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  1. A few more shots, including "the facilities" and some reading material with news from the ETO, a while different world away...
  2. Very nicely done!
  3. Thanks--slow right, now but I'll eventually get back into the groove.
  4. Oh, also some fuselage sidewall work.
  5. The bomb bay. 8 bombs loaded. They look shiny in this pic because I had just hit the whole assembly with some dullcoat to tone down the shininess. I wanted the bombs to look a bit beat up, like they'd been in an outdoor dump in the tropics. Also why the colors are not matching.
  6. Got some tedious bomb bay work done...been tied up with other stuff, pics coming soon. Only putting 8 bombs in bomb bay. I don't think those aircraft flying around in the Pacific often carried a full load.
  7. Going to need different pitot tubes. The a/c I'm doing had the smaller ones, lower on the fuselage instead of the big antlers.
  8. Fuselage work. It's not 100% accurate, but I like how it looks http://imgur.com/Xa8nsGK http://imgur.com/94wwOPx
  9. If the crew were following procedure, not necessarily. During take-off and landings (including B-17s) nobody was supposed to be in the nose.
  10. Good enough for me! Not like I need an excuse to break the monotony. Thanks! Tim W.
  11. Yeah--I was getting a bit hyper about this stuff. I may do some of the aft section floors or supports in Zinc Chromate just to break up the monotony. Seems like there are dozens (if not more) variations of painting and gear arrangements on this beast. Hope to make more progress this weekend! Tim W.
  12. Very cool! Interesting, I wonder if painting the interior of the nose wheel doors is a modern safety thing or did they do it back in the day? Scroll down and you can see what happened when they left the brakes on (apparently that was one way to stop the wheel spinning after take off). http://freepages.rootsweb.com/~webermd1/family/Liberator-Info.html
  13. I believe it pivots backward. You can see from this shot of a 24 at Duxford, there's not all that much room in the nose wheel well. http://www.bcwarbirds.com/duxford_b24_page_5.htm
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