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  1. Cracking video of the F-15’s. And what a strange looking bird that surveillance kite is.
  2. Wow! Niels, you’ve got some decision to make there my friend. They’re all stunners.
  3. Wow! That’s an astonishing looking scheme. Surely another showstopper from you. We each have our work cut out (pun intended) to hit these outta the park.
  4. It’s coming along beautifully. It’s a stunning aircraft to behold.
  5. The teachers at school did too. Especially the ‘winch’. My daughter will be graduating from scratchbuilding shortly, to her own 1/48 F-15 which she’ll build alongside me and my GB Japanese Eagle.
  6. All that said…..Lightnings are coming back to hobby stores. RESULT! Even if they aren’t the greatest kits to build. I need a Lightning for my shelves.
  7. I have the exact same plan. I believe IsraDecal have ‘Baz’ markings in the pipeline for release. I recall that the SkyDecals ones are as rare as rocking horse dung.
  8. Decals ordered, kits being prepared for the conversion. This is happening, giving me a nice break from the Viper Pit build. image from “airplanepictures” site.
  9. I’m now looking for a JASDF Aggressors sheet for my F-15. I’ve long fancied painting one in the yellow/brown/black splinter scheme.
  10. I’ve had an indulgent thought. I think I’ll have 2. One to build in flight, as I prefer these days. And, one to build with all the panels off, there’s so much lovely detail to display, I couldn’t decide between the two configurations.
  11. The base paintwork is just about done. On to a bit of post shading and washes. I’m thinking of taking a little break before I get into the final 2 jets. They’re complex paint schemes, and I don’t wanna go into them while feeling a bit jaded from the project. While I’m up to my eyes in F-16 parts and paint, I took a little time out to do a scratchbuild with my daughter. I present the ORB-18 Utility Helicopter.
  12. Yes! I love this, especially the figures. Bravo sir.
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