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Spitfire XVI SL721 - Finished!

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Hello LSP!    I've never posted here before, but I have been at Hyperscale, Brit Modeller and ARC over many years. Anyway- here we go!


Spitfire Mk XVI SL721 AU-J was a veteran of the RAF and has been kept flying until the present day.  Right now she is in Belgium, registered as OO-XVI.  Another member here "red Dog" has done  a terrific job on this example previously on this forum.  More on red Dog later....


This aircraft was previously owned and operated by Vintage Wings of Canada and the Mike Potter Collection in Gatineau Quebec, close to Ottawa here in Canada.  This kit was obtained by a fellow named Graham C, a member of the VWoC and he had hoped to build it. He decided, however, that it was beyond his ability to do it justice and decided to donate it to VWoC if someone would volunteer to build it.  I said I'd give it a crack and here it is.


I won't go into detail on the 1/32 Tamiya kit as it has been covered many times but will try to focus on the modifications and extras I attempted.


First off SL721, AU-J  reg C-GVZB as she was in Canada.2KDD8V9Y7ZFWdOWbvK4aRzXndp5PKAweznQzSMKC


I decided to start with the engine firewall.  Using as many photos as I could collect I added piping and lines.j_BiQMZmZM5Hjwl5E7Aio_eO0u9EzwfXwhLKpKA1




Next up the engine was assembled and base coat of X18 semi gloss black.



The left side received spark plugs and wires.  These are VERY thin wires with most of the insulation stripped, leaving just a little on the end to represent the spark plug boot.  The yellow would be painted over later.   Some oil lines were added using lead wire and the and the ignition wire tube was made from plastic rod.ELMLGRejpkJ08WwU-DRsijCNz3kzQDkQKGRwyd8y


The right side..



The supercharger...



And underneath...



That's it for today.  Next I will show the upper (inside) ignition harness, both the first and second versions....

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Snap!!  :)  I also did SL-721 about five years ago, as originally flown by Air Vice Marshal Sir James Robb.  And I'm just wrapping up a commission of the same model right now.




So I'll be following this one too.  It's a lovely kit.  Enjoy.





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14 hours ago, Greg W said:

Welcome to LSP! 


Stellar work on this Bill! This is a follow for sure.


Where do you get your lead wire?

Thanks.   The silver wires are solder, which is very easy to bend but is also eady to scar.  The copper and brass were from a craft supply store in the jewelry area. A bit of brass pipe was from the good old hobby shop.

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