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Zoukei Mura news for 2024


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Seems that Ki-100 is in latest stage of development

and that P-51B is getting closer



and another one


There's more! !
Among the ◯◯ machines that are sure to appear for those who aim to become pilots, the one that I want the most is finally here! Moreover, there are three types from ◯ to ◯ in 1/32 scale, so I'm so excited that I can't even sleep. I want it!



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Ah yes , a P-51A/ A-36 would be a very nice addition. The one I want and have been waiting for is the Ki-100! The T-28[?] is a curious choice ,though welcome, if true would be better than the Kitty Hawk rendition. What about the P-51B/C ? Seems as though it dropped off the scope [again]. That and Griffon engine spits seem like a no go area[ at least to me], probably because those are the ones that most interest me. Still, bring on the Ki-100! 

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14 hours ago, Dave Williams said:

Agreed.  That nose silhouette looks much more like a P-51/P-51A nose than a P-51B.


If ZM are going to do the whole P.51 enchilada ... I'm all for it ... the Hobbycraft kits are getting very thin on the ground and showing their age regardless ... A Mustang Mk.I & II as well as the Mk.III would be nice to see ...


We're still missing the final Hs.129 kit ... The Fw.190A-4 standard boxing should be out relatively soon ... and the first of the 'Basic Series' - The A-3 with a few small parts changes shouldn't take much time to put together either ... Maybe we'll get more than 1 or 2 ZM kits out next year?


Rog :)


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7 hours ago, thierry laurent said:

A T-28 is a strange choice as the Kittyhawk is far from bad and there are tons of not yet kitted large scale trainers including propeller ones such as the T-34.

Strange indeed… perhaps a clue is in the translated English text for the post … a personal favourite …


Now, I know the old man covers anything produced by ZM in superlatives … but a personal favourite?? … Given everything else produced by ZM - the only outliers to the main WWII subject matter are the Skyraiders and this one.


But, Hey! Variety is the spice of life!


Rog :)

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10 hours ago, Rick Griewski said:

I cannot read Japanese.  Darn.  The aircraft recognition pictures do look encouraging.  I need to finish my D back to B/C Mustang conversion.  

Here ya go Rick:

Released 10 years ago Although it was the first SWS kit, the modelers who created this kit had a hard time due to the lackluster parts composition, mold expressions, and unclear construction instructions that came from a place they were not familiar with. . However, once I managed to complete it, I couldn't help but feel the unique presence of this Shinden aircraft. I believe that I am not the only one who is impressed by this brave and courageous figure that ignored the suffering and frustration of the Japanese aircraft industry at the time, even though it was on the verge of defeat. . Thank you for visiting our blog. And finally, what Japanese army aircraft fans have been waiting for. SWS1/32 “Type 5 Battle” has entered the final stage of development. The first prototype is scheduled to arrive from our partner factory early next year. If there are no major incidents or disasters and development progresses smoothly... Well, as usual, we must not let our guard down. Anyway Please look forward to the appearance of the last fighter jet of the Japanese Army, which was greeted with cheers from Army Air Corps pilots struggling on the front lines, saying, "If only we had this!" This is an amazing kit! one more! Currently, development is progressing smoothly, and the phantom fighter plane has become a "two-seat type"! is! A unique kit that makes me roll my eyes and say, "Is that true?!" is in full swing. I can't reveal the model name yet, but... If you're sharp, then you're good to go! ! There's more! At last, the extremely famous machine that was once developed with the help of my wife will be realized with a completely new design. It's still a little while away, so I can only show you the silhouette for now, but the day is drawing near when the big hole left in the aircraft collection model will be filled with another wonderful piece! ! Luftwaffe in danger! ! There's more! ! Among the ◯◯ machines that are sure to appear for those who aim to become pilots, the one that I want the most is finally here! What's more, there are three types from ◯ to ◯ in 1/32 scale, so I'm so excited that I can't even sleep. I want it! Death! ! There's more! ! Well, if I keep going like this, I might get a request to discontinue this blog, so I'll end it here, but SWS will definitely make your dreams come true, so please keep an eye on me and look forward to future updates. Please stay tuned. And today is the 22nd of December. The new year is coming soon! From Kyoto, Japan, we pray that the coming year 2024 will be a good year for everyone. Please take good care of your body and see you next time on this blog. Zoukei-mura representative Hideyuki Shigeta


PS: Google translate is your friend.

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