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  1. Be careful Ade, you bought two already…..next thing you know, is you’ll end up with multiple schemes you desire, and you’re buying more. Someone I know has somehow ended up with 10. Can’t think who it might be
  2. Lesson well and truly learnt here. Thankfully, I’ve kinda got away with it. I know it’s there but will never see it unless I take it down for cleaning.
  3. Mini disaster strikes! With the Thunderbirds jets looking incredibly shiny, I thought I’d use the opportunity to try out MRP 2K super gloss varnish. Amazing stuff when it’s dried, and goes bullet hard. However……a word of caution……don’t spill it on your beautiful paint job or decals, it eats into both quite brutally. The damage has been done to the wing undersurface, attacking the decals some. . Luckily, with the pose I’ve put the kit in, the damage is invisible, and I’m really not inclined to attempt any repairs. What can’t be seen and all that…..
  4. Thanks fellas. I just realised that it’s just about a year to the day that I started the thread. And I giggle at my original post that said I was building 4! I’ve built 5 to go with the two already on the shelves. And I’ve still got 3 to go.
  5. They are indeed built from the Sufa kits.
  6. A bit of a break while I build the remaining kits up to the painting process. Here’s the current state of play. They’re all on temporary stands, which is a whole other project once I’ve got the building done. A Greek duo. Thunderbird 8 A aggressive pairing IAF and Belgian
  7. As far as I’m aware, there aren’t any available. Having seen the jet in person, I imagine it’d be crazy difficult to match the paint too. It’s got a really cool metallic property to it that makes it pop in the sunlight.
  8. Appreciate the offer sir. If I ever consider a single seater to go with this one……you never know. The grey baffled me too, I’m assuming it’s an iPhone white balance thing. If I ever get round to photographing the entire line up, it’ll be done with a camera that I can white balance properly.
  9. Just about done. Just a case of dotting i’s and crossing t’s (exhaust and metallics). For some odd reason, iPhone camera makes the paint look grey. It isn’t I promise. How to sum up this one…….I’m not truly happy with the finish on the underside. I knew going in the that decals for the ‘bird’ were never going to fit properly. But I underestimated the lack of consistency in the decal colours. Some were really dark blue, others were a lot lighter. Add to that, the blue that I used to ‘fill in the blanks’ was a different shad again. So the underside looks a little horrific up close and under lighting. But from a couple of feet, acceptable. I think I managed a nice job of the red on the tail, using a hand cut mask. Name plates aren’t accurate for a 2 seat jet, but had to have something there. A bit of artistic licence for that. I made the ‘Thunderbird 8’ decal on the intake from 2 number 3’s laid on top of each other. I’ve added a thinned down Paynes gray wash to highlight panels, and added a few shadows here and there. This one goes down in the “it’s done, but not great” category. The main thing was to get a T’bird in the Viper pit, and to try shoehorning a 2 seater in instead of a single. Basically because I want to use the Tamiya kit for another Nellis Aggressor scheme. 7 down, 3 to go.
  10. I’ve had the outline of an idea for the underside too. rather than use the full decals. I may cut the majority of colour away, leaving just the edges and oi striping, then fill in the cutaway bits with paint.
  11. Well, this got interesting, because I’m using the Academy 2 seater, obviously the decals are from the Tamiya kit. I couldn’t get the red nose band to conform, I tried 2 from 3 sets, and they both shattered. So I traced the red outline and created a mask for it. MRP insignia red is as close a match to the decals as I’ve ever seen, so I painted the wingtip stripes too. I’ll also be doing the red section on the tail too. Getting the MRP white to cover up that grey plastic was fun too.
  12. I have a 10th, and absolutely FINAL one to go into the mix. This one will be a build for my daughter. She will choose the scheme, and I’ll put her name on it.
  13. Thanks for the offer, and will give you a shout if I get stuck anywhere along the way. I’m currently working out how to produce the high shine finish seen on T’birds. Me and gloss coats have never really got along. And, I’ve noticed from many photo’s that these jets start the day mirror like shiny.
  14. I’m calling this one done apart from the clear coloured light lenses. I need to replace my paint to do that but will wait until I’ve finished the others now. The eagle eyed will spot my artistic licence work. The AAM’s are training rounds, where the HARM’s are live rounds. In my head, it’s a live fire training sortie using the HARM’s. I don’t even know if they were carried for that era, BUT…..they look so good, I didn’t want to waste them. The engine exhaust nozzle is also incorrect for this particular jet, BUT…..again, I’ve simply used what I had available after the change of paint scheme mid build. No way was SWMBO going to allow me to replace all the goodies to convert it back to another block. So, here it is…. Next up……Thunderbirds 2 seat jet, assuming I can fudge the Tamiya decals onto the Academy kit.
  15. It’s got some markings on it, and I used a highly thinned & lightened coat of each base colour to ‘bleach’ the decals a little. Photo’s of similar examples have shown them to be bleached almost white, and with practically no markings on them apart from national insignia, and a few warnings around the nose. I didn’t want to go that far with the weathering of it.
  16. Viper 6. Not one of my better construction efforts, but I’m loving the paint job. I can get a move on with decals now they’ve turned up. 6 painted, 3 to go. And I absolutely won’t build another 1/32 F-16 again……..honest!
  17. Sea Harriers and Jag’s in 1/32? And there I was thinking of modelling retirement……
  18. Temporary stands made and jets posed dynamically.
  19. I’m calling it. Number 5/9 that I have in total. Done. Past the half way line. Still to come… 2 F-16B - Thunderbirds Spare, and one from Hellenic AF. 2 F-16C - Venom display team, and a Nellis Blizzard Aggressor. I’ve just had delivery of some of the markings, now waiting on ProCal decals to get me the Greek markings. I’m getting there bit by bit Edit: I just noticed the intake lights haven’t been painted. That will be done now. Oops. Called it too early.
  20. I’m not one for heavy weathering usually. But photo’s and my own sightings of ‘Zeus’ would suggest that the underside of this particular jet is filthy to the point of not seeing the camouflage anymore. I didn’t wanna go the whole 9 yards and make it look like it’s almost black underneath. Nor did I want it as ‘clean’ as I would normally finish a kit. So I went for a middle ground. I’m just about a few metal parts and a satin coat away from getting this into a display pose.
  21. Looking pretty darned good there.
  22. It’s also odd, the affinity I have with this jet. It all started when I got to sit in one at Mildenhall Air Fete, many many years ago. It was the first jet I got up close and personal with. I was a wide eyed and giddy 7-8 yr old. I’ve been naturally drawn to the type ever since.
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