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  1. Absolutely fantastic work. Thank you for sharing. Well done sir Jim Root
  2. Absolutely fantastic work! Well done sir! Jim Root
  3. Simply stunning work! Well done sir! Jim Root
  4. Just out of curiosity will you be returning to this build upon your return to the bench? Just checking..... Jim Root
  5. Glad to see your return. I've missed seeing your updates. Jim Root
  6. Great research and wonderful information! Really looking forward to this sheet. Thank you for getting it done. Jim Root
  7. Absolutely in love with this sheet! Thank you for all your efforts on these sheets. Can't wait! Jim Root
  8. Absolutely love following your builds. Always informative. Keep the updates coming. Jim Root
  9. Again always enjoy the updates. Your work continues to amaze me. Jim Root
  10. Really looking forward to seeing this one come together. Thanks for sharing, Jim Root
  11. Very impressive work! It has been a pleasure watching this build. Thanks for sharing your work. Jim Root
  12. Incredible work! I am awed at the quality of work this whole build is. Well done sir! Jim Root
  13. Incredibly nice paint work! Truly inspiring..... Jim Root
  14. I am preparing to start one of these soon. Your work is inspiring. Got my eye on this one for hints and tips. Jim Root
  15. Outstanding work! Love the results so far. Jim Root
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