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  1. TimW

    I need to work on my TPS report

    Did you get your TPS Report cover sheets?
  2. OK, that was super tedious, but I like the end result. Let's hear it for shiny adhesive foil... Still have to do some of the panels and the uppermost section of the CM.
  3. TimW

    R. J. Mitchell - Shagbat to the rescue

    Very nice work! You are doing the old Walrus justice! Tim W.
  4. TimW

    ICM Model T Ambulance

    That's an interesting haircut on that wounded guy--is he supposed to be wearing a bandage? And I suspect you could put this with a WNW kit without too much trouble.
  5. Mylar strip time. Yes, I have an accurate diagram of where and how many. No, I can't promise I'll meet that 100 percent.
  6. A bit more progress. RCS Quads added.
  7. TimW

    Wellington Mk.IC Trumpeter 1:48

    Nicely done. My grandad used to help build those. Tim W.
  8. TimW

    AMC Dh.9 WNW

    Excellent choice! Looks amazing! Tim W.
  9. Can't say I was a huge fan of the fit of the SIM Bay, but it's getting there.
  10. TimW

    ICM Model T Ambulance

    Looking very good!
  11. TimW


    Looking good! It's hard enough to find the single-seater MiG-19 kit. Weird, because it's one of Trumpeter's better efforts. Tim W.
  12. A bit more progress. Resin and PE stuff has been added to the CSM. The hole is for the SIM Bay, which will be fitted eventually. Also a shot of the back end of the CSM. I still have quite a bit to do here, but it's coming along. First time I've used foil in a long time.
  13. TimW


    I'm so saving money, starting now. I'll have an empty mason jar on the shelf for Lanc money! Tim W.
  14. TimW

    My Summer Model Builds.

    Nice. You've been more productive than I have! TW
  15. TimW

    ICM Model T Ambulance

    Very nice. Some awesome diorama potential, here. It's on my "get this!" list. TimW.