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  1. Hi Pup, You need to read 'Captain Roy Brown' by Allan Bennett. Book two covers the whole MVR incident and represents the most detailed and up to date research on the subject. Podkin was the only other claimant to file an actual claim, but his own evidence and map of his position mean that it was not him. Fall of shot patterns studied soon after the war also rule out a machine gunner, leaving only aircraft, or rifle, and we pretty much know it was not an aircraft. The book is an excellent study of the day's events. As is 'Gunning for the Red Baron' by Leon Bennett which covers fall
  2. In the whole encounter only four shots hit MVR's plane! Steve
  3. It was a Rifleman not a Machine Gunner, but I get where you're coming from. Steve.
  4. Does this mean that we might soon get a 1/24 Sopwith Camel? Steve.
  5. It does seem to me that ICM may have rushed this out due to the possibility of the Special Hobby one appearing as well. There was very little time between its first mention and the kit being available. I am currently making the Gladiator and it is an excellent model. Steve
  6. The raised circles are a modern requirement for easy inspection. Steve
  7. I am looking forward to this and the special Hobby one like everyone else. In Australia, Tiger Moths had a very different Air Filter which could be scratch built I guess, but the biggest difference is the plywood leading edges on the wings (only lower wings I think?) which would be very difficult to replicate. Steve
  8. BE2, Boxkite, 504? anybody. Oh yes they didn't make of those! Steve
  9. I think that the multiple boxing argument is a bit of a red herring, because if one kit contained all of the variants, economies of scale would have reduced production costs. Take the Bristol Fighter for example. there was a ww1 version and an interwar version. So instead of producing two different boxes, instructions, decals, and plastic parts; then having 2000 of each. Do one version of everything, but make 4000. That has to be cheaper and you are going to sell the same number, probably more because the kit gives you choices to make later. Just my two cents of course. Steve
  10. Historically I believe that the "Dieppe Raid" myth was started in a 1950s book about the whirlwind and seems to have been taken as gospel ever since. The scheme is correct, but the operation was later and a part of a pre D Day ruse to test defences around Calais. Steve
  11. Once again, Whirlwinds did not take part in the Dieppe Raid. The photos posted earlier in this epic thread are from Operation Starkey. Steve
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