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  1. XOPCT

    Hasagawa 1/32 Junkers Ju87G Kanonenvogel

    Hello colleagues! I collected the same at my leisure, but I can not upload the photo, I apologize the Robthepom for placing the linkhttp://scalemodels.ru/modules/forum/viewtopic_t_70161_start_40.html If anyone is interested, then there is a brief description of the assembly. Yours faithfully,XOPCT.
  2. XOPCT

    Revell 1/32 Bf109G-10 Erla

    John!Your work colleague can be recommended as instruction for Assembly 109.
  3. XOPCT

    Revell 1/32 Bf109G-10 Erla

    О.К ХозÑин-барин
  4. XOPCT

    Revell 1/32 Bf109G-10 Erla

    Eduard is not right,trust only the real photos
  5. XOPCT

    Revell 1/32 Bf109G-10 Erla

    Nice work, John,but Messer brake hoses twisted into a ring
  6. Took the place in the first row.
  7. XOPCT

    Revell Me-262 B-1/U-1 Nachtjäger

    Colleague, virtually all aircraft were armed with two guns MG-151.
  8. Finally,Thank God finally!A promising sequel.
  9. XOPCT

    1/32 Revell Bf-109 G-14

    and documentary evidence do you have?
  10. XOPCT

    1/32 Revell Bf-109 G-14

    the strange color of the wheels, RLM76?
  11. an ambitious project and excellent performance. I take my hat in admiration (грандиозный проект и превоÑходное иÑполнение. в воÑхищении Ñнимаю шлÑпу)
  12. XOPCT

    Hasegawa 1/32 FW-190D9

    even surprising
  13. The one other interesting projects.(проекты один интереÑнее другого)