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  1. Oooh, your back! Nice work on that panel Anthony, looks great. Just like everything else on this model! So nice to follow along, please continue.
  2. Above is a photo I took at the RAF Museum in Hendon while on holiday in England. It shows the propeller hub up close and exhaust shroud to good extent. Compare that to the pictures of the kit parts below: When I began this thread, the fuselage halves were on loan but now that I have them back, I can show how the JP Warbirds exhausts look installed. It will take a few days but watch this space if curious. This kit has the potential, with a little help to look great. When I first built it in the early 1990s, I was wishing for these specific upgrades. As well as a photoetch canopy set, like the one Verlinden Productions did both on 1:48 and 1:32 for the E model 109. Airscale offers a beautiful IP and decal placards along with a planned full PE canopy set, which is in the development process. Another glaring deficiency is the hollow wheel wells, which is not a major endeavor to correct with sheet styrene. So now I think the most difficult aspects of the kit to improve for most modelers, the exhaust and canopy, are addressed by the aftermarket. Looks like Model Monkey will have a proper replacement for the kit prop/hub/spinner down the road too, which will render my hack job here obsolete. Good deal. More soon
  3. Wow! What a stellar job on this beauty! I know the person you made this for will deeply appreciate it, as well as the family and friends who remember the aircraft in this livery. Spending time with the model up close will be be a tangible link to time spent with ZK-CCG.
  4. Same here Damian, good vibes going your way.
  5. Here's a little update on another new option for the Airfix kit, by JP Warbirds. In my opinion, a long overdue upgrade to a area of the model that really needed lots of improvement, the exhausts. Jiri Prekop designed and 3D printed these and they look fantastic. They are completely hollow and have a flange with bolt detail at the base of each individual exhaust pipe. At the moment, I do not have my kit since it is on loan to another "aftermarket guy". As soon as it returns I will post pictures of how the exhausts look installed on the model but for now, I can only show you the pics below: Something worth mentioning is that great care must be used in removing the 3D printed parts from the supports. The material is incredibly brittle. Using sprue cutters in this case (no mater what brand) will most definitely chip/crack/break the part. The only way that I found to safely remove the supports without damaging a exhaust, was to use a superfine micro saw (RB Productions) and work very gently, delicately and s - l - o - w - l - y. The material did respond well to sanding with the Flory sanding sticks I've been using lately. Great job Jiri, thanks for doing this!
  6. Wow Jay! I think the chipping on the cowl looks incredibly good. And such a realistic result so quickly! You were born to do this.
  7. Since you have some time before this project is at the paint stage, consider doing up some more test panels like you just have. One group that gets 72 hours for the coatings to cure and another group that gets seven days to cure. I think it would be very interesting to see the results after more time has transpired between application and tape testing.
  8. Hi Jay We can buy Flory Model Products here in the States at High Altitude Hobbies. https://www.highaltitudehobbies.com/flory-models-products Top tips for using Flory washes: These washes are easily compromised by contamination, which can cause the ingredients to split and or clump. • Dedicate some brand new brushes for use only with your Flory Washes • Never dip a brush directly in the FW bottle. Shake it up, pour some into another container and go from there. Don't double dip in the original container... ever! Its good stuff, get some and watch Phill Florys YouTube video. You will be up and running quickly.
  9. Spectacular job John! Such a great build to follow. Its nice to see how some of the Eduard exterior set integrates into the model. The delicate cowl flap actuators look tricky but very much worth the effort and you did a impressive job installing those.
  10. AMAZING! Wonderful work here Mr. B. Love everything but I am fixated on the heated metal and exhaust nozzles at the moment. You have captured the look so convincingly, I do not think I have seen better. Thanks for sharing, great to see!
  11. The painting (and construction) is superb! Fantastic job Duke, this is great to watch come together.
  12. Awesome diorama! Alliance Model Works makes beautiful photo etch ship yard cranes. Maybe there is something in the line up that you can adapt for your dio. https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Games-toys/Alliance-Model-Works-196817487006530/posts/
  13. Hi Mark, its great you checked in. I am really enjoying your Bf109F-4/Z Trop WIP at the moment. I've bookmarked that build, its just packed with inspiring stuff! Thanks for doing what you do and showing us how you do it!
  14. I am using a 1:32 Henri Daehne propeller set as a guide for the shape of the blades. The outline was traced on tape applied to the back of the prop. The outline was then enlarged 133%. The blade on top is from the Trumpeter 1:24 Bf 109G kit, which is too short to use. On the bottom, the paper template used to profile the kit part. I give the first attempt a 7.75 out of 10. There are two more blades that I have to reshape, so the best will be a master for casting three copies in resin. Bye for now
  15. Hi Alain Thanks for wishing me good luck on my build. There is more good news, he is doing some exhaust stacks as well which as you know, this kit badly needs. Watch this space for more up dates... Did you post your build or RFI pics on LSP? Would love to see it! Cheers, Greg
  16. The 1:24 JPWarbirds Revi C/12D, 3D printed gunsights arrived and I like them quite a bit. What you see in the photos below is what you get. No clear parts. I ordered several, some printed in light grey, some in dark grey. They are well detailed and will easily accept sight "glass" cut out of thin clear plastic. The only major detail missing, is the large knob on the bottom of the sight. Easy to make by slicing a bit from stretched sprue or using a punch and die set. The extreme close up pictures make the print lines look worse than they are. A little light sanding and a spritz of Mr. Surfacer will get them ready for painting. Thank you Jiri!
  17. Beautiful paint work, I think it looks great! Very well done indeed.
  18. I don't know if Jiri is including clear parts with the sights or not Adam. I did not think to ask. I will post photos of what is in the box when my order arrives.
  19. News update! Jiri of JPWarbirds has redesigned and resized his 1:5 scale Revi C/12D gunsight to 1:24, pictured below. I have purchased some and they will ship this coming week. Not sure how long it will take to arrive from overseas but watch this space for more info. Many thanks to Model Monkey and JPWarbirds for providing aftermarket geared to 1:24 subjects. 1:24 Test shot:
  20. Thank you for offering to do that! Since I am just gathering the available aftermarket but not actually building the kit currently, I don't feel its right to have you change up your schedule. However, I will buy any and all 1:24 Bf 109E upgrades you produce in the future for sure. The 1:24 prop spinners and hubs I purchased are beautiful.
  21. Since I have quite limited scratch building skill, I resort to adapting and combining available items in order to come up with a better looking replacement for dodgy parts. In my opinion, the propeller blades, propeller hub and spinner are all quite poor on the big Airfix 109. As I looked at reference pictures of the propeller hub, I knew that I was not up to the task of making one myself. After checking out some of the 1:24 offerings on the Model Monkey website, I ordered a spinner/prop hub designed to be used with the Trumpeter 1:24 Bf 109 kits, link below: https://www.model-monkey.com/product-page/1-24-messerschmitt-bf-109-f-g-and-k-spinner I was curious to see if I could use the propeller hub to cobble together a better looking unit that I could attach re profiled kit blades to. Is it super accurate? Of course not but I think this is a path to a much better end result (given my abilities) than what is provided in the box. See what you think and add your two cents! Lets take a look a my experiment... Below, kit parts fresh off the runners: The modified Model Monkey hub next to the original. In order to fit the spinner over the hub, the cannon barrel had to be removed. A little trim brings the MM replacement to the same size as the kit part. Test fit of the new hub and spinner (hub still un-trimmed, original size). Not a bad start! Reworking the spinner a little and re profiling the propeller blades, should yield a much improved result. I hope this little side venture is helpful to others building this kit. Thoughts/comments? Greg
  22. Hi friends Received a email from Jiri at JPWarbirds. He said he will attempt to print a 1:24 scale Revi C/12D this week and let me know how it goes. In the meantime, I have enlarged some 1:32 drawings to 1:24 in case making my own is the only option. I think the Verlinden update for the 1:24 Trumpeter Bf 109G2 had a Revi sight in it, not sure though. If anyone out there has the set, if so inclined, please take a gander and let me know what is in the box. All the best, Greg
  23. I just emailed JPWarbirds and asked if they can resize and print a version of the Ravi sight they sell. I will report back here whatever the result. Three days ago I had a email exchange with Steve at Model Monkey, asking if he would consider making one for his 1:24 product line (also asked if he would make exhaust stacks and propeller hub/blades). He has plans to expand his offerings in 1:24 but has a slew of projects underway, well into 2023. After that, we just might see more goodies for the Airfix 109E. But don't quote me as I do not know his plans for sure. I just told him what I wanted...
  24. Thank you Adam! This is a interesting lead to explore for sure. I really appreciate it. I have been exploring Shapeways. A dangerous thing to do... haven't found any tiny Luftwaffe gun sights but I almost started reaching for my wallet after seeing this: https://www.shapeways.com/product/4KB9CX4SL/kg12-control-stick?optionId=55092411&li=shops Warbird Treasures makes full size warbird parts for flight sims. Including parts to build a 1:1 Revi C/12D. Off I go to check out JPWarbirds! Laters
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