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  1. Very cool. Painting and weathering is great. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  2. Hello Kent. Thanks for sharing the technique for spokes. I've seen that somewhere, some time ago. This is a good reminder and so it is bookmarked. Will follow your build with interest. Very nice subjects with lots of options. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  3. Very nice to see nothing real bad happened. Cool plane. Robert Jan
  4. Hello. Where can I find good drawings of the plane. I want to re-scribe the bird, so I need some reference Hope someone can help me out. Thanks a lot for all the tips on this one, a lot of information! Kind regards, Robert Jan
  5. Hi. Also check Chuck's build log from 2012. All your answers are in there. http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/224033-132-tamiya-f-4e-post-vietnam-kicked-up-a-notch/ Regards, Robert Jan
  6. What Germans would say: Affen Titten Geil. I remember the Phantoms from Rammstein flying low altitudes for the approach of the shooting at Vlieland in the early eighties. Every Tuesday morning around 10 AM maybe 11 AM. The noise of those Rhinos at 80 meters above made the windows wobble. So cool. Low flying entry zones for the shooting started where we lived, about 30 km north from Bocholt. Thursday evenings and early night, the Choppers from Rheine came over. All cold war fever, 1985. Regards, Robert Jan
  7. Had some problems with the heat today, ( the last week )., seems the resin reacts to it. All of a sudden the intakes looked like someone took his teeth out. Huge dimple on both sides. That really freaked me out for the Saturday and rest of the weekend. Some steam did the trick this morning. The Rhinos reshaped very well, (thin resin), me happy. Watched this video after some lunch: And this one after the first couple of beers today: I have 2 Tamiya F-4E Phantom II yet to build. I think these are the best ever. Convert to F will be the hurdle to take. This video is some good old school entertainment(beats a "live Ferrari") Enjoy the video. Pictures are to come next week, forgot all about it today. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  8. Excellent work. The canopy is really cool. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  9. Amazing. Did you notice that the filler caps for the BLUs are off centre. It was a discussion on ARC that pointed me to this, of course mine were glued already. They should be on 10 to 12ยบ off. You can see it from the picture with the full load out. Simply outstanding detail you show with the harness. Bookmarked! Kind regards, Robert Jan
  10. I like the technique with the welded seems, noted (means bookmarked) for future builds. Robert Jan
  11. Hi John. Thanks for clear explanation on D & K. Makes an interesting story to know backgrounds of an AC. Still have to pick a registration number, which can be linked to the airframe. I ordered Flevo Decals 32-007(clearance at Hannants) , depicting the ML-KNIL 1947 / 1949 period in Indonesia. Kind regards, Robert Jan
  12. Very cool John. You got me purchasing a TAM P-51D. I'm planning a ML-KNIL P-51D/K from (1947-1949). This is slightly OT, but K stands for Pacific, and the ML-KNIL had those D/K version. Ain't Korea close to Pacific? What is the difference with a standard D? Kind regards, Robert Jan
  13. Really enjoy your F-100D build. Inspirational work! BLU's will look great. Robert Jan
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