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  1. I am building one at the mo of a 1981 period airframe. The -7M was tested in 1982 so have gone for -9Ls and -7E2s The Two Bobs sheet is very nice Will
  2. I am not sure it would have been Cyano. I had this happen with PVA and lead and think that people are confusing the two
  3. And hopefully the announcement will be before we have all passed on!
  4. It is Number 10 published in the early nineties.
  5. Spirit in the Sky is excellent but you may need something else for details. The Verlinden Lock on features the RAF F-4 including the J and I found that very useful
  6. This is fantastic work Thierry and is inspiring me to when I start mine on 10 July. One thing I do need to check on my build is whether the Hasegawa MkII wing is the same chord at the wingroot as the Tamiya Fuselage. Will
  7. I am hoping our Lockdown finishes soon as I intend to spend quite a while looking at the Mk1s at Hendon and Kensington. I have always thought that Dzus are slightly raised disks as they reinforce the skin.
  8. Replicating Dzus fastenings has be scratching my head until Archer came out with some.
  9. I could not agree more. Any chance of you having a crack at it?
  10. the problem is the issue with the nose starts basically mid-cockpit rather then being just the radome. The F-105 is so iconic it is a shame that there is no decent kit of it
  11. Good for you Thierry. Will be interesting to see how you get on with it.
  12. I am with you on this Chuck - same goes for Italian and armour as well. Don’t get me started on the 1/35 kits of German boxcars! I can build Cold War Warsaw Pact stuff and like modern Japanese and German subjects too as well as Chinese (just thinking through the stash) On the subject of boring markings for Allied subjects - you just need to look harder!
  13. I have the MDC bits and will use them on my Mk1 - they look pretty good in the packet to be fair
  14. Not sure but I have a feeling that it is itself based on the Hasegawa kit.
  15. Getting into detailed planning for this. I plan on using the Tamiya Mk IX rear fuselage and tail surfaces as well as the cockpit structure. The windscreen, nose and wings etc will come from the Hasegawa Mk1. I have the Eduard etch for the cockpit along with the Barracuda seat, door and detail bits along with the True Details wheels. I plan on vac forming a canopy with the bulged top and flat sides. I also plan on cutting my own masks as I want to make a machine with a funky colour underneath (eau-de-nil ideally) Is there anything else that I should be aware of?
  16. Nothing is ever perfect. I would be interested to see if he would have used the Hasegawa Mk1 wing if he had that.
  17. That is a great build with significant surgery. Does anyone have photos of the details on the rear fuselage of the original Revell kit. I really want to get an idea of what the Fuselage looks like and what is worth using. it is ridiculous that there is no good mainstream kit in 1/32 of either a Hurricane or Spitfire Mk1 given they won the first really/most significant air campaign ever
  18. That is a good question. Given the commonality is all marks until the 21 that should not be too much of an issue. I have heard some drawings done in Canada are very good and the Bentley drawings are normally top quality. i was surprised at how closely the profile of the Hase Mk V matches the Tamiya Mk IX - there really is nothing in it:
  19. Thanks for this additional useful info. This pushes me to use the Tamiya fuselage and the Hase nose Rivets are straightforward to add using Archer rivets that I have already. The lapping less so to replace but the same applies to repairing damage.
  20. The mild gull wing effect is there on the Hasegawa origin kits I think. They lack the undercut. Have made my decision: Use the Hase Mk 1 as the base get a Revell Mk 1 original issue and use the fuselage back up 1 use the Tamiya Mk 9 fuselage and empennage Back up 2 modify kit parts: I may try this first in any case using the Tamiya as a guide
  21. That is the one. Very good images
  22. The new 1/48 Airfix one is pretty good though Eduard I am sure will blow it away.
  23. It is amazing that after all this time that is the case in 1/32. You would have thought someone would have done it justicefor the 80th anniversary.
  24. Agreed it is very good. I have the aero detail book that features the Science Museum example and others for the detail.
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