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  1. Fantastic I love it. In my next project I've 3 or4 colorfull pups in 1/48 and 1/32
  2. Ken you are right, the Roden kits make you work a lot but the final result is worth it, I have built several ww1 planes but in 1/48 of the Russian brand and I must say that I had a lot of fun building them. The Part sets put a strain on your nerves and also your place in heaven but definitely give the model an extra touch. The pilot's cushion is definitely very nice. I await new progress
  3. I assumed it was a desired effect. Great job, I really like it
  4. Hi Antonio I don't know if it is a desired effect but it seems to me that the central area of the wings on the right and left are greener than the external areas that have a decidedly brown dominant. Maybe it's a photo effect but it looks like this on my monitor.
  5. Hi Antonio. to prevent white from showing on the edges below the blue I usually mask the outline of the mask 0.5mm or so on. Your work is still impeccable, the masks give the model a finish that the decals, even if perfect, fail to give
  6. Hi Dan, I read your tread all in one breath, I was fascinated by your mastery in working this kit. I love the 106, I made the Monogram kit in 48 many years ago and got the Trumpeter resting on the shelf waiting to be built. Congratulations again, great job
  7. Hi Antonio as you promises Original drawing From part list catalog. Hope that Help you in your decision Cheers
  8. Hi Antonio I checked the catalog part and original drawings and I did not find evidence of that piece, it could be a field modification. Without a photo showing it to me, I would take it off, the filet wing was made up of 3 pieces of shaped sheet metal. now I'm answering you with the tablet, tomorrow as soon as I have time I'll post the drawing from the catalog part of the P-47
  9. Hi Antonio I love planes with chess, as soon as I can I make one. This seems like a challenge to me, given the size even in 1/32. If I can give you some advice (which is the method I use), divide the pattern into several parts, use a transparent tape to transfer all the squares and then remove the ones that need to be painted, but before passing the Red, pass a clear coat that you will need as a sealant. Touching up the small squares would be a delirium. in the meantime ........ Here my last one
  10. No problem. If you need I will always be available even for a conceptual input
  11. hi Jay. My solution is to divide the leg lengthwise in order to have 2 L-shaped parts, with a groove in the center in which you can insert a metal rod. This will be the supporting structure and the shells that enclose it will be the ornamental element. I suggest you print the pieces in resin for a better definition of the details. If you want we can see how to do it, if you pass me the Rhino files, I will prepare the pieces ready for printing then you see where to have them printed. P.M. me if you want Cheers
  12. AWESOME!!!!!!! The figures are fantastic also the paint of the pilots Bravo
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