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  1. I’m declaring myself as happy with the paintwork as I can be. Any more Airbrush touching up and I’d be masking the touched up areas to touch up others, going round in circles. I’m dealing with the tiny touch ups by brush as I spot them. So I hit it with a gloss coat and had a go at the decals bit. My only complaint is that the black on the wing decals doesn’t match the black that I used to base coat. I guess that was too much to hope for, and that it’ll not be too noticeable under another gloss coat, weathering layer, and final flat finish. So here’s where I’m at.
  2. I predict that everyone will complain about it before even seeing it.
  3. Oh yes, that’s a stunner. Piero knocks another one out the park.
  4. I’ve got the Yefim Gordon SU-27 book, I’ll grab a few iPhone shots for you when if there’s any that can point you in the right direction.
  5. I’ve just shocked myself by realising the date I started this thread was only two months ago! I never build at this pace, even one a/c, let alone two. Usually, I’m a one jet per year average. Granted, building them gear up, and with no engine detail/painting has contributed a bit.
  6. Another fairly small update today. Made a start on the underside of ‘Zeus’ while I wait some masking frisket to be delivered. They’re from a Hellenic AF colour set by Hataka. These are the lacquer based paint and spray beautifully if thinned correctly (50%-50% paint- tamiya lacquer thinners). Now, the colours look a little stark at the moment. From what image research I’ve done, the Greek jets look filthy beyond recognition, so my paint job won’t stay that virginal. I’ll spray some fresh panels and touch up areas after the filth has been applied. While all that dries, I’ve started building the load outs for both a/c. The two ‘Smokewinders’ have been created by simply stripping a pair or kit AIM-9’s of their detail, as well as reshaping the nose and fins. The load for the Aggressor bird is unusual, and copied from this image.
  7. Impressive detailing work, I love it.
  8. You continue to blow my mind with the attention to detail. I applaud your patience to get the riveting so precise. That’s one job I’m not sure I fancy when I get round to my attempt.
  9. I put the new H&S airbrush through it’s paces using the 1.5mm nozzle combo’. With a little patience, re-use of the masks to sharpen a few edges up, and a steady hand, I’ve gone from the peeled mess that was... To where I’m at in the top photo, a world of difference which makes me mucho happy. No threat of stripping to plastic. The gaps where then CFTs meet the fuselage will have a tiny bead of filler to make It look like the rubber seal. I’m now waiting on some oramask 810 sheet to create a set of masks for the blue sections of the flag so I’m able to tighten up the white parts and cover overspray.
  10. I’m calling the aggressor just about done, save for a few antenna to attach, and the loadout which will be finished at the same time as ‘Zeus’. I’m still to figure out how I’m gonna mount and display them, but that’s for another day. For now, I’m gonna pull ‘Zeus’ back down from the shelf and get the paintwork finished there.
  11. Don’t let my missus see that suggestion :). The Harrier and Eagle have been purchased from another LSP’er and have lots of extras. The Flanker is a whole other story, I’m on the lookout for all the goodies.
  12. This project was supposed to be the start of me building a little quicker, being used to working on multiple kits, and from my very patients wife’s perspective.....thinning the stash. I’m beginning to wonder if there’s some model kit after hours reproduction going on, I’ve built two and gained 3 more kits to the pile. With a Viggen to come towards the end of the year too, I’ve gained double over what I’ve built The ‘Flanker’, F-15E, and Harrier are the magically appearing kits.
  13. What do we think? Looks classy to me.
  14. Thanks buddy, it’s been a painfully tedious road. All travelled in the wee small hours of the nights while it’s stinkingly hot here.
  15. Minor progress being made. Glossed, washed, and a few decals started, after spending countless hours masking up the individual colours to sharpen the lines and cover up over sprays. I must have gone through 3 rolls of tape to get a result I’m happy with. ‘Zeus’ is still waiting for his touch ups at the moment. My mind has kind of switched from double build to ‘finish the paint job on this one first’.
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