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  1. Still going, Progress has been slow, but really quite enjoyable. Liquid masking is a lifesaver, and I am fairly pleased with the IP. And the rest is getting there. A very nice and engaging model. Steve
  2. Thanks, I was looking at some form of liquid mask to work with the Acrylics, although some seem to work better with Vallejo and Tamiya than others. It's a great if rather complex kit. Actually beginning to quite enjoy it! Steve
  3. A little bit more progress today. Mostly test fitting rather than glued as some of this requires rigging! Curious as to what cyno folks use for the rigging. I have some Zap but it's a few years old and does not seem to work that well. Also painting the IP. I started by painting the wood first and the the instrument bezels, but I don't like the result, and am thinking of painting the instruments first, then the wooden panel. Any thoughts? Steve.
  4. Okay, to correct my earlier post. Australia's highest scoring Ace Captain Robert Little (Not Harry Hawker) was killed attacking a Gotha III in a Sopwith Camel at night over France. Steve
  5. I believe that the Austrailan test pilot for Sopwith, Harry Hawker? flew a Tripe as a night fighter against German bombers, so Gotha and Tripe anybody? Steve
  6. Thank folks. The clear coat I used was Mr Model, which seemed to work. I have not seen any Testors or MRP paints here in Australia, although I suspect Kevin might prove me wrong at any minute! Steve
  7. Well, I will probably buy an airbrush for the outside, although I remember seeing some footage of some wings being painted/doped at the factory in WW1 and the PC10/12 was hand painted straight onto the CDL, and not sprayed. There are some rather large areas to paint on this model though. Speaking of paints, I have most of the colours needed in Tamiya paints, the rest in Vallejo . Not sure if I like the Tamiya ones much, but really like the Vallejos. Wondering what clear coats people use with which paint? Steve
  8. Okay. Time to fess up. I started this a month or so ago. It's my first WNW kit and my first serious use of Acrylic paints. No airbrush either, but did use a spray can for the clear coat. Steve
  9. Yes, same here. I've still got a Felixstowe to do. Hmm maybe for the GB. Steve
  10. Really, I'm surprised that there have not been more! Steve
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