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  1. Nice to see your F-105 alive! I'm pretty sure it'll be a real masterpiece!
  2. Great progress. Respect fot your attention to details That would be an option, but then the element would probably be thicker. Now, when the brass is used, the fine edges match the scale perfectly (to my eye). Keep going!!!
  3. Coming along really nicely. I wonder how this will compare to the one to be realeased by Zoukei-Mura.
  4. Well done! Great effect, I love it. Deserved some extra congratulations for finishing such a complex project.!
  5. Simply outstanding! I can remeber your Sunderland very well - so this one will be a perfect companion. How many big guys have you in your collection?
  6. Great model! I love the Swedish camo patterns. Great in-flight poses - pict. 2 or 3 could be a box-art.
  7. Congratulations! Fantastic model! And nice presentation - like the pilot pose. Finally, the stand grass looks like the one in your garden
  8. Fully agree, the GX114 is my go-to matt varnish. The spray cans are very good as well: B-523 (UV-cut) and B-503 Mr.Top Coat
  9. Welcome on board! Indeed, the Trumpeter model is a mess. It's a shame we haven't received a decent Ju87 B yet - an important (or even iconic) airplane for early WW2 period!
  10. "What you all think" - I think a beauty is comming. I have to admit I was a little bit afraid at the earlier stage when the weathering was done. To my taste it looked overdone, but now after blending & tonning down the aiframe looks great.
  11. Filling all these (overscaled to my taste) revets is a tedious job. But it's a real game-changer how the structure looks like after.
  12. Maybe, on your way back consider different route to visit Polish Aviation Museum https://www.facebook.com/MuzeumLotnictwa in Krakow. The city is great and definitely worth visiting by its own.
  13. Looks outstanding!! Upper surfaces weathering is right on! Keep going, the end is near...
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