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1/32 Revell Bf109G-6/AS Hohenjager


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2 hours ago, Thunnus said:

Same deal with the wing bottom, except I ran into a little paint pull-up.


This was fixed using pieces of Post-Its as a corrective mask.


I had the same problem and now only use lacquer paints to spray onto the mask. This solved the problem for me.


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John, I've recently finished painting a back-logged '109s, and had a similar problem with the fuselage cross outline stretching while being located.  To solve this problem I cut and located the interior cross first, then located and aligned the outline around that.  It worked for me.


Good luck.



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Thanks guys!  Correcting the port fuselage cross was job #1 today. Placing the mask on Post-its like I did previously aids in placement but it can also restrict the mask from conforming to a curved surface. This time, the mask was placed first and the Post-its were put on afterwards to protect from overspray.  As before the white borders were sprayed first and then the white portions were masked off.


The fuselage and upper wing crosses are called out as Grey (RLM 74), not black.


Ah... much better!


With the crosses and swastika done, I think I can cover the model in gloss in preparation for decals and further weathering.

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Thanks guys!  Inching along with the markings.  The port side decals have been completed.  I had to use some heavy-handed techniques to get the Mickey Mouse decal to settle into the panel lines. Multiple applications of different decal solvents (MicroSol and Solvaset), physically cutting the decals along the panel lines and even running the rivet wheel across the decal.


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