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Kotare teaser - it's a Bf 109K!


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No Doubt it will be a great model. I'm a bit disappointed as BF109s are already well represented. How much different is a 109 G from a K? (rhetorical question) ZM already have a nice one and the dragon moulds are producing nice E versions.

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8 minutes ago, Bradleygolding said:

Not a 109 fan but, this might enough to push me over the line. It does look very good.



You just know it's gonna be good, come on bro you know ya want it! Also noteworthy they decided to blow right past all of the Gs. Not surprising really given that Z-M seem to have a lock on them and Revell's G-4 is pretty nice too. I'm happy as a clam for a new tool K with Kotare doing it to boot! Hell yeah!

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I'm curious to see where this kit surpasses the Hasegawa kit, which is rather nice. I'm sure it will be in the little details, and obviously in correct shapes out of the box.


And why another 109? Because this one makes money for Kotare, that's why.


- Dennis S.

   Mount Juliet, TN USA

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Brilliant choice of subject.


While Hasegawa did do a K-4 (also reboxed by Revell), that kit is well known as the disappointing runt of their newer-tool '109 litter with botched shapes, particularly around the aft end of the canopy. 


This kit will fill that gap, and hopefully lead to a G-10, as well as G-6AS and G-14AS kits. 



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1 hour ago, Archimedes said:

Well, goodness - it IS a Bf109 K4! 





Kind regards,



So not exactly an adversary for a Spitfire Mk.I???  :coolio::hmmm::rolleyes:


Looks good, though I think I'll wait for the Z-M version.





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