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  1. John, I know your preference is a closed canopy but if you can be swayed then please leave this one open! Great work. Kent
  2. Hello John, Good to see another project on the go. You mentioned back on page 1 your wish for raised bezels on the Aires IP. Whilst not relevant now, are you aware of the below listed products from Airscale? Probably already on your radar (so to speak), but I thought I would point them out regardless as they may be of use at some later date. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/airscale-pe32-bez-instrument-bezels--158773 Regards, Kent
  3. Just awesome John. Other superlatives fail me. Bravo. Regards,
  4. Hello John, Really looking forward to seeing this come together. The Revell boxing of this aircraft was my first large scale foray back into the hobby in 2009. Regards, Kent
  5. Excellent stuff John, I am very envious you can still work in the braille scale and make it look like 1/32! Regards and welcome back. Kent
  6. Tim, My condolences to you, your wife and your families. Nothing I know can assuage your grief but know she suffers no more and will walk with God and the angels. Kent
  7. Stunning work all around. The query I have is would operator #2 wearing sunglasses negate the effect of the NVG? I have no experience but if it’s bright enough to wear sunglasses would NVG be worn? Respect on a stellar build and hope I don’t sound too much like an idiot. Regards, Kent
  8. Thanks Lee, He stands about 9cm (3.5 inches) tall. Regards, Kent
  9. Thanks matey, Keeping my head down, a few small projects here and there and engaged in home schooling (which apparently, according to my pupils, I suck at!). Picked up the latest KLP book the other day for inspiration! Hopefully get a LSP back on the bench early next year. Regards, Kent
  10. Please find my first post here in a while. Bandai 1/12 R2-D2. Fully repainted and lightly weathered with Promodeller Dark Dirt. Lower areas finished in Dullcote Lacquer and the dome left in gloss of AKI Xtreme Metal polished aluminium, Tamiya Royal Blue X3. Silver sharpie used on the highlights and the hoses remade out of brass tube and lead wire. Thanks for your time. Kent
  11. Nice job on the canopy John! indeed why Meng chose this method escapes me. Regards, Kent
  12. Nice choice John, I have a penchant for parking builds that I lose momentum on, so it’s nice to hear I am not alone. I have this one to build so a few AM pieces have been acquired. The one piece canopy is probably the Alley Cat one here: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/alley-cat-ac32029c-messerschmitt-me-163b-one-piece-canopy-and-mask-set-meng--1023750 Best of luck and I will be following. Regards, Kent
  13. Yes he snuck in a 1/48 build but still brought all his skills! Very nice John! Regards, Kent
  14. Nothing less than what we have come to expect from you John. A great build and stellar result, thank you. Regards Kent
  15. Mate, I would suggest you are correct. The He-219 at the Smithsonian was found to be RLM 76 squiggles over a dark base. I would also concur with Peter re the port flap. It is like an attempt was made to correct an overuse of RLM 76 in some areas by adding an extra dark squiggle here and there. Loving what you are doing with this and thanks again for sharing your work. Regards, Kent
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