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  1. Absolutely stunning work as always John! Not that it matters but I would vote for an open canopy. Jim Root
  2. Beautiful work as always John! Again thanks for sharing your work with the rest of us. It is appreciated. Jim Root
  3. Thank you all! Another trip around the sun! Jim Root
  4. One of my absolute favorite subjects! Really looking forward to this one! Jim Root
  5. I recommend you pick up this reference book from Aero Research. It helped me understand the differences in variants. Saber and Fury Modelers Guide http://www.aeroresearchcds.com Jim Root
  6. Just wanted to check in. Looking forward to your latest updates when you get back to work. Hope the fishing is doing well for you. Jim Root
  7. Nice work as always John. Glad you're feeling like some bench time. Always enjoy your updates. Jim Root
  8. Great to see your return to the bench. Hope all is well. Looking forward to more updates. Jim Root
  9. Absolutely stunning build Wolf! Very inspirational! Thank you for sharing it with us. Jim Root
  10. Looking forward to more updates on your build Wolf. Always inspirational Jim Root
  11. Really looking forward to this build John. Cannot wait to see your results. I'm quite sure you will build another stunner! Jim
  12. Beautiful work as always Wolf. Very inspirational. Thanks for sharing your wonderful work. Jim
  13. Well done John! Absolutely an incredible piece of work! Thank you for sharing it with us. Jim Root
  14. Absolutely stunning paint work. Really incredible! Thanks again for sharing it with us John. Jim Root So what's next?
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