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  1. It really doesn’t get much better than this. Great job John. Regards,
  2. Brilliant updates Eric, True excellence on show. Regards,
  3. Hi Erwin, I built this scheme in 1/48 a couple of years ago. From memory I think it was cobbled together from a couple of crashed airframes. A couple of things to note from my research: Firstly, it had asymmetrical exhaust with six exhaust stubs on the outboard sides and five on the inner. It was never flyable and the props and spinners were not attached. The radio mast was omitted and no aerial wires. I’ll attach the link to my build photos: https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ap8f8sbydsX2wiyT963Xac8EpIDf If I can find the build log, I will attach that for reference: Regards,
  4. First let me say I am blown away by the depth and variety of the builds slated for this GB. The year long duration will fit nicely with my glacier speed build and I think I can actually finish this one on time! To be an honest, it is a little intimidating to be in such esteemed company. I have a number of suitable aircraft in the stash for the build but I am currently sorely limited in display space. Thus I have decided to enter my Revell He 111P coupled with the HPH cutaway conversion, the best of both worlds! Neither has been commenced and I will post some photos shortly. Not content with sawing the kit in half, I have also thrown in the Eduard BIGED set, some CMK, some HGW, and some Profimodeller sets to raise the angst level. The project list is here at my Scalemates database: https://www.scalemates.com/profiles/mate.php?id=41942&p=projects&project=49415 I plan to finish a couple of small jobs (1/48 Airfix Sea Fury) and actually commence in February. Thanks to LSP, the sponsors and most of all to you my fellow, builders, assemblers and master craftsmen of scale modelling. Regards,
  5. Email notification that my package from Hearn’s Hobbies is on the way. Expected at my door by 27th.
  6. I just got an email from Hearn’s Hobbies in Melbourne where I had mine on pre order for AUD$414.99. They indicated they expect shipment to arrive early next week and asked we pay the remainder by the 19th. They are honouring the pre order price so for another AUD$355.00 it will be in my clutches by Xmas one expects. A little bit excited...... Regards,
  7. Words fail me. Spectacular doesn’t begin to cover the build techniques, results and knowledge you’ve shared with us. Thanks.
  8. Smashing result and a great display result. many thanks.
  9. Extremely generous and many thanks to the sponsors. Looking forward to the GB. Regards,
  10. Kev, I have the Revell He111P and the HPH cutaway conversion sitting in the stash. So whilst the completed aircraft has two engines and obviously right for this GB, the conversion removes half the airframe and one engine. This GB would certainly serve as an impetus to start (and the build time frame is about how long it would take me). Would this qualify? Regards,
  11. Nicely done mate! I know about the kit flaws but if one didn’t, there is nothing to detract from a great build. I think the paint and weathering are just fine, not too much but not too little. Congratulations on another one in the cabinet. Regards,
  12. Looking nicely done. Have you been taking speed build lessons? I am am looking forward to seeing how you progress. Regards,
  13. Very nice mate. I really like the camouflage painting. Regards,
  14. That is spectacular work! It makes me want bite the bullet and get Pastor John’s conversion. Maybe an early Xmas gift for me. Regards,
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