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1/32 Revell Bf109G-6/AS Hohenjager


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Hey Mark,


Horst Carganico on two occasions went down behind enemy lines and had to walk back to his base.  On one of these occasions he was bare foot.  The date has been mentioned in my reference as being a possible date to which he was had to walk back with out his shoes/flying books.  


The reference here is Luftwaffe Fighters and Fighter Bombers over the Far North.  Authors Andreas Brekken and Kjetil Akra. 

There are several pictures of Herr Carganico’s aircraft and all had the port side Micky mouse character painted on the side.

i have a picture in another reference where Horst is strolling into his base shoeless and grinning.   





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Thanks guys!  Especially the additional info on Horst Carganico's Mickey Mouse markings!


Work continues on the G-6.  The exhausts have been painted.  Alclad Steel sprayed straight onto the resin as a base.  Tinted with Alclad Exhaust Manifold, drybrushed with some rusty reddish brown color and then the tips were sprayed black.


After the starboard side decals were completed, I sprayed the model with a light coat of Alclad Aqua Gloss.


I use a custom-mixed, water-based pastel wash.  All of the past riveting, filling and re-scribing comes to the surface.


After the applied wash is dry, the model is wiped clean with a damp paper towel.  It's funny that its called a wash when you are actually dirtying up things.


I'm going to let this sit for a day.  Before the wash is sealed with a clear coat, it's good to step away and then come back to make sure you clean off all of the wash.  Some inadvertent stains are good, others will detract so I'll take a look with fresh eyes tomorrow.


I love the look of the AMUR Reaver G-6/AS cowling.  It has those bulged muscular proportions that made the DB605 aircraft so cool.

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Time for the flat coat.  After jumping around a few different flat clears, I've settled on Model Master Acrylic Flat Clear.  It seems to avoid some of the issues I'd been having with other flats including not fully curing and ghosting/frosting. I like how the flat coat takes all of the different elements (surface details, paint finish, masked markings, decals and wash effects) and gives a unified shell appearance to the exterior of the aircraft.


I thought this would be a good time to paint the exposed gun barrels.  Since they stand clear of the surrounding gun trough, it would be easy enough to paint by brush but I thought I'd take advantage of the barrels' separation and spray them with the airbrush.


Some careful and creative masking...


The gun barrels were painted Alclad Stainless steel with the tips sprayed with black.


Here's the painted drop tank.  I've cut off the molded representation of the strap and replaced it with a strip of thin brass sheet.  The fuel lines were also cut off and replaced (with brass tubing) as the molded lines were too short and did not extend into the drop tank rack as they should have.  One pet peeve are the EagleCal representation of the drop tank stencils.  The forward most one should have a curved line of text to match the curvature of the drop tank.  Inexplicably, the Revell decal is curved but in the wrong direction!

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John - I continue to be in awe at the quality of your work along with how well it is presented. Truly inspiring. May I ask what you use to thin your Testors acrylic flat varnish and ratio? I have been fumbling with various flat coat formulas(Tamiya xf-86/Vallejo/Alclad) and would like to try out the Testors. It's such a critical stage at the end of a build to have the varnish go badly. Thank you!

Mike J.

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