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  1. There's always a specific excitement when removing the masking tapes! Your effort pays-off. The painting scheme is really appealing. With added black engine cowling she'll look fantastic.
  2. Amazing! The border between actual aircraft and reduced scale modelling is getting blurred! (again)
  3. Nice model; congratulations. I like the paint fading which is right to my taste!
  4. Simply unbeliveable! Congratulations. Where do you get these big matches?
  5. Congratulations. Great model, and fantastic subject as well. I can add Bocian was the first Polish and second in the world glider with forward swept wings. Among many world records set on Bocian one might be worth mentioning. In November 1966 pilot S. Józefczak reached an altitude of 12 560 m (overheight 11 680 m), and this record hasn't been beaten until now!
  6. Smart approach to IP detailing. I have to give it a try one day. Thanks for sharing!
  7. I have one made of plactic, and is really handy. Before using you need to assemble it by gluing the vertical supports to their bases that slid on base plate. Probably, I initially used wrong glue (Mr Cement) since I had to repeat it some time later. As for now it's OK. Mine was bought directly via manufacturer site: https://www.vertigo-miniatures.com/
  8. Chuck, Spectacular result; you play in your own league. Definitely the best F104 I've ever seen! The final result is worth every minute you spend on building and mastering the kit.
  9. Great cockpit! The IP is fantastic.
  10. Nice; not the one you often see! I like the combination of pulse jet engines an rockets. Maybe it's not to late to make the tires little dirty? Congratulations!
  11. Welcome PrzemoL. Nice to see you here! Congratulations, great model! I love this blue-yellow scheme.
  12. These bombs look very promising. I especially like the delicate look of the fins. Is this a standard or did you have to slim them down?
  13. I have to say when visiting this thread I'm always a little scary to see how far do I depart from your expertise. Fantastic model, and a lot to learn here. Thanks, and please keep going!
  14. Fantastic build. Like the other ones... BTW: How many employees work at your work-bench? The scale of your output embarrasses me!
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