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1/18 Hawker Fury

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thanks guys :)


a bit more done...


the sidewalls were finished prior to the huge step of closing the fuselage - now is the time to check and re-check references and all the little bits I had made..




..plus there were a lot of bits on the cockpit structure that needed to be finished / fixed / added..






..but soon it was time and the fuselage was cemented closed for all this stuff to never be seen again..


I added filler and tried to sort the join out..


..also taped up lots of holes to try and stop dust getting inside..






..once the joins were sorted and primed, I started re-marking all the stringer positions - for a radius like the turtledeck, I take a bit of tape so I know the actual length, mark the midpoint and then create some jig strips on the computer that tell me where things are spaced equi-distant..




..I made a lockdown click & collect trip to SMC (essential right?) to get some 0.4mm brass rod to add as stringers as I thought thread or plastic would not hold their shape for what I had planned to represent the stringers..




..these were then measured and cut one by one with each end being rounded - I just taped them to the lines and wicked thin CA to hold them..




..gaps were left for the big access panel and soon they were all on..







..the alcorn book says do this with thread and build up with filler, but after two thick coats it became clear this would not only take forever, but likely 10 cans of primer. I have also had experiences with this where the primer is soft for weeks so a new plan was needed..


..I toyed with diluting milliput and washing it on, but in the end after a test underneath, fell back on my old favourite of P38 filler, so this was applied all over and rough sanded back..




..then used a curved blade to scratch / scrape out the web cateneries (is that even the right description?)




..even after the first treatment I was well happy with the results - this still needs a lot of refinement, but for something I was pretty worried about I think it worked out just fine..


..the white scar is where the tubular frame inside is pushing against the skin..











..still loads to do, but it's getting there :)




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Well Peter, since I came in so late, I can only comment generally.  You sir are just in a category by itself.  I am glad I get to see your work, because it inspires me to not be tempted by cutting corners, and do my absolute best.  Anyway the only suggestion I would make is to be more clear on which pics are the real aircraft and which are you scale model.  Sometimes you just can't tell!   

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