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  1. Thank you Ray, it’s good to see it up there in the spotlight.
  2. That’s a tough set of options, equally time consuming I’ll imagine. Of the two, I’d probably enlist the help of your daughter if she’s agreeable. I’ve no real experience using gold paint, beyond mixing a drop or two of MRP into other metallic colours. I’m guessing any lacquer based gold will allow you to spray a really thin layer with good coverage over the white. Possibly a touch more to cover the other colours.
  3. Have you figured how to approach the Kanji script yet?
  4. Oh man, those look seriously good.
  5. I’m still waiting on DN masks to knock this set out in 1/32…. Image courtesy of JetPhotos.
  6. It turns out that Mrs Stokey actually quite likes this one. You never know, the Viper pit may yet spawn another. To quote her directly…. “BUT, get the remaining 3 finished first!”
  7. It’s a running theme on my display shelves. I try to avoid painting jets grey where possible. I like the challenge of the more unique schemes.
  8. Shhhhhh. Mrs StokeyPete might be watching.
  9. Seriously cool work there sir. Those engine access doors are a horrific fit as I recall from my one attempt to tame this beast, long before 3D printing and silhouette cutters. Mine ended up a pile of scrap plastic.
  10. Outstanding, I hope you got a good deal. You’re now the proud owner of one of the finest model kits I think we’ll ever see (in my humble opinion anyway). I can’t say I’ve heard of any vac’ canopies being produced. I know they’re not perfect, but knowing that’s there’s no real alternative, I’ve resigned myself to doing what I can with the transparencies in the box. I’d highly recommend checking out Nigel’s Modelling Bench YouTube channel for his build thread. There’s a mine of hints and tips for build sequence and the like.
  11. Oh my! Now that is something really special, and also unique in large scale. It’s great to watch this coming together.
  12. You’re knocking this outta the park! It’s a stunner.
  13. My homemade masks…..used. 1ManArmy masks…..used. I’ve deliberately painted a few bits sloppily here and there to ensure the bombs don’t all look identical, as I’m sure that was the case when foundries were casting 1000’s upon 1000’s at a time. I’m also sure that my colours aren’t entirely accurate, but it’s not something I get hung up on when I’m only building for myself. I can live with anything that would bring on the cold sweats for others. This is a couple of samples photographed macro style. next up…….to give them the bomb dump treatment.
  14. Chris. One thing I don’t believe I failed to notice…….did you take the flaps off the wings? That’s something I’ve never considered doing before. That’s a cool addition to the dynamic look.
  15. Dude! You’re a modelling machine at the moment. Quality stuff as always.
  16. Not just Tamiya and WNW. I been looking for an Airfix Typhoon Mk.1b - the bubbletop canopy version. Sellers are asking for nearly double the original retail prices of the things, and they seem to be getting bought, then attempted to be sold on at an even more inflated price.
  17. I’ve recently started to reuse it again for the ‘Lancaster assembly line’ group. A source of inspiration and gleaning a few tips on building my Border kit. I can credit FB with a lot of discoveries that have changed what and how I model.
  18. My wallet is safe, even at that good a price. There’s no scheme for this jet that’s colourful enough for me.
  19. Do be sure to show everybody here how you get on. It looks a stunning kit.
  20. Pretty much the same mantra can be applied here. I know I’ve used odd solutions many a time during my years as a locksmith.
  21. A conundrum I’ve been pondering for a few hours…….how to paint the red incendiary bands around the 500lb’ers. I had a far out of left field solution. I took the unused prop’ spinners from the kit, cut holes in the tops and opened them to 7mm and 8mm respectively. Placed over the tips of the bombs, the conical shape of the spinner meets the surface snugly. Thus creating the perfect reusable ‘mask’. …..the result A bit of an unusual solution, granted. But reckon it saved me the job of trying to do it with tape.
  22. I’m not that fussed about loading the Cookie in there. I wanted the belly rammed full of smaller iron rain. The wing issue is moot for me now as I’m wall mounting it onto my office wall, between a couple of beautiful Lancaster paintings I have.
  23. One can only guess that sales figures for the MK IX will determine their willingness to release other variants.
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