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  1. Historically I believe that the "Dieppe Raid" myth was started in a 1950s book about the whirlwind and seems to have been taken as gospel ever since. The scheme is correct, but the operation was later and a part of a pre D Day ruse to test defences around Calais. Steve
  2. Once again, Whirlwinds did not take part in the Dieppe Raid. The photos posted earlier in this epic thread are from Operation Starkey. Steve
  3. Well Gents, I believe that the Whirlwind Fighter Project did find some documents at Westlands that suggested one had been Merlin equipped and performed very well, but was considered too late to make changes. Petter did apparently design it for Merlins, but changed to Peregrines quite early on. Also Rolls Royce worked on the Carbs to much improved performance, but the Air Ministry refused to make the changes to existing aircraft. A recent thread on the Flypast Forums (Before the changes) also came to the conclusion that the props were wrong for the speeds needed. Mach nos etc. Steve
  4. The ICM looks better scale wise with tubing sizes, but neither have the standard N2S-3 Tail Wheel locking system on the starboard side of the cockpit. A standard US NAVY feature. Steve
  5. There is a walk around of my plane in the section here on this very site! Can't remember if any of the photos show that in massive detail. Steve
  6. Not a Stearman, so a bit of a redundant post really. Steve
  7. My Stearman has a Continental W670 engine with the front harness, so I will need one. Steve
  8. Standing next to my actual Stearman, the rib tapes are hardly visible. Steve
  9. The ICM does look better in general and detail, but it lacks the very popular Jacobs front ignition type harness seen on may Stearmans. The Roden kit has it and I guess I could scratch one. Steve
  10. Although often reported as a fact, Whirlwinds did not take part in the Dieppe raid. The scheme in the photos is for a pre D Day experiment/ German defenses probe around the Pas De Calais named Operation Starkey. Steve
  11. I haven't seen those Operation Starkey photos before, they clearly show evidence of the over painting of the upper wing roundel. Steve
  12. Wanting a certain model from a manufacturer is great, bit not buying it when it is produced however, produces one or two issues for said manufacturer, like wages, and that pesky notion of profit. Steve
  13. Like I said, I have a combination set for this scheme at 1/48, can't remember who did them though. I would just like the same in 1/32. It's a standard Navy Instrument Trainer from July 1942, the scheme changed in early-mid 1943. Someone will do one. Steve
  14. Just simply this, and I expect that someone will do a set that covers all combinations like they did for Revell's 1/48 one. Steve
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