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  1. I'd go with 'stark'... Good luck with this build. Following. Will you do the wing mod that Iain is doing? Clark C
  2. Can you describe how you made the engine panel louvers that surround the engine? Very clever! Congratulations on your well-deserved awards! Clark Cone
  3. How the heck did you get that labeling on those fuel lines? Awesome attention to detail with your work, Peter! Clark
  4. is that the kit-supplied cockpit? Sweet! Clark
  5. Awesome build, Dennis - you should write it up as a build topic/description...Clark
  6. fantastic metal work, as usual... question: how do you get such clean holes in the litho? punches? Can you describe the technique? Clark
  7. Hi Tom - ANOTHER awesome build...Question: I tried to look at larger images in your article that I thought I would find on Flickr, but it says This photo is private. Did you intend that to be the case? Thanks! Enjoying another great build! Clark
  8. Iain - good luck with the build - please announce it here so we can hop on over to check it out! Merry Christmas all! Clark
  9. gunnyax said: "Just bought one on ebay . Kit+shipping 137€( 156$ ). ..." Gotta link to the eBay page? Thanks! Clark
  10. WOW! I think we have reached the cost - benefit threshold and now can we can all get a high rez machine for a reasonable price! Keep pushing the envelope!
  11. Hi Alex - good stuff there with the 3D printed parts....please take a close-up of the detail on the ammo feed....Stuff looks good from normal viewing range!
  12. Juraj - great beginning to an ambitious project! What/whose plans are you using for dimensional accuracy? Hope you can keep the momentum for this awesome project! Clark Cone - a Yank in King Arthur's Court!
  13. Hi -any updates on this fascinating topic? Clark- curious in the Carolinas...
  14. There's an old idiom that rightly applies here: you made "a silk purse out of a sow's ear"....my faith in HpH products as been improved. Can't wait to see the A-20 and DC-3! Excellent craftsmanship here, Jan! Clark
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