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  1. Very cool. Gotta say, those F-2s have hit a very eye catching paint job. You all know I’m a sucker for those colourful schemes.
  2. That is an incredible video. I’ve been up close and personal to departing aircraft on occasions but never that close. I can only imagine the noise, the rumble through your body, the jet wash hitting you after it’s passed.
  3. Good heavens, you’ll have that finished over the weekend then….. Outstanding work there sir!
  4. I meant no shipping as in the fact I can walk to e-Models to collect it. Cost becomes irrelevant if I don’t need shipping.
  5. You’ve every right to be happy with those guys. They look fantastic.
  6. Got my pre-order in with e-models. They’re round the corner from where I live. No shipping. Happy days.
  7. That’s a fair whack to throw down for an old kit. I guess my Viper pit will remain one jet short, until they hit the 2nd hand market, or I can get my hands on a bargain Tamiya kit to backdate a bit.
  8. There’s no indication from Border that’s gonna happen. I largely suspect that sales figures from this will determine if they decide it’s worth a punt to release.
  9. Nice! Looks like it’s shaping up into a real gem of a kit/build.
  10. I’m becoming more impressed with each update. All that interior detail is just crying out for the fuselage to be lit with some LED’s.
  11. Finally! A plausible excuse, with proof, to pass of my sloppy paintwork as accurate.
  12. Speaking from my only personal experience of clear resin, I’d say it’s probably not going to be an issue. I’ve got an accurate armour lynx that has clear resin parts for the roof windows. They’re as clear as they were when I built the kit over 10 years ago.
  13. I’ve just flipped through the entire thread, and can’t even begin to express how impressive this is. I’ve never seen anything like it.
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