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  1. How about these Lysander Allison Mustang Seahawk
  2. On the wing thickness I really would not worry. I have just finished wrestling a Mono F-100 I to submission and comparing it with the Trumpy Hun I cannot tell the difference. The deployed slats, tanks etc obscure the lack of thickness. I too had thoughts of performing surgery but not worth the effort in my opinion
  3. Great stuff - I hope that this could be productionised! Love your Tempest nose - have a couple of those ready to go.
  4. One can live on hope. Those plans are a great starting point however.
  5. I bought the Grey Matter P-51 Spinner but would buy a nose correction. The Allison. Mustangs are so clean aerodynamically - just love them!
  6. I am building one at the mo of a 1981 period airframe. The -7M was tested in 1982 so have gone for -9Ls and -7E2s The Two Bobs sheet is very nice Will
  7. I am not sure it would have been Cyano. I had this happen with PVA and lead and think that people are confusing the two
  8. And hopefully the announcement will be before we have all passed on!
  9. It is Number 10 published in the early nineties.
  10. Spirit in the Sky is excellent but you may need something else for details. The Verlinden Lock on features the RAF F-4 including the J and I found that very useful
  11. This is fantastic work Thierry and is inspiring me to when I start mine on 10 July. One thing I do need to check on my build is whether the Hasegawa MkII wing is the same chord at the wingroot as the Tamiya Fuselage. Will
  12. I am hoping our Lockdown finishes soon as I intend to spend quite a while looking at the Mk1s at Hendon and Kensington. I have always thought that Dzus are slightly raised disks as they reinforce the skin.
  13. Replicating Dzus fastenings has be scratching my head until Archer came out with some.
  14. I could not agree more. Any chance of you having a crack at it?
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