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  1. Viper 6. Not one of my better construction efforts, but I’m loving the paint job. I can get a move on with decals now they’ve turned up. 6 painted, 3 to go. And I absolutely won’t build another 1/32 F-16 again……..honest!
  2. Sea Harriers and Jag’s in 1/32? And there I was thinking of modelling retirement……
  3. Temporary stands made and jets posed dynamically.
  4. I’m calling it. Number 5/9 that I have in total. Done. Past the half way line. Still to come… 2 F-16B - Thunderbirds Spare, and one from Hellenic AF. 2 F-16C - Venom display team, and a Nellis Blizzard Aggressor. I’ve just had delivery of some of the markings, now waiting on ProCal decals to get me the Greek markings. I’m getting there bit by bit Edit: I just noticed the intake lights haven’t been painted. That will be done now. Oops. Called it too early.
  5. I’m not one for heavy weathering usually. But photo’s and my own sightings of ‘Zeus’ would suggest that the underside of this particular jet is filthy to the point of not seeing the camouflage anymore. I didn’t wanna go the whole 9 yards and make it look like it’s almost black underneath. Nor did I want it as ‘clean’ as I would normally finish a kit. So I went for a middle ground. I’m just about a few metal parts and a satin coat away from getting this into a display pose.
  6. Looking pretty darned good there.
  7. It’s also odd, the affinity I have with this jet. It all started when I got to sit in one at Mildenhall Air Fete, many many years ago. It was the first jet I got up close and personal with. I was a wide eyed and giddy 7-8 yr old. I’ve been naturally drawn to the type ever since.
  8. It’s because I chose a bunch of colourful ones isn’t it?
  9. Thanks guys, it’s getting near to the end. I’ve had much more success with the masks and decals this time. I’ve got a few little trims and tidy ups to do.
  10. And so I’m at this point once more. I’ve applied the feathers that cover the spine and CFTs. Not all plain sailing by any stretch of imagination, but…..so far so good there’s no signs of any paintwork splitting./cracking. I shall now leave this to breathe a little while before I continue.
  11. I’ve spent a bit of time tidying up the overspray areas. Tiny airbrush needle, low pressure, little blobs of blu tac…….job done. I’ve added some ripple effect shading to the flag too. I’ve used a little artistic licence with this as I’m not a huge fan of the look on the real deal. I prefer it a little more realistic and subtle.
  12. And the result….. There’s a few very minor touch ups to cover up some oversprays. But the making film hasn’t lifted a single speck of paint, so there’s no repair work to be done. I’m very happy with that result so far.
  13. The insanity continues. 2 sessions at the bench to produce what appears very little. The instructions for the mask are a bit ambiguous to put it kindly. But after much more study than the first time I tried this, I’ve cracked it. It looks more akin to its 1:1 colleague. Time to get some blue onto it.
  14. No rest, onto the next. A bit of a side by side, which will be the two Hellenic AF jets. I’m just waiting on delivery of some ProCal decals for the 2 seat mount, whilst reacquainting myself the Zeus masking set. Hopefully I’ll not have the same issues I had before. All the paint is MRP lacquers rather that Gunze acrylics.
  15. I’m a few stores away from calling number 4 from 8, done. In the spirit of me not building replicas, this one is a bit of a cross breed. The decals have been taken from a later paint scheme, but work with the older version of it. The block number for this serial is wrong, etc etc. Inaccurate? Absolutely. Am I bothered? Not in the slightest. This has been one of more enjoyable painting sessions. ….and the two recent additions together. I’ve gotta start making some stands, storage is beginning to become a problem, and I’m running out of bits of foam to rest them on.
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