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  1. Welcome aboard! It depends on what piques your interest. Every manufacturer has their vices and strong points and Tamiya do make a lovely range of WWII aircraft. I would establish what period you wish to build from and have a look around here for leads. You mentioned you have some WNW kits so you have an eye for talent in the WWI field. I personally like Eduard kits although they can require some basic modelling skills to tackle. I also have a Zoukei Moura and a couple of Dragon LSP. You mentioned you have a couple of 1/48 kits, maybe pick up a couple of late release kits like, Eduard’s new Fw 190, the Airfix Sea Fury or Tamiya Spitfire to cut your teeth on? Whatever you decide relax and enjoy!
  2. Great work John, Its also great to see the level of assistance from other members, particularly Vincent and what a great effort from Damien with the ejector fittings. Regards,
  3. Many thanks, Decalling has commenced. I am using the Ronin Decals RDS-152 set and the scheme is “101”: The decals are really thin and conform well to a gloss surface, however, I had a disaster with one of the “101” fuselage markings and lost it. Operator error all the way (read the decal instructions and avoid setting solutions - water is fine) and my cry for help was answered so the main markings should be complete by the weekend. My only gripe is the opacity is such that the invasion stripes show through the wing upper decals. A lesson for young modellers there. The rocket markings are the kit decals. I will reapply MRP Sky to the mountings before a gloss coat seal: I fixed a small blemish just behind the canopy. Not sure if I have done enough: The more astute of you may have noticed the underwing lights should have had “Hawker Yellow” inners and not invasion stripe. Well done but it is on the underside so it stays. Regards
  4. Thanks guys, Here is the state of play: Many thanks,
  5. Jennings, I don't have the JT51 boxing instructions any more but I do have the "SEAC" boxing. The second scheme is for an aircraft without a tropical filter. My scanner does only 300 or 600 dpi if that helps. I can send over what I have. Do you want individual scans of the four views? Let me know an email by PM. Regards, Kent
  6. Great topic John I will point you to Thierry’s tweak list for the 109K here on LSP for some background: https://www.largescaleplanes.com/Marketplace/Tweaks/HasegawaMe109-K4.php although you seem to have most of it covered! Regards,
  7. Jennings, Is it the JT51 boxing? I built the kit a couple of years ago and I may have squirrelled them away. I shall have a look. If I do, I can probably assist. I shall let you know. Regards,
  8. They are a commercially available item from Propblur, have a look http://www.propblur.com/store/c1/PropBlur.comMain Regards,
  9. Here are a couple of in progress shots of my 1/48 Sea Fury for the 2019 Airfix Cup at the NSW Scale Model show on 18/19 May 2019 at the Illawarra Sports Stadium. It is posed in flight with an Aerocraft cowling and a set of Propblur blades: I used MRP paints (Sky and EDSG) for the first time and happy with the result. The pilot is from the spares box (Airfix Hurricane ?) and the gunsight from an Eduard Spitfire Mk. IX kit. Regards
  10. Thanks Kev, I have to report the pages are loading faster, appear more stable and don’t crash. I think there could be a issue! Regards and Happy Easter,
  11. Fan-bloody-tastic Brian, Am I allowed to say that? Too late! Read from start to now and just thrilled with the show. Well done and so many thanks for the lessons involved. Regards,
  12. It really doesn’t get much better than this. Great job John. Regards,
  13. Brilliant updates Eric, True excellence on show. Regards,
  14. Hi Erwin, I built this scheme in 1/48 a couple of years ago. From memory I think it was cobbled together from a couple of crashed airframes. A couple of things to note from my research: Firstly, it had asymmetrical exhaust with six exhaust stubs on the outboard sides and five on the inner. It was never flyable and the props and spinners were not attached. The radio mast was omitted and no aerial wires. I’ll attach the link to my build photos: https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ap8f8sbydsX2wiyT963Xac8EpIDf If I can find the build log, I will attach that for reference: Regards,
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