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1/32 Revell Bf109G-6/AS Hohenjager


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Thanks for the comments guys!  I'm personally leaning toward Carganico's Mickey Mouse scheme but haven't made a firm decision yet.


Just a few things to report on... as mentioned earlier, I needed to saw off a portion of the cockpit tub casting block to accommodate the wing spars, which incidentally form the front wall of the landing gear wells.



I've been trying to dial in a more exact fit of the resin cockpit and I think it would help if these raised diagonal ridges on the insides of the fuselage were removed.  They somewhat help in positioning the resin cockpit but they also push in the sidewalls.



With those adjustments, the cockpit is re-positioned and verified to accommodate the wing spars.





I'm happy with the Aires cockpit so far but not so much with the Barracuda small bulge wing inserts.  Dimensionally, they seem to be a decent fit, although I had to remove a few locating pins to do it.  But they are flatter in profile than the kit wings and given the small amount of contact area between the inner and outer wing panels, it may be a tough to get a solid join.  And I need/desire a stronger than normal join so I can do this...



And I've broken off a small piece from one of the wing bottoms to boot.  

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Guest Vincent

Don't forget to modify the left wing root to accomodate for the displaced engine support lower torque link. The one thing i don't like with the Aires cockpit is that they totally screwed up the seat back rest...

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17 hours ago, Landrotten Highlander said:

great work so far, and very interesting to learn where the adjustments are needed.  Pitty about the booboos, but I am sure you will find a work around.


I went with the easiest workaround... buy another Revell 109G-6 kit.  I can utilize the small wing bulges for this build and can save the rest of the parts (including the large wing bulges I have left over from the G-10 Erla) for a future G-10 Mtt/Regensburg conversion (if AMUR Reaver or other company puts out the cowling).



6 hours ago, Vincent said:

Don't forget to modify the left wing root to accomodate for the displaced engine support lower torque link. The one thing i don't like with the Aires cockpit is that they totally screwed up the seat back rest...


Thanks for checking Vincent!  Do you have an example of that left wing root modification?  And I'm trying to figure exactly what is wrong with the Aires seat without having a good reference photo of a real 109G seat.


Here is the Aires seat...



Compared to the Revell seat and Barracuda replacement seats.



Assuming that the Revell/Barracuda seat backs are accurate, it might be possible to modify the Aires seat to match.  

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On 1/28/2020 at 12:39 PM, D.B. Andrus said:

Hi John


Here is a shot of the bulge Vincent mentioned. Look at the cowling/forward wing fillet join at the edge of the picture - it's small, but visible.

The wooden wing fillet of later 109's is also shown to advantage.






Thanks for the photo, Damian!  I see the bulge but I'm not sure I'm going to add it.  I'll have to see how the transition between the resin cowling and the kit fuselage works out and whether I would be able to add such a small and subtle bulge to that area.  Interesting to see the overhang of the engine cowling... it's not quite flush is it?


Filling the gap in the Aires seat back.  




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On 1/22/2020 at 9:57 AM, Thunnus said:

A new project!  With my Corsair build on the downhill side and me struggling with the scribing work on the Ta152H, I wanted a change of pace and decided to start introduce a new build.  I am going to convert the Revell Bf109G-6 kit into a Bf109G-6/AS.  This conversion utilized the Daimler Benz DB605AS engine with improved high altitude performance.  Physically the G-6/AS is characterized by a new smooth engine cowling that deleted the characteristic "beule" bulges over the MG131 cannons mounted on top of the engine.


I don't know how you do it John.  As a guy who has difficulty chewing gum and walking at the same time, I can't imagine working on more than one project at a time, much less 3!  Like your other work, I'm sure this build will be stellar, so good luck and model on!




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Don't want to high jack your posts...just showing what it looks like after after closing the fuselage. Fitting was not easy but with a lot of dry fitting it finally came out ver nicely...






I know also have the G-10Erla set after it became available again...so that's also on the project list...

BTW...all my reseach on G6AS planes came to the result that those did not have the battery box behind the cockpit yet. Can someone knowledgabe comment or confirm that?




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