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  1. very impressive Thunderjet, she is a Beauty
  2. You built a great Fennek, well done mate
  3. great result mate, excellent paint and weathering job
  4. Thank you, that you just watch this model, i would never seen it if you not rewarmth this post. The model looks fantastic, very awesome paint and weathering job, simple masterpiece
  5. Really great F-104, hard to believe thats 1/32, it looks like 1/72, perhaps the way of photographing.
  6. Really outstanding work, looks fantastic
  7. Looks very great mate, please continue in this way
  8. You know what i am thinking about this kit? Its a shame for Revell to construct something like that. German engineering is well known all over the world, but this model kit is made for the bin, its really trash. Better spend my money for the Academy or Trumpeter one. I was an exhibitor on the Euro Model Expo in Lingen/ Germany this march, and i tried, yes i t r i e d to talking with a member of Revell, i want give them advises for the future, what models we want, and what quality, you know what he acting so arrogant and vain, and treat me as a little school boy who need milk. he wrote my wishes on a little paper, what will surely getting lost. i am ashame to be a german sometimes.
  9. Outstanding work, i like your way of painting
  10. Yes i heard that this kit of Heller is a disaster, but the Revell is not much better. But the result of your Transall looks excellent.
  11. very amazing model, looks really great mate
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