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  1. Really beautiful and first class work thus far Gary. Both ship and water look outstanding. Your base is very fetching as well! Did those items I mailed ever get to you? Ernest
  2. Rick I would buy an SE5a. I have looked for one for a while now but have never had the luck in finding one at a price I am willing to pay. If I think a while on it I'll probably come up with a few more kits. Ernest
  3. Hi John, I just saw this. I hope you get better soon and stay healthy for a long time afterwards! Ernest
  4. Hi Dave, I hope you get the technical issues worked out and can post what I am sure is another beautiful build. Ernest
  5. Thank you Troy! To be honest I don't think I did the best of jobs with the sponge technique chipping. While not absolutely terrible, there is a lot of room for improvement for sure. Ernest
  6. Thank you Maru! I will look into posting some photos of the engine in the thread. Ernest
  7. Thank you for the kind words! Ernest
  8. I generally spray them at 10-15 psi and get good results. Ernest
  9. Great work Miloslav, the camo scheme is excellent! Ernest
  10. Outstanding build, the mottling on the fuselage is especially well done; first class air brush work. Ernest
  11. Very beautiful Sandy Tom! I know what you mean about builds that fight you every step of the way. You persevered and the end result is fantastic. Ernest
  12. And some close up to finish off the photo series.
  13. Following are some photos of my newest build. I'll say up front that I was very tempted to not post these as this is not one of my better efforts, about a C- or D+ for both plane and pilot figure. However, in the end I decided to show a build where everything does not turn out that well. I wanted to try my hand at some heavy weathering as I normally complete models with light to moderate weathering. I also wanted to tryout combining the sponge chipping technique with the use of silver pencils and pens; rather than using the hairbrush technique for fairly heavy chipping. The end result is
  14. Another very fetching 109! Great work as always Miloslav. Ernest
  15. Another stunning build Miloslav! The paint work is superb as usual. Ernest
  16. Great job on both the abandoned aircraft and the diorama composition Filippo! It made me a bit sad for the actual aircraft looking at your build, I wonder what happened to the actual plane? Ernest
  17. Very beautiful NMF build! Ernest
  18. Thank you very much for the kind words! Ernest
  19. Vielen Dank für die nette Worte! (Thank you much for the kind words!) Ernest
  20. This has been a "snowy" winter in Germany and it has been quite cold the past week. I have to laugh at most of the reports of the German Weather Service though "Brutally cold temperatures awaited!" or "Catastrophic snowfall expected.", I expect to a future forecast will headline with, "Newsflash, water is wet!" haha! Ernest
  21. Hi Wolf, l am at the other end of the spectrum as far as the seat belts are concerned; I really like the HGW ones. I tried the RB seat belts, and while they are very good, I prefer the color and style of HGWs offering. I hope you are able to find the RB seat belts again. Ernest
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