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  1. Not the first time that Monogram has been assumed to be correct and then found rather wanting. That said I do love the way they can look if done right but (as my F-100 is proving) they are rather a labour of love. If only they had got the F-105 nearly correct! As a long term fan of Belcher bits a GR V conversion would be very welcome - particularly the BP rear turret that I understand they used. Will
  2. A 1:48 B-47 would be ideal. Not too big, not too small
  3. Hi Steve CMK do a very nice cockpit in resin and PE that works a real treat. Not sure about the Eduard wheel wells. In GSB they will hardly show. Will
  4. I woke up the other day and Sabre sprang to mind immediately - must have been dreaming. I would think that a Sea Fury is also likely. The Sabre, like the F6F, is not well kitted in large scale, was used by the RAF, has a US angle, is available to scan in the UK and has lots of great markings. It is also a jet which must be tempting from a novelty perspective. I was lucky enough to be at Telford when they unveiled the F6F. Chatting to the Airfix rep two things were apparent. 1. Margins on the big kits are greater proportionally (the rapid sale of the first 5000 Hellcats was mentioned in Hornby’s annual report even. 2. The five year gap between the Typhoon and F6F was due to the former’s designer leaving and lack of replacement. From this one would hope that we will see more 1/24 kits in a shorter timeframe. Will
  5. That is a great build of a little seen aeroplane. I have always wondered how effective they were - they had quite a bit of power from a Nene. The bit that I am really curious about the antennas - how did you make them? Will
  6. Thank you for that. Very helpful indeed. Now to get a spare Tamiya F-4 clear sprue! Will
  7. Just picked up a 1996 RoG boxing that has aged far better than I have over the last 23 years! I really would like to build this rather than use it as a donor kit (I have three Tamiya F-4s in the stash as well). Is it possible to get a Tamiya Canopy and surrounding fuselage and drop it in? With the canopies open it does not look too bad in the very nice builds in this thread but I do like closed canopies to be honest. Has anyone tried this? Will
  8. Looks fantastic. Could you share how you created the fuselage and wing skin?
  9. Me too. The bits you had on the stand at Telford a few years back looked great. Will
  10. Great photo - hard to believe that was over 40 year ago. Interesting to see both nozzles fully open.
  11. This is really great news but the real question is why it has taken so long! So many great schemes, so much history! I hope they do the rigging as etch.
  12. Looking forward to this one. It looked fantastic in the flesh on Saturday. I had a chat to one of the designers and 1. Markings options will be 2 US, one FAA and one French 2. There are so many detail changes between a - 3 and - 5 that all we are getting is a - 5. At least by current plans. HTH Will
  13. Very sad to hear this. 'First Light' is a wonderful book that I thoroughly recommend. The achievements of that generation only increases with time
  14. That is great. I have this kit in the stash and it is good to see it built for inspiration. Could I ask the technique you used to paint the spinner? Will
  15. I have just 'invested' in a Cricut air 2 cutter. The Amarillo USAF font is wider than the text on the Tamiya and Aeromaster sheets that I have for an F-84. Did the font change from the fifties, does anyone know where the correct font can be found or have software that can manipulate a font? Many thsnks Will
  16. Stunning and an inspiration as I have just ordered the kit. Did you use any varnish over the Alclad? Will
  17. Many thanks for that. I have found some.39mm braided brass wire that looks a little thin off the model but in terms of colour and look is spot on
  18. Slightly random question. Looking to get some wire to replicate and was wondering what the diameter of the real thing was. Any help much appreciated Will
  19. Well here is mine 1/24 Sea Fury - Airfix 1/32 F-106 - Trumpeter Gladiator - SH DH Hornet - SH EE Lightning
  20. Pertinent thread for me I just bought this kit to build and compared it to the 'scanned' Airfix kit and it matches well enough for me. The one thing I do want to fix is the cockpit. I accept I am never going to find a Cutting Edge set. Can anyone recommend an alternative? Does the Eduard set work? Many thanks in advance Will
  21. Fantastic to see progress on this. For such a short prodigy of 130 or so it remained on the front line for 3 years. Wallet at the ready!
  22. This would really do it for me. Love this helo.
  23. I wonder if he will release a fix for the windscreen? It just looks wrong. Will
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