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  1. Very demanding scheme, but definitely worth the effort! Keep going!
  2. Wow! Congratulations. I like the restrained worn finish; the exhaust streaks and dusty weels are fantastic. The colours bleached by the sun are great as well. By the way: the Hurricane is one of my favourites planes as well. And looks good in all painting schemes: desert one, temperate land, temperate sea, SEAC and day fighter.
  3. Fantastic work on the propeller blades!
  4. Cool! The 4th picture capturing the unique feture of P-39 is really great!
  5. Spectacular. And thanks for comprehensive comments! Keep going - eagerly awaiting the next update...
  6. Shoggz, You are right. But I suppose the Mk IIb is only the first from the series. I'm pretty sure they will continue with other variants (Mk I, Mk IIc etc) like they did with their Bf 109 G. Not immediately, but at a certain moment we should see something. And please mind, the Mk IIb is not a very desired variant (at least to me). I noticed manufacturers often start the line with not so attractive version to boost appetite.
  7. Fantastic. If - one day a 3D model materialise - the box-art is just ready.
  8. For some unknown reason I missed this gallery before. Very nice model, like the metal finish and subtle weahering. Congrats!
  9. Great!!! Fantastic model! Love the non-monotone green painting and general weathering. And mags on the seat are the icing on the cake. All outdoor shots are amazing!
  10. Last week I ordered mine from this store: https://www.mojehobby.pl/ Possibly it's still available.
  11. Cool! Love the invasion stripes! And all 'in flight' pictures are very convincing!
  12. Great model. I can only imagine how challenging was the whole painting stage. The final effect is stunning. Conrats.
  13. Nice! I am looking forward to the Hurri announced by Revell and how will they relate to each other.
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