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  1. This is mine, done with the Model Maker set. Thinking about it, perhaps it’s worth considering cutting the larger decals into sections rather than try and settle them onto the curves. I imagine it’ll be particularly awkward around the CFT areas.
  2. She’s as enthusiastic as I am after seeing the CADs. She has a Typhoon, a Tornado, and a Mig-23 under her ‘built list’.
  3. Happy Days, I’ve been allowed to order one as a wedding anniversary present. My wife is truly amazing, and I suppose I better get her something extra nice now.
  4. Has anyone else built this with the Zacto’ canopy set? Its making me nervous to the point where I’m sanding it down mm by mm so I don’t take too much material away. Tedious but necessary just to be sure. Before After 2 hours of very careful sanding and repeated test fits have produced a near seamless fit. I’ll figure out how to add some exterior detail to it later down the line. For now it’s going back in its box away from things that can scratch the surface, I can’t imagine there’s many of these left on the planet, so I have no wish to need to rep
  5. I took myself off the reservation list (finances wouldn’t allow). But would you believe it, I managed to sell some of my old studio lighting kit, and can now shell out. Fingers firmly crossed for a result of now being on the wait list. I noticed the pre-order page was still open but not sure about ordering and paying if there’s no space available.
  6. Probably not much use, but the only builds I’ve seen (and my own rendition of Zeus) have used the Model Maker mask and decals set. I don’t know if that may tell you something or whether builders like the challenge of the masks. To be honest, I didn’t fancy trying to wrap and settle the decals over the complex curves.
  7. I’ve been a little in the doldrums modelling wise for the last few weeks. My Harrier has stalled and made its way to the Shelf of Doom for a little while, I just can’t seem to get the mojo to get into it properly. This year and it’s madness has seen me forced to sell all my camera equipment to keep up with bills, as I had no wedding bookings for the entire year, leaving me with virtually zero income, and an uncertain future right now. Add into all this that I had a rude awakening with my health recently which means I’ve gotta commit a whole heap of time to exercising to improve that si
  8. I’ve had to pull out of the list to buy one of these. Hopefully anothe LSP’er will get the spot on the reservation list. I startling health issue has me committing finances elsewhere for the forseeable future, so my model buying has been stopped by the new money boss (wife). I still look forward to seeing everyone’s kits when they land, and who knows, maybe buying a later version should Jetmads decide to release one.
  9. Blimey, I wanted one to go with my GR1 build, but I don’t think I want one that much based on the current sprue shots.
  10. Have just received the same email, won’t tell SWMBO that it’s preorder and pay up just yet. I’ve spent a bit too much lately buying computing gear to setup a new photo editing suite.
  11. I haven’t had any further contact from them yet, but given the design and cost to manufacture a resin/3D printed kit of that size.....I’d say it’s a bargain. I’m more than happy to shell out that cost, and upfront too. It’ll go on credit card so I’ll be protected against any potential failure to deliver.
  12. Sadly, don’t be shocked if it isn’t the only air show that will never be seen again. Some will have taken a fatal hit from not being allowed to put on their annual shindigs.
  13. The canopy took some polishing after sanding the seams away, but it’s turned out brilliantly, being able to see all that beautiful Aires detail. The G-Factor gear has been donated to another modeller to repay kindness I’ve received in the past, forwards. Like you say, a rare gem that certainly shouldn’t be junked.
  14. Thank you for the kind offer, but I’ve committed to going gear up with this one now.
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