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  1. I'm a bit late to the party, and a first time GB participant. I've given myself just over 3 months to start and complete the Revel Tornado GR1 RAF boxing. I'm adding an unusual loadout from an image my dad caught when he was lucky enough to be on board an RAF tanker sortie. Sky shadow and Boz pods 4 Alarm drill rounds 4 x Storm Shadow drill rounds.
  2. What can one say that's not already been said? It's truly remarkable work there. Assuming you completed the behemoth, what would be the final dimensions?
  3. Re-pop the Harrier, to their now wonderful 2019 and beyond standard.
  4. I'll go against the grain a little and would say bravo! Don't announce what it is until it's released. There's no time for folk to dissect it before they've even seen it. We don't get pages of "oh god, they've done this wrong, they've done that wrong". i like the idea of looking forward to a new release being available before I know what it is. Builds a bit of excitement and anticipation. It kind of reminds me a little of air shows. They were so much more enjoyable when you didn't know the participants. Something exotic was a surprise. The Internet killed that now with participants announced months in advance, with time for people to complain like mad that this isn't flying or that's cancelled. It takes the fun out of it.
  5. Chuck, I landed a full set of figures, fast roping gear, and guns from models-hobby.com. They come up as the distributor link on LR main page. They took a while to ship to the UK but all items turned up in mint condition.
  6. Oh my! It's getting on in years a bit but, damn that's one sexy looking jet still. It's the 1st 32nd scale pointy one to excite me for many a moon. I'd kinda fallen out of love with building jets.
  7. Here's my current SOD. As well as the obvious Black Hawk and a whole bunch of figures, there's an Academy Hornet nose section half built. Add to that, a pair of Revell WW2 birds, the Spit' Mk IX, and the P-51D. It's safe to say, SWMBO wasn't too happy to find yet another kit on the bench. But I've been restrained, it's gone into the stash rather than being added to the shelfs black hole.
  8. My kit arrived today, excellently packaged which kept the box safe n sound. I'm no rotorhead, or know anything about the Black Hawk, so can't comment on it's accuracy or lack of. What I will say is, that for my purposes, it's a bloomin' lovely looking kit. It'll reflect the subject sufficiently enough for what I require.
  9. I've pulled the trigger, couldn't wait for them to (possibly/maybe) get to U.K stores. I've ordered from Amazon U.S, and will be getting some of those outstanding Live Resin figures.
  10. I'd love to know when they'll be available to get in the UK.
  11. Pete, these are outstanding. I've long been an admirer of your output. Your Vipers are works of art. I can only imagine (for now) what you'll do with the Black Hawk, but it'll be epic. Oh, and seeing what you've done has convinced me to part with even more hard earned £'s for the figures and a couple of mini guns.
  12. Not strictly a question about the kit from a building perspective, but I'd love to know when it's going to hit shelves here in the U.K. Importing and shipping fees are making it an expensive buy from US retailers.
  13. I'm not normally a helo' builder but just recently, I've found my stash being infiltrated by whirly birds. I've an Apache, a Wessex, a Lynx, and now I'm wanting the Black Hawk. Those figures look incredible, and will enhance the kit to another level. Does anyone have an idea when it'll be landing on U.K. shelves?
  14. I think I'd have struggled to get the Lanc' done inside of a year, let alone the rest of your finished set. Stellar stuff sir.
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