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  1. I agree with others that it is extremely unlikely that we will see any WWI subjects from them at all. Monoplanes all the way I think. The Spit is looking good. Steve
  2. Good news all round I think. Listening to the podcast I think we should expect the first few releases to be in a similar vein to the Spit, just to get some funds in the bank. Whether we will ever see a WWI machine I don't know. WnW did a reasonable coverage, but in my opinion missed out on four obvious good sellers, Avro 504, BE2, Jenny, and Standard J1. All of the trainers had significant inter war lives as well. Maybe Roden will take them on? Steve
  3. 50 years is the answer according to the Facebook page, so the speculation is a Mk1 Spit! The timeline apparently implicates some early Revell, or Hasegawa offerings. Steve
  4. No Paul, this is the fifth picture shared on their Facebook page last week. Still don't know what it is though. Steve
  5. Really nice, but I am sure Whirlwind props rotate clockwise? Steve
  6. Okay, here goes. If I remember correctly, the Peregrine (a Kestrel Develpment) was very similar in size to the Merlin, only a few millimetres in it. The Merlin being slightly bigger. I would use a 1/32 single stage Merlin as the base and go from there. Someone may have better info. Steve
  7. Thanks for the kind words mgunns. The project is on the back burner at the moment while I learn to use an airbrush properly! There will be progress at some point. Steve.
  8. In my attempt to get back into 1/32 modelling I recently completed these two 1/48 Trainers. Airfix's Tiger Moth and Revell's Boeing Stearman. Both kits offered challenges of differing kinds which kept me busy. Airfix, As is the norm these days Airfix used their flour and water mix plastic, which is so weak all of the parts like the fuselage halves are quite thick and gave real problems getting the seams to close properly. The registration of may sprues was out, making much extra cleaning up of very fragile parts. The wings went together well and the geometry is correct, but the struts are joined with a bar at the top which is very difficult to clean up afterwards. In all it looks like a Tiger although I still think the fuselage is too fat. Not as bad as the 1/72 one though Built OOB with Airfix's decals. The yellow bands are too short for the wings. Revell, Revell use some actual plastic which is light and springy. This model nearly fell together with plenty of internal detail. The major problem is the bottom wing which should have 3 degrees of dihedral, but the struts are too long and the fuselage wing joint needs work to get this right. Again built OOB, but with aftermarket decals to represent a specific aircraft. The fuselage is also slightly out of shape in the height and cross section departments, but this is minimal. Just my two cents. Steve
  9. Hi Pup, You need to read 'Captain Roy Brown' by Allan Bennett. Book two covers the whole MVR incident and represents the most detailed and up to date research on the subject. Podkin was the only other claimant to file an actual claim, but his own evidence and map of his position mean that it was not him. Fall of shot patterns studied soon after the war also rule out a machine gunner, leaving only aircraft, or rifle, and we pretty much know it was not an aircraft. The book is an excellent study of the day's events. As is 'Gunning for the Red Baron' by Leon Bennett which covers fall of shot in great detail. Steve
  10. In the whole encounter only four shots hit MVR's plane! Steve
  11. It was a Rifleman not a Machine Gunner, but I get where you're coming from. Steve.
  12. Does this mean that we might soon get a 1/24 Sopwith Camel? Steve.
  13. It does seem to me that ICM may have rushed this out due to the possibility of the Special Hobby one appearing as well. There was very little time between its first mention and the kit being available. I am currently making the Gladiator and it is an excellent model. Steve
  14. The raised circles are a modern requirement for easy inspection. Steve
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