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  1. The Eduard brass replacements are excellent and readily available for you if you decide to use them. They already have the brake lines molded in and are very easy to use. The only thing you have to do is sand down the mounting tabs to fit.
  2. I'd be interested in a set of 1/48 and 1/32 when you print. Thanks!! Harry
  3. I was under the impression that ZM was working on an updated Fw190D series?
  4. That looks great!!! Congrats on a difficult build!
  5. Superb job! The Fw190F and Dora are a couple of my favorite WWII ac.
  6. Is it just apply and wipeoff or do I need to do the overnight process?
  7. I use acrylics, but the exterior clear coats are enamel, so I will try the oven cleaner. I've used the brake cleaner method before, but only to soak individual parts to remove the paint.
  8. Hi, When do you expect to have the retool complete for the Hasegawa 190D gear legs?
  9. With the scarcity of some kits, I was thinking about stripping the paint/decals off some existing built models and updating them with better schemes. Has anyone done this before? What is the best way to strip the exterior and repaint? I'm not really concerned with repainting interiors, just the outside. Thanks!!! Harry
  10. I do the exact same thing! I empty the box, tape the sides shut and cut a lid out of the top with a hobby knife to make the top a flap. Then I put all the arts back in the box and easy peezy access.
  11. Another fantastic build! What do you do with all of these?
  12. Beautiful build!! As always, I'm highly impressed with your build skills.
  13. That is a GREAT looking Rufe! Congrats on a beautiful build!!
  14. Wow!! That is a beautiful build!!
  15. That's a great looking Gladiator!! How was the kit??
  16. Absolutely beautiful build!! Makes me want to break out and start building mine. Although mine wouldn't look near as good.
  17. That is what I'm thinking.. I have built 3 Revell 190's and used the Eduard gear legs with absolutely no issues at all. None of mine have had any flash and all fit snug with the first application. I have them on my current build and they are great.
  18. I think the Eduard gear legs are well worth it, I've used them multiple times and never had any problems whatsoever. I do have issues with them on Revell's 109G kit. The gear leg attachment part is too think and has to be sanded down to fit properly.
  19. My only suggestions are to try and scratchbuild one, check Ebay to see if someone is selling that particular sprue or you could reorder another part from Hasegawa.
  20. Great comparisons, but overall, I'd say the Eduard 109E is just a tad better than the Cyberhobby in overall details.
  21. Another excellent build!! Just out of curiosity, how long does a typical build take to end with this result?
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