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1/32 Revell Bf109G-6/AS Hohenjager


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After the Milliput dries, I've dabbed on some Mr Surfacer 1000 and began the sanding process.  So far so good as a preliminary shot of primer shows.


The chin intake was glued in.  There are some gaps that will need to be addressed with Milliput.


The control surfaces for the wings have been finished and are awaiting the completion of the cowling cleanup for attachment.


I've dabbed on some more Mr Surfacer 1000 on the cowling joints and I'm going to let it cure for TWO WEEKS to ensure no shrinkage.  :wink:


This will be last view of the G-6 that you'll have for awhile.  Tomorrow, I'm leaving for a trip overseas.  Will be back in a couple of weeks to resume.

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Your build has been a pleasure to follow - and extremely instructive as well.  I have the RoG G-6 kit with a lot of the same AM stuff you are using John, and I plan to use this thread as a guide for how to use those things correctly.  Instead of using a rivet wheel for the riveting, I bought the HGW set.  I may regret that as it has been sitting in storage for a couple of years now, so I am not sure how well it, and the other wet transfer stuff I have for the kit, is going to work.  I may be practicing riveting, which I do about as poorly as scribing, to get the kit riveted correctly.

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Hello again!  I'm back home after my travels and like everyone else, trying to maintain some sanity in these crazy times.  Since I traveled internationally, my work place asked that I work from home for the next two weeks. Which is fine by me as it allows me some... ahem... "flexibility" to re-adjust to the West Coast time zone.  Gonna pick up my daughters from UC Berkeley and UC Davis as they are going to do the online class thing until further notice.  Berkeley is in lock-down mode so hopefully, we don't run into issues moving and whatnot.  Like I said, crazy times.


Despite the coziness of self-quarantine, I've been busy doing this and that.  When I last left the G-6, I had slapped on some Mr Surfacer putty along the main join between the AMUR Reaver engine cowling and the fuselage.  That's been sanded, touched up with more putty and sanded again.  I've worked on all of the joints and have re-scribed and riveted where necessary.  I just shot the joints with Mr Surfacer 1200 through the airbrush to review the work so far.


The joint on the starboard side at the cockpit came apart during riveting and will need to re-secured before moving forward.



Popped the spinner into place and took a few more pics.  There is some minor clean-up to do still but it looks good enough to move forward on this build.

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