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  1. Oops, hang in there. Looks promising after all. Robert Jan
  2. Finally a build I was looking for, for a long time. I must say the Dutch scheme is very interesting IMHO, as I'm leaning towards building Dutch Indies is very interesting, loads of exotic material to go for. Every time I see this kit I'm just one step away from a click to purchase it. So far never did, first see how it builds up, well... Hope you have a good build and enjoy it. Bookmarked! Kind regards, Robert Jan
  3. Very nice work with the colors. I like the Nakajima interior green. A delicate soft green. One of my favorite greens. Beautiful work John. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  4. Jaw dropping class of a build. What a great aero plane to look at. Best regards, Robert Jan
  5. Well it is their best kit, proven once and again. I have the same kit, but decided to make a Rufe out of it. Which means it's on a shelf right now. Like your progress. Will follow along. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  6. Looks absolutely gorgeous. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  7. I think one of the best scale build Radial Engines I've ever seen. Very nice to follow along. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  8. Thanks for sharing the engine installment / maintenance photo above. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  9. Like said, superbe engine. Great to follow this build. Looking forward to the next installments. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  10. Boring? This is what counts. Love it. Regards, Robert Jan
  11. I remember a build log for this particular kit, with lots of detailing. However can not remember who did that. There were lots of improvements from the builder. Maybe someone has the link. Might as well a member of LSP. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  12. Hi Sean. Nice progress. Now I'm gonna make notes on your surface handling. When I finish my Hasegawa, waiting for the paint shop relocated and operational, I start my Italeri. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  13. The Academy was example given for a 1/48 kit that scores better in detail on pylons, (scale wise), according to the static Tamiya releases with no further improvements on those details. With so many top class builds over the years, on multiple forums, builders detailing their kits, the don't have the urge to invest in some after market for example. Not even speaking of a re-release (that probably will never come). Looking at the prices for those 'Old Kits', a real Marketing Department should have rolled out a strategy for that. Dinosaur Tamiya does not, (cultural aspect I guess), improve on 'Golden Oldies'. Back to the topic, sorry for this Waku Waku talks. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  14. Great work. But looking at the pylons comparing to the body work from the kit, I never understood the lack of detail when it comes to riveting those pylons. They never improved it in later releases.Bit of a disgrace... Even a 1/48 scale Phantom from, e.g /Academy has better detail on these parts of the plane. Keep it coming, like your work very much. Kind regards, Robert Jan
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