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  1. Yeah, was going to make a joke about some F-4s dropping CBUs. We have a couple of ex-USAFE guys in our hobby club. Tim W
  2. I agree. I tried to make vac work. Just couldn't do it. Probably just me. There are some media I just don't have much luck with. Using kits parts for now (the A6 turrets fore and aft). Tim W.
  3. Thanks. There will also be a T-64 on the board, but it's not done.
  4. I started this more or less on a whim a year or so ago. I've slowly been building up the figures, vehicles, etc. The basic premise is sometime in May, 1984, the Soviets invade West Germany. Spearheads of 8th Guards Army are verifying they are going in the right direction, with some help from a detachment of DDR motor rifle troops.
  5. I'm officially deciding that HB/Trumpeter has blown me off. No email responses to any query and it's been over a month. So back to eBay in future, I think. Rather disappointed by this turn of events! Still waiting for some Tamiya compound for working off seams/etc on the clear bits. Resuming this one soon. Tim W.
  6. Nothing from Joanna yet. No response to follow-up emails. Hmmm. Tim W
  7. Working on turrets now.
  8. Yeah, even my "easy" projects turn into overblown products. Most of the time, anyway! Tim W.
  9. Still at it. Waiting for the sprues to arrive. I imagine that might take a week or two. In the meantime, taking a breather so I don't burn out. Might work on a P-40 or something "easy...." Cheers, Tim W.
  10. Also, very quick response from the Trumpeter rep. They just saved me a butt-ton of scratch building hassle. Tim W.
  11. I probably knew that, somewhere in my aging brain...
  12. BTW, are you sure it's Trumpeter China? For a HobbyBoss kit? Or is HB an affiliate?
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