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  1. Nice looking camo job Grant. I am sure you will complete the build! Ernest
  2. Excellent build of the Ju87 Thomas. It looks great all around; I especially like you worn winter wash, it looks very convincing. Ernest
  3. Very nice 104 Nick! Did you make the base yourself, it also looks very good?! Ernest
  4. What a beautiful build, great job! Ernest
  5. Hi Kevin, count me in as both donating and participating. I am donating the 1/32 Hasegawa Bf109 G2 in Finnish Markings. It is un-started and the sprues are still bagged. Ernest
  6. This build is coming along. The following shots show the triplane after all the fuselage work is complete and the rigging process which is also mostly finished. I included a couple of macro shots of some of the detail. I opted to use the Gaspatch eyebolts on this build, hoping they would make the rigging both easier and look more realistic. It did not make the process much easier, and - though I think the end result looks fine - I don't think it made the rigging fixing points look any more realistic than sticking the EX Line in a drilled out hole. Rigging the empennage was quite the proce
  7. Kevin hit the nail on the head in one! Ernest
  8. Thank you for the kind words Troy. This one turned out ok - not all of mine do. Ernest
  9. Just a short update. I have completed the sub-assemblies and have sprayed a semi gloss coat in preparation for decaling. I shot a very smooth coat of paint with the MRP paints and probably could decal right over it, but I thought I would be safe. I decided to do most of the decaling before assembling the wings or adding things like control horns to reduce the chances of breakage. This plane lends itself well to that sequence and hopefully by tomorrow evening I will have completed the majority of the decaling. The photos show the various parts ready to decal, the completed fuselage, lower
  10. Thank you Mark, but there is still plenty of time for me to **** it all up! Ernest
  11. This one is coming together well. Ernest
  12. Hi Chris, I would say it takes about 5-6 minutes to clean the Grex after an airbrushing session. A full breakdown cleaning takes about 20-25 minutes. I think you will like the Grex for mottling. You can adjust the throw of the trigger to spray a minimum amount of highly thinned paint at around 5 psi to get some nice effects. Ernest
  13. I made a lot of progress over the past 4 days. The following photos show the mostly completed fuselage, the machineguns and the Collishaw figure. The fuselage has gone together pretty well. I had to bevel the joins where the upper cover for the cockpit meets the fuselage, but it was an easy fix and did not require much sanding at all to get a nice joint. As I suspected you can't see a great deal of the cockpit once everything is buttoned up; and I think even less will be seen once the machineguns are in place. The engine cowling panels fit very well and I don't foresee any fit
  14. Thank you! Since 2018 I spend about 15-20 days a year in Belgium, mostly the eastern portion, when I lead staff rides to study battles from either the Napoleonic War or WWII. I am hoping that I get the opportunity soon to take a few groups to study the WWI battles around Ypres. Ernest
  15. Thank you as well Mark! Where is your unit located in Belgium? Ernest
  16. Hi TIm, thank you for your service! Looks like you spent all your time in the 82nd; my first duty station as a young 19D Cavalry Scout was in the old 1-73rd Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron. Ernest Cavalry Scout/Senior Armor NCO 1996-2018
  17. Hi Chris, one of my airbrushes is a Grex Tritium TG so I have a couple of insights that may be useful for you. 1) MRP paints spray very well with any of the needle/nozzle combos from .2 - .7mm. The Vallejo Model Air may present some tip drying challenges using the .2 and .3mm needles, but adding some retarding medium should help with that. 2) I spray between 5-15 PSI depending on what effects I want and what paint I am using. I airbrush mostly with MRP and Tamiya, with occasional use of Lifecolor paints. Again, the MRP - and for me Tamiya as well - sprays excelle
  18. Gem of a build Miro. Your weathering is very well executed and look's the part. Ernest
  19. Beautiful build Alex! The blue underside looks especially eye-catching. Ernest
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