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  1. Considering the price that the Silver Wings offering will be, I suspect that it's worth will not alter by much. Steve
  2. It's a 111F. Although it does look similar. Steve
  3. If you also added type conversion aircraft as well it would be quite a list. Plenty of frontline fighters in both WWs had trainer versions, and just about everything these days does as well. If it's less than 100 aircraft I would be surprised. Steve
  4. And a bit more...... Nearly there. Just when you think it's done you notice something else to do! In this case some bracing wires and paint touching up. Steve
  5. Hm, very nice indeed. Australian version? It would need a couple of small changes. Steve
  6. Hi Folks, Okay, it's been a while. Winter, House Renovations, Life you all know the excuses. Manged to do this in the last week, so there is progress. Only about a mile of rigging to do now! Steve
  7. I suggest you do some actual reading as modern research has uncovered much about the incident. Steve
  8. And here he is in that Camel. Notice the forward swept windscreen, the same as Brown's, although WnW don't seem to have noticed it! Steve
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