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  1. That is an amazing build - really impressive. I have to try foiling at some point. Will
  2. Thank you - that is a great idea and defo one to remember - particularly for hard to mask areas. The problem this time is that the numerals are really too small for the cutter to execute well.
  3. Am struggling with something that I thought would be straightforward. While I have a Cricut and can make masks as you get to smaller images decals provide, imho, a better result. I bought some very nice Furball decals for an F-4S but the colour of the markings is wrong. I have created the correct artwork and now need to get a one off set of decals printed (the colour involved is grey so cannot just use a standard printer). Does anyone know of a company that can print a one off sheet without charging the earth? I am UK based but happy to look Globally. Thanks i
  4. Not so sure - the way the MkIX rudder has the antenna wire attachment point and the wing fillet is in two parts are curious.
  5. The Thud is so overdue and accurate kit.
  6. At the end of the day it is a machine. Anything taken out can be added back.
  7. I see there being really two questions 1. When - the Mosquito was announced in 2008, the Typhoon 2013 and the Hellcat 2018. They made public announcements about the sales of the latter two that they have not done for other kits and I understand that margin is higher on the more expensive kits so I would not be surprised if the next one is announced before 2023. Hornby’s results are up due to the pandemic - they are back in profit. 2. Subject. The Hellcat was a bit of a marker. Applicability beyond the UK, no good/recent large scale kit, several markings schemes and not
  8. Note how the main wing box is relatively clean. It is the bit the inside pylons attach to.
  9. Very nice Drove past the site of the Airfield this morning. There is a housing estate now on that hill in the background
  10. There is a very slight reduction in thickness. The wing is elliptical and the reduction inboard to maintain t/c is very small. The top is definitely flat.
  11. Great work on the dihedral - I have not seen another build that has fixed it. Can I ask what it would take to get the upper skins horizontal? Will
  12. Thank you for that - it makes sense given that the Spits and Hurris were doing very nicely. Worth pointing out that the bombers came over in the BoB in the low teens altitude wise so this would not have been an issue.
  13. The Whirlwind just missed the Battle of Britain - I always wonder how they would have done. The concentration of fire would have been awesome. It would also have been faster than any other fighter
  14. Good to see this. I am making slow progress utilising the fuselage from a Tamiya Mk IX and this kit.
  15. How about these Lysander Allison Mustang Seahawk
  16. On the wing thickness I really would not worry. I have just finished wrestling a Mono F-100 I to submission and comparing it with the Trumpy Hun I cannot tell the difference. The deployed slats, tanks etc obscure the lack of thickness. I too had thoughts of performing surgery but not worth the effort in my opinion
  17. Great stuff - I hope that this could be productionised! Love your Tempest nose - have a couple of those ready to go.
  18. One can live on hope. Those plans are a great starting point however.
  19. I bought the Grey Matter P-51 Spinner but would buy a nose correction. The Allison. Mustangs are so clean aerodynamically - just love them!
  20. I am building one at the mo of a 1981 period airframe. The -7M was tested in 1982 so have gone for -9Ls and -7E2s The Two Bobs sheet is very nice Will
  21. I am not sure it would have been Cyano. I had this happen with PVA and lead and think that people are confusing the two
  22. And hopefully the announcement will be before we have all passed on!
  23. Spirit in the Sky is excellent but you may need something else for details. The Verlinden Lock on features the RAF F-4 including the J and I found that very useful
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