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  1. Nothing less than what we have come to expect from you John. A great build and stellar result, thank you. Regards Kent
  2. Mate, I would suggest you are correct. The He-219 at the Smithsonian was found to be RLM 76 squiggles over a dark base. I would also concur with Peter re the port flap. It is like an attempt was made to correct an overuse of RLM 76 in some areas by adding an extra dark squiggle here and there. Loving what you are doing with this and thanks again for sharing your work. Regards, Kent
  3. Bravo John. Another excellent production and forgive me for forgetting your Corsair! Regards, Kent
  4. Great stuff matey! Maybe time to weave the magic on a Tamiya Spitfire or Corsair? Regards
  5. Bravo John, Well recovered and back on track. Regards, Kent
  6. I get used to marvelling at your Luftwaffe builds and you go all Oriental on me. Great stuff John, looking very nice so far. Regards, Kent
  7. Lovely work matey, I have come to expect and receive nothing less. Regards,
  8. That is coming along nicely. Taking notes and saving photos! Regards,
  9. It is a pity about the Eduard seat as it looked very good. The Aires set and the extra work you have done is equally good (if not better). I shall be watching on as I have a couple of these to build someday. Regards,
  10. That right there is some freaky deaky magnetic work! Liking it, liking it a lot.
  11. Great work John, Nice finds on the AM front, Master barrels are great and the ejection chutes are a pleasant surprise! Regards, Kent
  12. Bravo John, Stunning attention to detail and exemplary work. Regards,
  13. Primer coat...the great revealer! Shows the great detail on the resin parts and some do overs on the assembly front. Good news on the fuselage to wing joins, not so much on the front windscreen, spine and belly. Some obvious (to me) flat spots on the underside. The spine needs addressing at each lap joint and the very fine seam to be reinstated on both top and bottom as per my references. Some PPP for the windscreen and rear windows (although that might not happen as the sliding section should effectively hide those) and a small blemish just forward of the windscreen. Good point is the forward
  14. F6F-3 progress. The inner wing assemblies have been permanently attached with two part epoxy. Perfect plastic putty on the wing root seams and a couple of other small blemishes. The white and black dots on the spine are 1mm punched discs to replace the light mounts which I sanded off. I have fashioned a sprue holding device for primer and painting by drilling through the engine hub. This will be cut off flush when the engine is mounted. Next step is priming with AK Grey primer and micro filler: Regards,
  15. Mindblowingly great stuff. Other words fail me. Regards,
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