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  1. Yippee! More Sunderland candy! Keep 'er goin, Tom... Clark
  2. I'm curious what you chaps think: in what universe would another 1/48 scale B-17 (or even a 1/48 Lancaster) be MORE popular than a 1/32 B-26? What is their problem? Clark
  3. Hi Peter - awesome work, as usual... Wondered if you were aware of the latest issue of FlyPast (03-2021) that has an article on the Hawker Fury... I have a digital copy I can forward if you want... Clark Cone
  4. Hi Peter - sitting here in silent adoration at your latest masterpiece...question about the 3D printed MLG wheels: do you know what kind of printer was used to print those? TIA! Clark Cone
  5. So, looks like the answer to the B-24 wing shape, doesn't it? Print the parts, cast 'em in resin, sell 'em on eBay, retire to a Pacific island...actually, you prolly could fly there on the 737 you're building! Great work and moving the ball forward here, Iain... Clark
  6. Apologies to Trak-Tor...he posted the links to Kermit's walkaround earlier...I should read the WHOLE topic first! Clark
  7. Good to see you back at this beast, Tom...In case you weren't aware of it, Kermit Weeks has a 2-part walkaround of a Sunderland that Kermit owns...very interesting and you may pick up a detail or 2... Have fun, Clark
  8. Impressive problem-solving going on here...good job! Clark
  9. Peter - geez.... you said earlier: "..started by making a mould profile to make up the PETG in boiling water, pressing it down on foam to adopt the shape.." Can you talk about what kind of foam and the process? thanks for the inspiration, Clark
  10. thefenders said: "I am very interested in hearing them. Flying FAC was no joke." I agree! Going into Laos and Cambodia in a light plane took balls! Stories, please!
  11. ...sometimes we need to just step back once in a while... Clark
  12. "Thanks Clark! When are you going to plunge into one on here? " Ha! Got me, Craig! In due time, in due time... Your work here is making me consider the HK '17 - I originally thought the nose job was going to be too intense, but you are making it look fun! Clark
  13. Yay! A reality check for the HK B-17! Thanks for all your work! Clark Cone
  14. Sweet! Is there a build log anywhere? Clark Cone
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