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  1. Kahunaminor

    Meng's Me-410 B2/U2/R4 22 Oct, 2018

    Looking nicely done. Have you been taking speed build lessons? I am am looking forward to seeing how you progress. Regards,
  2. Kahunaminor

    Tamiya's (not pink) Panther 1 October 2018

    Very nice mate. I really like the camouflage painting. Regards,
  3. That is spectacular work! It makes me want bite the bullet and get Pastor John’s conversion. Maybe an early Xmas gift for me. Regards,
  4. Kahunaminor

    Me-410 info sought

    Gazza, For an absolute mind blowing build, look for Chukw’s build of his 410 from a few years ago. You will need a large coffee to assist you. http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/180322-me410-a-1-to-the-finish-11710/ Regards,
  5. Kahunaminor

    Tamiya's (not pink) Panther 1 October 2018

    Nicely done mate, Dabbling in the “dark side” has a certain attraction. I like the smoke discharger work, are you going to fill them? Regards,
  6. Kent, Great stuff. Tell me, do you prepare the scratchbuilt items beforehand and just drop them in place or is it all “on the fly” (insert bemused groan here for poorly executed but necessary quip). regards.
  7. Great stuff buddy. Always good to see a build of such quality. I have the Tamiya in the stash but still an Eduard devotee until then. Regards,
  8. Kahunaminor

    DesTROYer's 1/48 Gloster Meteor F.8 Twin build

    Mighty fine looking builds Troy. I particularly like the angle of bank on the flying one, well done. Regards,
  9. Kahunaminor

    Dragon Bf110E NJG 1

    Bravo Max, An excellent finish and great photos, particularly the photo edited ones! Regards,
  10. Kahunaminor

    Dragon Bf110E

    A brilliant job Max, I had an enjoyable read with a good coffee and great subject. It has certainly reinforced the large Bf110 desire that sits in the back of my head. With 2 Dragon 110E trops sitting in the loft, one for Pastor John’s conversion, this scheme has me hooked for the other.What colour did you use for the ID markings “G9+LN” ? Regards,
  11. Kahunaminor

    1/48 Eduard Bf 109G-5 Maj. Walter Dahl, December 1943

    Sometimes it just pays to slow down and re read the instructions, you did it once for a reason, right? Marked some things that you need to pay attention to? Then just got all excited and ditched the instructions, becoming complacent in your knowledge of the build sequence: Enough said. Perfect Plastic Putty should resolve this easily enough, I hope. Regards,
  12. Kahunaminor

    1/48 Eduard Bf 109G-5 Maj. Walter Dahl, December 1943

    Thanks muchly gents, School holidays here at the moment so my time is spent refereeing my two children and generally ensuring each of them sees another day and doesn’t kill the other or cause actual bodily harm. I have managed some sporadic bench sessions for minimal gain. My beloved wife did get them some time with friends today so I kicked on. The stencils have been completed and the majority of the control surfaces have been added. It was time to give my creation legs! The tail wheel has been attached as has the MLG at that jaunty angle favoured by the Messerschmitt designers. The oleos have been coated in Bare Metal Foil chrome and then covered with Tamiya tape for preservation: The drop tank has some plumbing and a breather tube that needed to be added. Some lead wire and a couple of holes: That saw me up until this morning when it was time to attach the Brassin exhausts. Each was cut carefully from the moulding blocks, one side at a time as they are handed. Three hours and a lot of swearing later, both sides were installed with the PE shields hiding a lot of misadventures: In between sides, I made the upper and lower brake lines and added the uppers to the MLG covers: I also started prepping a little side project out of left over pieces from this build: Regards,
  13. Kahunaminor

    1/48 Eduard Bf 109G-5 Maj. Walter Dahl, December 1943

    The stencilling continues as does the touch up work. Having painted the markings in Tamiya XF acrylics, I have found if you VERY CAREFULLY scratch away at any offending paint goofs with a toothpick, you can remove the misaligned paint. Do not use a really sharp item such as a pick or scalpel but a medium hard pointed object will work. The aim is to carefully remove the acrylic top coat from the lacquer coat below. There were some areas were it was a matter of mask and repaint, leaving a slight ridge but I shall 5ake to them with some Micromesh. Onto the pictures: I use the stencil instructions and mark off the ones that I have been applied to help me keep track. Probably not really necessary for a WWII build but for some modern jets maybe an idea: Work also continues on the wheels and peripheries which are being weathered as well prior to adding them. Regards,
  14. Good to see you back in the saddle on these mate. Regards,
  15. Kahunaminor

    1/48 Eduard Bf 109G-5 Maj. Walter Dahl, December 1943

    Thanks matey, I thought I had punted it but it has been hanging around in the background and just sapping me of energy. I am going to let the markings settle for a couple of days before I have at the touch ups. Mainly the hakenkreuz and the fuselage need attention. Then onto the remainder of the stencils before a thin gloss coat to seal it all for weathering. Regards,