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  1. Thanks Colin, the only trouble with the Flightpath stuff is there's no decals. Fortunately, my references for this particular build show that the ALARM drill rounds have very few markings apart from a couple of bands and the word drill on each side of all fins. The Storm Shadows are similar, sporting a few black bands, and some square markings that I assume help with reference points for video work. I'm attempting (for the first time) to print them myself.
  2. Just from that sneak preview, I can just tell that this is gonna look amazing. Those figures look spooky as hell.
  3. You legend! I hope you get something in the box. A 72nd scale Mirage perhaps. One upside...they've shipped faster than Kitty Hawk.
  4. I have the most awesome wife. She's bought for me, a new compressor. While I'm waiting for it to be delivered, I've got to work on the Flightpath ALARM missiles. They're mini kits by themselves. They each have 25, yes 25 tiny brass details per missile. I'm building 4 . The Storm Shadow weapons (2 of) also have some 30 etched nickel parts that make up the fins, etc.
  5. It was a cross breed of the newer Revell kit, with mostly Trumpeter providing the base.
  6. I emailed Sophia for an update and was told they're going to be shipping out this week. It still gives me time to get more work done on the group build Tonka before I get distracted.
  7. I hope you get this one finished. To give hope and inspiration, I thought I'd show you what I made out of a Trumpeter/revell bash together.
  8. I'm becoming more convinced that I want one of these in the stash. That 'pit looks excellent.
  9. I may have been handed a lifeline. A good buddy of mine took the cracked valve off and has welded the damage up. I'm gonna give it a whirl a little later on. Keeping my fingers crossed for a chance to get this one finished.
  10. I did the same with my Revell Typhoon, although you got further into it than I did. Once I saw how horrific the air intakes were, I stopped and moved onto a Trumpeter one instead. That wasn't much better but I managed to make it look respectable in the end.
  11. Depressing news to report. The paint job may go no further at this moment in time. The feeder pipe from compressor tank to regulator has split at the point where they come together, causing a leak that can't be stopped. Money is a bit tight at this time of year so a new compressor may have to wait until early 2020.
  12. The nose doors are fine, fit like a glove. The main U/c doors are pretty poor. Take the raised detail off the inside of them, and thin the detail where the doors meet the bays. I had to glue a couple of tabs inside as well to assist with locating, to make sure they didn't sink too far into the u/c bays.
  13. And so the painting marathon begins. I've started out with a very thinned down coat of Mr Hobby Aqueous Dark sea grey and Dark Green. Sprayed at low pressure, and in a totally random mottled pattern. I'll highlight and shadow over the mottling to give the colours some depth. Panel line post shading will follow that, along with random colour differences used to touch up busy areas.
  14. Just out curiosity, with regard these plotter/cutters people are mentioning. Do you mean you can now cut your own vinyl/kabuki masks? I'm having a brainwave which may well lead me to buying one in the near future. Can you scan an old decal sheet for example and produce a mask from them?
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