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1/18 Hawker Fury

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3 hours ago, MikeMaben said:


                             That happens to me alot too 



             Yes, and probably the 'only' thing we have in common.



Exactly how I feel, Mike ...



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Hi again folks :)


On 2/14/2021 at 4:29 AM, Wolf Buddee said:

You know, a hundred years ago you might have been burned at the stake for this kind of sorcery! Today though, I’m the guy standing at the front of the mob, holding the fire extinguisher. Model on Mr. Wizard...........:yahoo:



Wolf (who’s absolutely mesmerized and amazed by your work)



That feeling is entirely mutual Wolf :) welcome back and I have to say there is a queue for that stake and you are at the front of it :)


long weekend for me as I have some leave to take before year end in April, so got the stabiliser done today


first a look at what we are trying to do... here you can see the complex arrangement where there are tubes supporting the fin, and between them goes the one-piece elevator spar tube..


..there are also cut-outs in the fabric for the control wires, and mount points you can't see for rigging wires..




..another little note is the elevator hinge arrangement - I have no drawings of this part so am going off this pic, but there are sort of discs and a bracket on the spar  (with one of the rigging mounts..)..




..I started by creating a plan showing rib & riblet locations and all the other relevant points - this was stuck to 1.5mm plastic sheet and scored & broken out..


..the stabiliser main spar is 'U' shaped brass with hinge brackets added and the elevator spar is punched discs & tube rings slid onto a rod with more tube to bulk it out to scale..






..I scaled & cut out the main ribs, but the riblets were just bits of card - once I sand down to the mains they will conform..


..the U shaped brass mainspar was shimmed to fit the 1.5mm card blank and CA'd in place..


..the tiny holes are markers for the rigging etc




..all sanded to shape and test fitted..




..the skin is thin plastic card again, c=score with a ballpoint, but this time (as compared to the wings) I made it in one piece as a wrap around and included the tips..


..here the skin is down with contact adhesive, but the tips need joining with CA - need to be really careful here as its easy to CA the skin flat to the core or get it mishapen..






..and the finished stabiliser after refining & ready for primer..




..after priming, there were a few tiny bits to fill on the tip edges and a bit more shape refinement - I also knocked back the riblet ends with sandpaper as there was a visible round from the ball of the ballpoint..












..close up of how all the spars & tubes fit - hopefully a bit like the original..




..and the hinges..




shaping up..




..elevators next :)







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