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  1. great work, nice weathering job and also the photograph is amazing
  2. Absolute phantastic phabulous Phantom, outstanding
  3. She is already a beauty. Great work till here mate.
  4. excellent work, she looks really fantastic, the figure looks semilar to Erich Hartmann
  5. wow really great paint and weathring job you did, fantastic
  6. Hi John Yessssssssss sir thats it again, a masterpiece as all your models before, outstanding work and so amazing, excellent.
  7. Hi John In Germany we had watched this series too about Pappi Boyington, i have loved this series so much, i think it was end of 70th start of 80th in german TV. Thats why i will follow your build thread, coz i know your build become a superb work. Good luck during the process.
  8. Wow and again wow, even thats not perfect for your eyes, but for my eyes she looks super perfect, really real and so amazing. Ohhh your first armor project? You do nothing wrong with MENG John, i built a Leopard 1A5 by MENG, really great kits, perfect fit, i am excited of your work
  9. Hello Dieter A really great Phantom did you built, your love to the details one can see, example the travelpod or the Motorroller, also great photographed, well done mate BTW the camo scheme dont calls Norm 81A but Norm 83, just a little thing
  10. Woww i am deeply impressed John, looks fantastic already but its not done yet, so its become a masterpiece again when finished as all your models before
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