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  1. thefenders said: "I am very interested in hearing them. Flying FAC was no joke." I agree! Going into Laos and Cambodia in a light plane took balls! Stories, please!
  2. ...sometimes we need to just step back once in a while... Clark
  3. "Thanks Clark! When are you going to plunge into one on here? " Ha! Got me, Craig! In due time, in due time... Your work here is making me consider the HK '17 - I originally thought the nose job was going to be too intense, but you are making it look fun! Clark
  4. Yay! A reality check for the HK B-17! Thanks for all your work! Clark Cone
  5. Sweet! Is there a build log anywhere? Clark Cone
  6. Great modelling being done here! How did you make the engine cover louvers? Clark Cone
  7. does anyone know if the Mistel Ju-88s had a complete cockpit? radios? pilot seat, etc.?
  8. Excellent performance, Tomasz! It's been a blast following along with this build...congratulations on your persistence and the awards you have received! Clark Cone
  9. Nice clean work! Did you make these vents? Please describe the process you used for that NACA port.... Clark Cone
  10. I'd go with 'stark'... Good luck with this build. Following. Will you do the wing mod that Iain is doing? Clark C
  11. Can you describe how you made the engine panel louvers that surround the engine? Very clever! Congratulations on your well-deserved awards! Clark Cone
  12. How the heck did you get that labeling on those fuel lines? Awesome attention to detail with your work, Peter! Clark
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