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  1. The opening for the bomb window is in the resin kit I'm using, but yes, it will be covered once the kit is assembled around the cockpit. I would imagine that window was next to useless in the F4U early models.
  2. Thanks for the encouragement everyone! Having a blast with this build. Jay - Just a WAG. I've seen some color photos of restorations with that color scheme, but they're probably inaccurate. I mainly just wanted to add a little visual interest. From what I've seen of most 'unrestored' cockpits, yours is the more accurate color selection. I've seen them in both silver and black. I'm not aware of any definitive source though.
  3. Love the detail! Inspiring work John
  4. Love the research and thought put into this project. The attention to detail is outstanding. Keep up the great work!
  5. Short update. Working on the back half of the fuselage that will be exposed. Lot more detail to be added, but it's a start.
  6. Will do. I use the Parts Catalog on the Aircorps Library a lot, just hadn't notice the numbering you used. I'll try your search method and see what pops up. Yep, I'm going to go ahead and expose the wing tanks in my cutaway version. That will be a nice challenge. Keep up the great work. I'm really enjoying your build.
  7. Thanks Jay! Where can I find the drawings you reference? Not familiar with those drawing numbers. I believe I read that the wing tanks were deleted early on but I'm not sure how early. I will give mine the wing tanks because I'll enjoy modeling them. I don't know if Dana Bell is on LSP but I know he's on another forum, I can post the question to him as well. It may have been in one of his books that I read that. After a while your head spins trying to track down all the nuances of the early F4U's. Seems like they made a production tweak every week or so (not to mention the field upgrades/enhan
  8. @JayW - Where did you find the fuel tank info (especially when the wing tanks were deleted)? I'm going to be opening up the wing on my F4U-1A and if there were wing tanks on those versions (at least some of them), I'd love to show them. I haven't found a definitive reference on that. It's VERY possible I have it, but missed it. Love following this build. I love your attention to detail!
  9. Thanks guys! @Brett M - I was very impressed with your Corsair Birdcage build!
  10. Here's the cockpit so far. Since I took these pics I've gone back in and added more tubing/wiring/straps etc. but I wanted to give a quick update...
  11. Thanks Jay! I'm using the AirCorps Library manuals as well. I hadn't notice the parts listing you pointed out. A LOT of reading/studying to get it right but, it's hard to determine some things exactly. Oh well, I'm going to have to live with a slight accuracy. What I'm attempting is quite ambitious for me, I wish I had your mad skills (and tools). I'm sure you'll notice other inaccuracies as I go; gonna get as close as I can though. Maybe one day I'll attempt the 1/18 Corsair (ordered one from eBay). I'm having a great time following your thread - very inspiring.
  12. Excellent work! Anticipating each post...
  13. Thanks guys! Quick update. I made the radio compartment but didn't take any 'in progress' shots. - just bits of styrene and solder mostly anyways. Note: I have found many different radio installation configurations for the F4U/F4U-1A in photos, books and the parts manual. This is where I took probably the most liberty (out of ignorance). I'm not a 1940's radio aficionado, but it's close to what I found in the Parts Catalog - Corsair, AN01-45HA-4 (1945 version but it's the only one I have). I also used some reference pics from other sources. It's a conglomeration of radi
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