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  1. It was quoted in this thread that WnW were working on 1/24 fighters. The Triplane and Camel were specifically noted. I also have the Airfix 1/24 Mosquito, but would probably have bought the Tamiya one had it existed! Steve.
  2. One of the reasons that kept me away from WnW kits for so long was the scale. I always believed that for fighters and two seaters, 1/24 was a much better choice. It is interesting to see that they were intending to go down that route with some designs. I wonder if ant of those will see the light of day. Steve
  3. Thanks Matt. I had read that the other day, but the postage from the USA to Australia is an absolute killer these days adding around $100 to the price! I will continue to monitor the situation. Steve
  4. The G 1 is getting a lot of mentions here, and I appreciate that it had minimal actual use, but I love the oddity of it and admire WnW for making it. Might have to try and find one somewhere. Oddities just like Art House movies, however don't pay the rent! Steve
  5. Looking to get the ICM as mine is an N2S-3, but the Roden kit looks good and may be significantly cheaper I guess. Neither are available here in Australia yet though. Steve
  6. Mine's an actual flying machine. Steve
  7. Still going. A bit of creep, over spray, and correcting to do. They say that spraying is only as good as the masking! Still plenty to do. Steve
  8. There is some Viv Bellamy home movie stuff on YouTube which has some shots with the camerman dangling below, and there are some stills around which I have seen on the net recently. Essentially it's white. Here: Steve
  9. AĆ©rospatiale Alouette II, flown by John Crewdson with a cameraman hanging underneath! Steve
  10. The Whirlwind was operational at North Weald at the time, so if Special Hobby get their finger out? Steve
  11. Ironically, the Revell model appears in the movie as a wooden model when Ian McShane gives it to his son. Great model. I was thinking Psychedelic Monster, but it seems a shame to do that to a HK B25! Steve
  12. Hi Folks, Progress is slow due to all the masking and running out of paint. No one in Adelaide or on mail order seems to have any Taymia Flat Red or Flat White! I have enough to do the top I think then might have to change brands and deal with the colour changes. Steve
  13. Using the photo to position some very uneven stripes! Steve
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