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  1. Great result, she looks simply fantastic, well done mate
  2. Great Tomcat, looks awesome. Would like to know why only three members has quoted you. Your model is fantastic
  3. Wow, you make my sunday Outstanding work mate, simple fantastic work and nice photographed
  4. Dear Paul and Susy Here in Germany you are well known too and we are feeling with what happened to you, in german breaking news are always news about USA too, i think the reason is we germans are still so close to you, coz we never forget the help and the care what the american government gave to us germans after WWII. So i hope you can manage all your problems, find solutions in the year 2020. I wish you both happy new year and good luck for your future and hope one day you can produce your great conversion sets again. Sincerly Werner from Oldenburg, Germany
  5. Very great build Sergey, you inspiring me to buy a one soon. Well done mate
  6. Moin Reimund thank you so much for your kind comment. ja mei............
  7. Wow what a great Tomcat did you build. Oustanding work, and absolute my taste is the weathering. You make my day
  8. Hello Kevin Ok my fully name is Werner JONCZYK, from Oldenburg, Germany
  9. Hello mates Thank you so much for you all kind comments, its much appreciated.
  10. Hello Jack Yes it was a wonderful time, really pity i had been in army service not in Luftwaffe from 1985 to 1993. I regret my decide even i had a really nice time in army, i will not complain, but if i were still 20 years old, i would like to go to the Luftwaffe.
  11. Hello Kevin Thank you Feel free to post it in website, i appreciate it.
  12. Thank you mate I think they dont have model colors anymore, but still gloss and matt Varnishes, to buy just in book stores here, not in model shops.
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