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  1. I can only imagine what a larger tank would be like. Say an M-1 or a Tiger. Did a T-34/85 a few years ago, but alas--lost in the Great Fire of 2020. TW
  2. Oh, and I would like to do a USN bird...but am thus far stuck with the kit decals as, again, AM seems to be pretty much non-existent or out of print (like the Zotz set). The only one out there is a set for USMC birds, but that wasn't the direction I wanted to go. Cheers, Tim W.
  3. Picked this up awhile ago....it's one of multiple projects I have going, so don't be surprised if it takes awhile. I got the Aries cockpit, wheel well, wheels and engine set. Not a lot of AM available for this one these days--could *really* have used some Eduard pre-printed PE or Quinta decals (they don't have any for the F-8) Couldn't find any of the Eduard OOP stuff. So it's old school. So far, I've focused on the cockpit. The Aries one is nice, but you have to paint everything yourself (apart from the instrument panel film). I used decals from the spares box to do the various labels on the bang seat. There's some good info on The Ejection Site that came in handy for painting The Chair. More to come...eventually! Tim W
  4. Many thanks! I've only built a couple of 1/16 armor subjects--they can be a lot of fun! Cheers, Tim W.
  5. 15th Guards Tank Division, Soviet Central Group of Forces, Somewhere in Czechosolovakia in the mid 80s.
  6. And calling it done--it was a mostly fun build. Nothing too complex, although there were some Trumpeter "WTFs" with some of the assemblies (especially getting the upper hull attached to the lower hull. Had a lot of fun painting and weathering and the "MAIM" crew figures were also nice to work with, though I wouldn't have minded some goggles for the intrepid TC and his loader. Was going to include the driver, but he'd keep getting whacked on the head by the main gun, so I buttoned him up. Enjoy!
  7. Just waiting for the kit and some AM to arrive... Something to do during Christmas break! Tim W.
  8. Awesome work on a not-so-easy kit. Outstanding! Tim W.
  9. Very nice! Looks like I'll be picking up the Trumpy "D" with the fin fillet--what the heck, you can't have too many Jugs! Thanks for the info about the decals--that nose scallop looks like a candidate for painting I must say. Thought it was odd they said to do the anti-glare panels black. OD seems more likely. Tim W.
  10. So I had wanted to build one of the 201 Squadron birds for a long time, but the bubbletop I have in the stash doesn't have the fin fillet. Did all the 201 birds have it? Or was it a mixture? I have a decal set from Warbird Decals that seems to indicate they did have it or should. Any help appreciated! Cheers, Tim W.
  11. Sweet! Really like that version! Awesome job! Tim W.
  12. Outstanding choice and absolutely beautiful work! Great stuff! Tim W.
  13. I'm going to have to get one of these...
  14. Absolutely beautiful work! Just ordered one of these via Sprue! Cheers, Tim W.
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