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  1. Inevitably I started mine 10 months before Airfix announced theirs.
  2. Did they change the gunsight - I know on RAF P-47s the US type was kept. are there any good photo references on the radio changes?
  3. My view exactly as I wade through the build. Filling, rescribing and riveting the wings does not take that long - 2 hours max. You will damage a lot of surface detail fitting the Trumpy wings
  4. Remember that there is no step on the real thing - it is a smooth transition otherwise the flow would separate!
  5. Interesting as I have done shallow depressions really effectively such as filling the resultant dip on the wing of an Airfix Vulcan.
  6. Change to thick superglue and you will never look back. Why? 1. Mechanically much better attachment and effectively improves the strength of the underlying join. 2. Can be scribed 3. Can be polished 4. Hardness can be varied with the amount of talcum powder 5. Self levelling so will fill a void or joint and is less messy 6. non-shrinking 3 years ago I had heard about it but never tried it using Tamiya basic putty, milliput and Mr dissolved putty. Now I only use Superglue and talc for filling. The only downside is the smell - my talc is Imperial leather and once sanding that is what you get! Will
  7. I thought that RAF biplanes has their turnbuckles under the fabric so not visible in any case so no real loss
  8. Brave indeed A3D - All 3 Dead according to contemporary nicknames
  9. Peter - I can imagine - I was the punter at end of Saturday who contributed the last £5 to your daily sales target. Many thanks for the offer! Have to say the Airscale Stand was very tempting as ever. Graham - Kicking myself for not getting an Attacker last year. I should have asked as well can your bits do a Seafire 47 from the Matchbox kit? I would get a conversion at the drop of a hat! Radu - Missed your stand this year as it is always a revelation to see what clever gadget you have thought of in the last year. I did a demo of all your scribing and riveting tools to my club in East Kent on Tuesday so you may get some orders out of that.
  10. That looks really impressive - nothing jumps out as being a howler. The surface detail looks good as do the brownings. Definitely one to look forward to. The rigging will need to be in photo etch to represent the RAF aerodynamic wires. It would have been nice if this has been included in the kit. I wonder if there will be any test shots at Telford this weekend. Will
  11. Tamiya also make a very nice pair of scissors that are curved so good removing any of the fret attachment points that escaped the initial cut. Will
  12. Not the first time that Monogram has been assumed to be correct and then found rather wanting. That said I do love the way they can look if done right but (as my F-100 is proving) they are rather a labour of love. If only they had got the F-105 nearly correct! As a long term fan of Belcher bits a GR V conversion would be very welcome - particularly the BP rear turret that I understand they used. Will
  13. A 1:48 B-47 would be ideal. Not too big, not too small
  14. Hi Steve CMK do a very nice cockpit in resin and PE that works a real treat. Not sure about the Eduard wheel wells. In GSB they will hardly show. Will
  15. I woke up the other day and Sabre sprang to mind immediately - must have been dreaming. I would think that a Sea Fury is also likely. The Sabre, like the F6F, is not well kitted in large scale, was used by the RAF, has a US angle, is available to scan in the UK and has lots of great markings. It is also a jet which must be tempting from a novelty perspective. I was lucky enough to be at Telford when they unveiled the F6F. Chatting to the Airfix rep two things were apparent. 1. Margins on the big kits are greater proportionally (the rapid sale of the first 5000 Hellcats was mentioned in Hornby’s annual report even. 2. The five year gap between the Typhoon and F6F was due to the former’s designer leaving and lack of replacement. From this one would hope that we will see more 1/24 kits in a shorter timeframe. Will
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