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  1. Looks like you won with the decals. Better than I did with mine, that's for sure. Top notch effort.
  2. That looks really good. I know the kit's had a bit of stick from some quarters, but for me, that's a convincing rendition of the Mirage. I shall look forward to tackling mine in the not too distant future.
  3. What a great bunch of people we have here. I've read about a couple of great assists including this one, and have been the recipient of an assist that I thought was seemingly impossible. Kindness that's travelling the globe, it's wonderful to see. Long may it continue.
  4. Decals aside, that's a might fine looking finish. Colours look bang on point, bravo to you sir.
  5. https://www.model-space.com/build-the-mig-29-model-plane-uk.html A tad expensive
  6. This is delightful. The three different builds of this kit I've been following makes me want one for the stash.
  7. Like the others have said. Walk away from it and recover from the shock of the accident. I'm sure it'll be repairable with a bit of filler n elbow grease. Given the extraordinary efforts you've gone to so far, this is just a hiccup.
  8. Not really my genre but by heck, that looks seriously impressive. The level of detail is bonkers.
  9. Is it something that could be easily scratchbuilt, either by yourself or one of the insanely talented folk here?
  10. Damn, those CAD drawings look good, and show some serious potential for the release whenever it may be. I'm in for a couple.
  11. You've got a hell of a good result in your hands there. Bravo!
  12. If I'm not mistaken. im pretty sure that Airfix's Harriers are about the only offerings of any jets in 1/24.
  13. As far as the Flanker is concerned, it depends entirely on how you approach your modelling. If you're happy to overlook a few obvious inaccuracies, you can build a perfectly good looking and acceptable version from the box. If you want hyper accurate and perfection, be prepared to throw a whole heap of money towards Zactomodels, Aires, Eduard, LindenHill, etc. Add a whole heap of scratchbuilding to that and you'll get the accuracy. I learned the expensive way that accurate doesn't always mean a satisfying result at the end. I've more recently had more enjoyment from simply building a kit rather than worrying about its flaws.
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