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  1. Excellent work, the entire scenery looks fantastic
  2. Also here, absolutely stunning work, you are an airbrush artist, i love your works
  3. Very impressive model and diorama ( vignette ), she looks simply fantastic
  4. wowwww ich habe es nie geschafft, eine glänzende schwarze Oberfläche wie deine zu bekommen, sehr, sehr beeindruckender Chuck.
  5. Excellent work, looks simply fantastic, especially the painted checkerboard wowww, also the figure impression me much
  6. Very impressive Phantom, lovely work, i like the exhaust area a lot
  7. Lovely build, great paint and weathering job
  8. Wonderful models, and nicely photographed, at the first sight i thought thats the real reference photos, but no, thats your model, simply fantastic
  9. Lovely build, i like all the scratches, really nice weathered
  10. A great model, it looks fantastic
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