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1/32 Revell Bf109G-6/AS Hohenjager


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Uwe, Thanks for sharing your experiences with the AMUR Reaver G-6/AS cowling.  I'm also headed for a decent result I think but it helps to see your work as a reference... most helpful!  If you need reference on the G-10 Erla cowling, please feel free to check out my build:



Of all of the instrument panel options, my favorite is the clear acetate sandwiched between a resin backing and a photoetched face. That's probably why I use Aires cockpit sets so much.


Compared to punching out instrument decals individually, set-up for these IP's is pretty simple.  Just spray the back of the clear acetate white so that the instruments become visible from the front and paint the IP face.  Make sure you flat coat the IP BEFORE you assemble.


Fidelity of the instruments is really good and you get a convincing replica once the components are placed together.


The acetate has the added benefit of simulating glass dials very effectively.

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That instrument panel is awesome.  The landing gear push / pull selectors represented in light blue and red on the lower LH side as well as the pneumatic fwd canopy rain repellant selector value under the main panel off set to the right is represented.  Well done Aires and John.  The panel looks spectacular.   

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Using the small bulge pieces from a new 109G-6 donor kit, I've glued the upper wings together so that I can address the riveting prior to gluing the wing halves together.  This is a good candidate for riveting due to the lack of panel lines on the wing surface.  Riveting will add some sorely needed depth/detail to the surface.


Using some left over Quickboost resin gun barrels, I've grafted new barrels to the kit gun barrels.  


I've completed most of the painting on the Aires resin cockpit parts.  I've dressed it up a bit with a few Airscale placard stencils.

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Guest Vincent

I must add : the shape of the part supplied by Aires isn't perfect, but that's the closest of the 3 (they are all wrong by the way)





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Got the last bits onto the Aires cockpit tub including the HGW harnesses.


The sidewalls are glued into place.  Once that is done, the cockpit details get swallowed up into what is probably one of the most claustrophobic cockpits of any WW2 fighter plane.

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Cockpit is done so I can start preparing the fuselage for closure. A few things to take care of first.  One of them is to modify the exhaust installation, which are designed to be placed from the inside.  I don't like that so I've trimmed the bases of the Barracuda resin exhausts so that they will slip into the sides of the fuselage AFTER painting.  And I've blocked off the openings in the fuselage from the back to give the exhausts a backing to glue them on to.


I had to make a slight adjustment to accommodate the front of the AMUR Reaver cowling.


Checking to see how it looks with the entire cowling in place.... a-ok!


Some other things to attend to are opening up holes in the wing bottom to accommodate the future ammo chutes and installing the mounting tube for the tail landing gear.  Which brings me to the subject of the Revell parts numbering system.  It is so ridiculously random that I believe that they must use a random number generator to do it.  The partner to part 30 is 31 and since those numbers are sequential, Revell was forced to put it on another sprue.


Another small item to address are the circular discs molded onto the fabric control surfaces.  These are supposed to be weep holes but in reality, they are subtle enough to be unnoticed.  So I scraped these down to almost gone.

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