but oh well. I was originally going to do a Khalkin Gol Chaika, but changed my mind. Still need to touch up the wheel well bay. And you could really go nuts detailing that, but as this a/c is going to be on a base, I decided not to do that.
  3. TimW

    ICM I-153

    Indeed. I have some pics...gotta get them into Imgur and all that. It's refreshing when you have a kit that seems to consist of so few parts. Going to go with Red 4 (the one with the white rudder). Also have this in the mail to go with it: https://military.scale-model-kits.com/products/VVS-RKKA-Pilots-1939-1942-ICM32102.html
  4. Beautiful work! Very inspiring.
  5. TimW

    ICM I-153

    OK. A nice, simple kit. A break from all my AMS projects. Stay tuned!
  6. TimW

    Best NMF kits?

    Doh! I meant MF... Was thinking of the old Revell kit while typing, I guess! Tim W.
  7. TimW

    Best NMF kits?

    Both the MiG-21-F13 and the MiG-21PF are excellent kits. They are fine OOB, but It's fun to get a replacement seat/instruments to jazz them up a bit. But it doesn't need much else and there are a lot of NMF schemes out there. Cheers, Tim W.
  8. TimW

    KHM 1/48 Su-17M4

    Forgot about that! Dare I risk limited edition resin? I'd probably glue it to my fingers.
  9. TimW

    Kinetic 1/24 P-47D Razorback Thunderbolt

    That kit has some issues with the instructions and which part goes where (especially with the engine), but my it looks nice when built up. Great job! TW
  10. TimW

    USS Missouri Trumpeter 1:200

    Funny, I just resumed working on mine...started in in 2014 but all those Pontos 20mm guns finally got to me! This one looks very sharp! Amazing work! Tim W.
  11. TimW

    IDF M-3 Halftrack, Six Day War

    The Dragon kit includes IDF-specific modifications (tool boxes, fuel tanks, .30 cal forward firing mount, etc) that the straight US version probably doesn't have. It's worth it. TW
  12. TimW

    Merkava Mk.4m w/Trophy - 1:35 of Meng Models

    That thing on the aft section is for carrying a fuel drum. http://www.luckymodel.com/scale.aspx?item_no=DEP-35006
  13. TimW

    IDF M-3 Halftrack, Six Day War

    No, it's a Dragon 50th Anniversary boxing of their M-3. http://www.amps-armor.org/SiteReviews/ShowReview.aspx?id=4011
  14. TimW

    IDF M-3 Halftrack, Six Day War

    Yes! Don't use "pure white" for the eyes and ALWAYS use the cross technique or you'll end up with this:
  15. TimW

    1/32 Revell FW-190 F-8

    Looking really sharp!