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  1. Simply fantastic. There are so many things wonderful about this build. The labour of love to produce that incredible interior, all the little details that make it so spectacular, I could wax lyrical about everything. I’ll be in for a copy of the book when it drops, and my Blackhawk will be staying in the stash until I have it to refer to.
  2. I kinda miss the pre-internet excitement of going into the LHS nearest to me, and perusing for the newest releases. The joy of discovering a new kit, trying to get it open without the owner spotting you, so you could inspect the contents. My folks used to get mad that I was ‘wasting’ my money buying models that I would merely glue together and hang from the ceiling. I’m glad that I ignored their protests, and ridicule. Had I taken it to heart, I guess I wouldn’t be building the great kits that are available these days.
  3. Done, but didn’t see the note about adding name to PP reference. Sorry.
  4. That was inevitable I think. Most of Europe is getting hammered by it at the moment. It heartens me that they have chose to cease production until staff have recovered. Better that, than them try to rush the finish of production and supply us with an inferior product.
  5. Oh yes! Now that would make me happy.
  6. I like it. The camp’ looks very well executed. That loadout is wild. I’ve got the single seater in my stash, and I shall be building it similarly. I’m relying on an unrealistic loadout and the paint job, to hide the kits flaws. I’m in no mood to hack it up to attempt fixes.
  7. This time last year, I had a pair of Tamiya F-16s to keep me on the level during the lockdown. I have a sense of deja vu, as I approach that anniversary. My pit of ‘vipers’ grows somewhat. I currently have an IAF ‘Sufa’, and an Alaskan Aggressor built. I’m a fan of colourfully marked jets, so these 3 will be painted with the same theme. After a paint disaster, I’m rebuilding ‘Zeus’ from the single seater. The whole finish was riddled with cracks and splits owing to impatience and not enough cure time. I’ve got some schemes in mind for the pair of twin sti
  8. Hatakas lacquer paints are lovely to use and give a nice and smooth finish. I don’t like their acrylic line as much, found them inconsistent to spray with. One mix would be fine, the next would clog up the tip of my airbrush and dry too quickly.
  9. This is amazing. Having the 1/1 kit available for reference gotta be a bonus, right?
  10. Take a bow sir. You’ve created something wonderful. Minute detail, and exceptions realism in its finish. Award winning surely.
  11. I won’t mind if they keep it ‘clean’. I’m going for an inflight display. Spare gear and wheel parts will be available for those in need.
  12. Pete, do you airbrush the AK dust on? I only ask, as I’ve only just discovered the revelation of spraying their filters onto paint jobs to alter hues and tones.
  13. Romain, It was a total guess at a colour mix. I used Hataka Laquers Hellenic AF set which is pretty close to mirage colours. To this I added a touch of white and a drop of two of AK real colours FS 35109. It’s been deliberately, and sloppily sprayed with differing shades, because I’m going for a very dirty HAF jet.
  14. If she notices, just say “that’s been there ages, you just didn’t notice it”
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